Tong Yu
Name Tong Yu
Also Known As Qilin Douluo
Species Human
Age 70 years
Gender Male
Height 2 m
Hair Color
Eye Color One blue and one red
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Master En Ci
Spirit Five Elements Qilin
Spirit Rank Limit Douluo - Rank 99
Spiritual Realm Spirit Domain
Spirit Rings 9 Red
System Power Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Star Luo Empire

Monster Academy

Light Novel Debut Chapter 1342
Manhua Debut


His appearance was actually quite scary. His height was around two meters and he had an extremely tough build. His arms were especially noticeable as they were thicker in firth than ordinary adults’ thighs. There were scales on his bare arms and face. The scales were of five colors, it was a riot of colors.

He gave the feeling of being ferocious. The color of his eyes was also peculiar. One of them was blue while the other was red. His blue eye seemed capable of freezing another person’s soul while there seemed to be a flame burning within the red eye.


He is a silent person.He has a lonesome and willful personality.


Tong Yu’s innate Spirit was a dog-type martial soul. His own soul power was roughly at only rank-2. It was not the best suited for cultivation. His family suggested that he should become a mecha master in the future.

However, Tong Yu disagreed. He was very passionate about the heroic legends about soul masters since he was a child. He was determined to become a powerful soul master.

With his steadfast belief and tireless pursuit, he bore many hardships as he cultivated and continuously improved himself. He finally managed to pass the entrance examination and entered a primary spirit master academy and received formal spirit master education.

He was working hard in his cultivation every day. However, due to his meager natural talent, the results of his cultivation were not satisfactory. When he graduated from the primary soul academy, he did not even manage to pass the graduation examination. He could not even attain a two-ringed cultivation base.

In addition to that, a girl he loved at that time had rejected him and hooked up with another student who made it into the intermediate soul master academy. In a fit of rage, Tong Yu went to the extremes.

The extreme Tong Yu chose was to commit suicide by consuming poison. He consumed the insecticide in his house and had taken a great dose while he was at it.

When his family discovered him, he was already unconscious with foam in his mouth. They managed to send him to the hospital, but the doctors told them that he was beyond help.

Scales started growing on Tong Yu’s body. His aura was also changing. Then, he woke up.

Tong Yu became a silent person after he woke up. However, his strength had tremendously increased in an instant. He directly improved from a cultivation base below two rings to a three-ringed cultivation base.

In the next few years, he secluded himself in his room and cultivated. The rejection from the outside world had slowly given rise to his lonesome and willful personality. This continued for many years until he was discovered and brought away by the Monster Academy.

According to Monster Academy’s investigations, his martial soul had mutated after he attempted to kill himself by consuming poison. A proportionately smaller bloodline in his martial soul had awakened. It could be regarded as his martial soul’s second awakening.

He stayed on in Monster Academy after the incident and cultivated there. He put in a lot of effort in his cultivation. His improvement went rapidly under the aid of Monster Academy’s incredible resources. He was starting to show up prominently within a few years. He gradually became one of the distinguished members of Monster Academy’s younger generation.

At that very moment, the shortcomings in his personality started to show as well. He almost beat his classmate to death in a certain sparring session. He was sternly punished by the academy.

After that, he became even more silent. He kept to himself and cultivated all day long. When he was twenty-four years old, he became a Title Douluo. He became a Hyper Douluo at the age of thirty-two.

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