Tyrant Dragon
Tyrant Dragon(Mobile Game Version)
Name Tyrant Dragon
Chinese 霸王龙
Also Known As
Age 10,000+
Species Earth Dragon Species(霸王龙)
Vital Status Alive

(Transformed into Tang Wulin's Spirit Soul)


Description Edit

Tyrant Dragons are considered one of the strongest among Earth Dragons. A mature Tyrant Dragon will grow to more than fifteen meters in height. Above a 10.000 year cultivation, they can even reach more than thirty meters in height. They are definitely considered one of the largest Spirit Beasts. Their physical offense and defense are also very strong, and they can compare to a true Giant Dragon.

However, Tyrant Dragons aren’t adept at long-range attacks. Their outstanding physical abilities also restricts them in other aspects.

Tyrant Dragon is very similar to a Devouring Dragon in terms of its appearance.

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