Child, I wonder if you’re watching the Battle of Five Gods now. You should be over thirty years old by now. I was the one who killed your mother. It’s my fault and I’m here to atone for my crime before you. Today, your mother’s murderer will die. I hope that you’ll let go of all the enmity in your heart. To redeem my wrongdoing toward you, I’ll leave the most quintessential item from my lifetime of cultivation for you. I hope it’ll be the remedy for your pain all these years. I don’t hope for you to forgive me as our relationship is irreconcilable. However, my only wish is for you to live free from enmity. Go seek your happiness.
— As he spoke, Tong Yu opened his mouth and spat out a ball of five-colored radiance. It was a five-colored pearl which transformed into a stream of red light before flying toward En Ci.
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Tong Yu
Name Tong Yu
Chinese 桐宇 Tóng Yǔ
Also Known As Qilin Douluo
Species Human
Age 69 years (initially)
70+ years
Gender Male
Height 2 meters
Hair Color
Eye Color 1 Blue
1 Red
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive (SL3)
Deceased (SL4)
Relatives Tong Yue (descendant)
Tang Yuge (descendant)
Master En Ci
Spirit Dog-type (Qilin sealed) Spirit (1st Awakening)
Five Elements Qilin (2nd Awakening)
Spirit Rank Limit Douluo - Rank 99
Spiritual Realm Spirit Domain Realm
Spirit Rings 9 Red
System Power Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation Student (graduated)

4-word Battle Armor Master
Mecha Master
Shrek Academy Elder
Tong Clan Head

Affiliation Star Luo Empire (exiled)

Monster Academy (alumni)
Shrek Academy

Light Novel Debut Chapter 1342
SL4 B13 C778 (mentioned)
Manhua Debut Chapter

Appearance Edit

His appearance was actually quite scary. His height was around two meters and he had an extremely tough build. His arms were especially noticeable as they were thicker in firth than ordinary adults’ thighs. There were scales on his bare arms and face. The scales were of five colors, it was a riot of colors.

He gave the feeling of being ferocious. The color of his eyes was also peculiar. One of them was blue while the other was red. His blue eye seemed capable of freezing another person’s soul while there seemed to be a flame burning within the red eye.

There was more to this man seated in the meeting room than just his hideous appearance. There were many densely arranged scales on his face. The multicolored scales made him appear extremely savage. 

Personality Edit

He is a silent person with a lonesome and willful personality. Ever since he unintentionally caused the death of Tang Ziran's mother (Tong Yu's childhood first crush) through an emotional outburst, Tong Yu has been filled with suicidal and atonement seeking tendencies because of his guilt. This disappeared around the time of Shrek Academy's complete rebuilding, attaining Tang Wulin (Tang Ziran's adopted son) as his spiritual pillar.

He is also very emotional depending on the circumstances. He had suffered from too much emotional burden during his physical and mental growth which resulted in him becoming an extremist. It turned out to be a social problem as well.

Soul Land 3 The Legend of the Dragon King Edit

Tong Yu’s innate Spirit was a dog-type martial soul. His own soul power was roughly at only rank-2. It was not the best suited for cultivation. His family suggested that he should become a mecha master in the future.

However, Tong Yu disagreed. He was very passionate about the heroic legends about soul masters since he was a child. He was determined to become a powerful soul master.

With his steadfast belief and tireless pursuit, he bore many hardships as he cultivated and continuously improved himself. He finally managed to pass the entrance examination and entered a primary spirit master academy and received formal spirit master education.

He was working hard in his cultivation every day. However, due to his meager natural talent, the results of his cultivation were not satisfactory. When he graduated from the primary soul academy, he did not even manage to pass the graduation examination. He could not even attain a two-ringed cultivation base.

In addition to that, a girl he loved at that time had rejected him and hooked up with another student who made it into the intermediate soul master academy. In a fit of rage, Tong Yu went to the extremes.

The extreme Tong Yu chose was to commit suicide by consuming poison. He consumed the insecticide in his house and had taken a great dose while he was at it.

When his family discovered him, he was already unconscious with foam in his mouth. They managed to send him to the hospital, but the doctors told them that he was beyond help.

Scales started growing on Tong Yu’s body. His aura was also changing. Then, he woke up.

Tong Yu became a silent person after he woke up. However, his strength had tremendously increased in an instant. He directly improved from a cultivation base below two rings to a three-ringed cultivation base.

In the next few years, he secluded himself in his room and cultivated. The rejection from the outside world had slowly given rise to his lonesome and willful personality. This continued for many years until he was discovered and brought away by the Monster Academy.

According to Monster Academy’s investigations, his martial soul had mutated after he attempted to kill himself by consuming poison. A proportionately smaller bloodline in his martial soul had awakened. It could be regarded as his martial soul’s second awakening.

He stayed on in Monster Academy after the incident and cultivated there. He put in a lot of effort in his cultivation. His improvement went rapidly under the aid of Monster Academy’s incredible resources. He was starting to show up prominently within a few years. He gradually became one of the distinguished members of Monster Academy’s younger generation.

At that very moment, the shortcomings in his personality started to show as well. He almost beat his classmate to death in a certain sparring session. He was sternly punished by the academy.

After that, he became even more silent. He kept to himself and cultivated all day long. When he was twenty-four years old, he became a Title Douluo. He became a Hyper Douluo at the age of thirty-two.

