Description[edit | edit source]

Twin Giant or Twin Cyclops is a Variant form of the Giant. or Cyclops. Cyclops are a very special species of Spirit Beast. Their physical appearance is no different than normal humans, excluding its one eye. They even use tree branches and vines to craft clothing and cover their lower bodies. The only catch is that Cyclops are far larger than humans.

They are born two meters tall, and they will grow to about five meters when they reach a hundred years of cultivation. Which is when they are considered a grown Cyclops, and from there its growth will slow down. They will grow to about eight meters at one thousand years, and about fifteen meters upon ten thousand. But they are far too conspicuous due to their massive size, and will make easy prey for powerful spirit beasts. Hence why ten thousand year Cyclops are almost non-existent. Their brains are nutritious to some spirit beasts with top-tier bloodlines. 

The Cyclopes’ evolution at ten thousand years isn’t assured, only a possibility. Moreover, there are different types of mutations, with the most powerful is the Twin Cyclops.

A Cyclops’ original element is chaos—an uncommon type, which can fundamentally change at any time. Upon becoming a Twin Cyclops it will change, while sometimes its body size will also decrease as it births another head. This Twin Cyclops has both light and darkness elements—making it an incredibly rare existence. It is so powerful it could be ranked among top-tier spirit beasts.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

It is a giant, black and white fur growing from its body. There are two heads on its shoulders, each with only one eye, and its colossal figure is more than ten meters tall. Its eyes glowing with an intimidating luster.

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