Unicorn Armoured Beast
Unicorn Armoured Beast 2
Name Unicorn Armoured Beast
Also Known As
Age 4,000+ years
Species Spirit Beast
Vital Status Dead

Appearance Edit

The spirit beast is shaped like a crocodile. Its bulk isn't especially large, five meters long or so, a head with four eyes, four limbs as thick and solid as buckets. Its most outstanding feature is that its whole body is covered in black plate armor. Each armor plate is roughly palm sized, appearing extremely thick and durable.

Description Edit

Unicorn Armoured Beast is mainly specialized in close combat, it has enormous strength, and relying on its astonishing defense it can practically ignore most attacks from spirit beasts of similar cultivation age. Its weakness is inside its mouth. Only from there can the inside of its body be injured. The armor plates on other parts of its body are half as thick as its body. Its defense is even more abnormal than some ten thousand year spirit beasts. It however doesn’t have any particular attack abilities.

Plot Edit

The Unicorn Armoured Beast is pounded by Liu Erlong to let out her frustration and becomes the 4th Spirit Ring for Ning Rongrong.

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