Misunderstanding Tragedy Edit

As a result, the Star Luo Empire stripped him his 3-word battle armor for life and sentenced him for imprisonment of fifty years within Monster Academy.

Fighting Tang Wulin in Battle of Five Gods Edit

Tong Yu fought Tang Wulin the third match [Soul Skills] of the Battle of Five Gods for the Star Luo Empire, revealing his 9 hundred thousand year rings.

It had already been thirty-seven years since the day his imprisonment began. Tong Yue was close to seventy years old. In the entire Monster Academy, En Ci alone was capable of utilizing him. He was considered the hidden guardian concealed in Monster Academy’s darkest corner. Even among Monster Academy’s students, few were aware of his existence.

"Dead" Tong Yu Aftermath Edit

Star Luo Empire's Emperor Dai Tianling promulgated a series of decrees on the same night to improve the empire’s legal system so that cases similar to Tong Yu’s would be handled fairly in the future. Tong Yu was conferred as the Hall Master of the empire’s Worship Hall. His conviction was dismissed and his reputation restored. After all, he died atoning for his crimes. He was once the empire’s Limit Douluo, and he had not disgraced the Monster Academy The whole empire mourned the passing of a Limit Douluo. The fervor of the Battle of Five Gods waned a little for three days.

Secret Revival Edit

Holy Spirit Douluo suppressed the Qilin Douluo’s soul that was about to disperse at once. She confined his soul inside his body then she brought him back to Tang Sect for treatment.

A Limit Douluo’s life energy was exceedingly powerful so it would not be that easy for him to die. Moreover, Tong Yu was still considered to be in the prime of his life as a Limit Douluo. He was about seventy years old which was precisely when his life energy was most robust. Tang Wulin had also restrained his exertion at the final moment so that his destruction aura did not undergo a complete outburst.

They somehow managed to save the Qilin Douluo’s life at the final juncture. Of course, the exemplary miraculous Five Elements Qilin Pearl that Tong Yu condensed had also again fused back in Qilin Douluo’s body.

At last, the Limit Douluo who had lived a lonely and helpless life did not die just as such. Yali used a drop of Tang Wulin’s fresh blood to trigger Qilin Douluo Tong Yu’s Qilin divine beast bloodline and purify th Qilin bloodline of destructive forces. He had already entered the self-healing state right now but the next few days would determine if he could make a complete recovery.

After awakening, the 3-word battle armor master Tong Yu went on a journey to find the 30+ years old boy on the Douluo Continent for atonement.

Tong Yu Awaken Perspective Edit

Where is this?
— He opened his eyes. Slightly confused, he found it was all dark in his surroundings.
With a sense of vagueness, Tong Yu sensed his surroundings. His whole body felt feeble. It did not feel like death. With the impending death earlier, it felt like he was headed to another world. He could feel his consciousness leaving him. His entire body felt light, seemingly floating in the air. He could not exert his strength, and there was no pain nor joy. Yet, at this moment, he felt pain wreaking havoc on his body. His weak body seemed to have withered, and he lost all vitality.
Could it be that I’m still alive? How is it possible? My life energy has completely been exhausted at the time!
— Tong Yu

Following Tang Wulin Edit

When Tong Yu first came to the Douluo Continent, he was in the dark without a single clue. Afterward, with much effort, he began to find some information little by a little. Tong Yu started searching for people that were tied to the past. He finally found some useful information by following the clues after such a long time. That information led him all the way to Tang Wulin's first attended academy. He visited Wulin's old home and encountered a blacksmith there. Tong Yu learned about Wulin's name after asking him. He did not hurt Mang Tian nor tell him the truth either. Tong Yu referred himself as an elder of Tang Ziran’s, and came looking for him after not hearing from him for a long time. Mang Tian told him that Tang Ziran and his wife had already vanished long ago, but Tang Wulin are still in Shrek Academy and had even become the Tang Sect’s Sect Master. Therefore, he paid a visit to the rebuilt Shrek Academy and became one, out of guilt, a loyal commandable piece.

By Tang Wulin's command, Tong Yu joined Shrek Academy and assisted as part of the new Shrek Academy's Limit Douluo lineup against the Spirit Pagoda's.

Later, Tang Wulin forged Tong Yu heavenly-refined 7-colored metals for his battle armor.

Holy Spirit Cult and Abyssal Plane Edit

Tong Yu learns of Tang Wulin's worldwide reveal of his father (biological), initially confused and misunderstood why Wulin and others talked about Tang Ziran.

Gu Yuena and Tang Wulin, the Final Edit

Soul Land 4 The Ultimate Douluo Edit

It is previously noted when Tang Yuge's Spirit is initially introduced, over 10,000 years, Tong Yu's descendants continued to research towards creating a cultivation method for the Limit Douluo top tier Spirit, Five Elements Qilin, as their permanent awakening spirit and the awakening of certain soul skills earlier.

Tong Yu is reminisced by Beast God Er Ming in the Spirit Bone Cave on Forest Luo Planet when evaluating Tang Yuge, noting her as a member of Tong Yu's Qilin lineage. This indicated that Tong Yu found solace and lived a fulfilling life after Soul Land 3. However, some of his descendants had tragic luck in romance.

Trivia Edit

  • Tong Yu, alongside the Qiangu clan, is a notable example of karmic providence.
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