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“Even though they’re both ninth spirit abilities, the biggest difference between ten thousand year spirit abilities and hundred thousand year spirit abilities is that using the same spirit power, you can only produce one ninth spirit ability, but I can release two.” - Tang San (Chapter 296 Douluo Dalu)

"Under the shocked stares of everyone, Wu Zhangkong spoke calmly. “His spirit soul is naturally weak, so it’s easier for it to evolve. For every soul beast you kill in the spirit ascension platform,  you obtain one-tenth of its cultivation energy. That energy, in turn, will be spread evenly among your soul rings. In other words, if you kill a ten year soul beast, your spirit soul will gain one year’s worth of cultivation energy. If your spirit soul has 110 years of energy, then it will become 111 years of energy. When it accumulates till it reaches 1000, then it will evolve. Tang Wulin’s spirit soul is only ten years. He gained at least twenty year’s worth of energy from killing the hundred year soul beast, and one hundred year’s worth of energy from the thousand year soul beast. Furthermore, since he only has one soul ring, all of the energy was concentrated into that one ring, allowing him to evolve his ten year spirit soul into a hundred year spirit soul. As for the rest of you, you will need to kill at least 18 or 19 thousand year soul beasts to evolve your spirit soul. With this in mind, do your best in the future.”" - SL3 Chapter 130

"“Ch…...ild…… you….. were….. alwa….. ys grand…… pa’s……. pride…... Definitely…… with…… stand….. this fi…… nal……. trial……. become……. an…… gel……”

Qian Renxue only woke up once Qian Daoliu’s voice grew intermittent. In front of her, Qian Daoliu’s body had gradually been swalloed by that golden flame. The last thing she saw was her her grandfather’s kind eyes." - SL Chapter 287 Qian Dialiu, totally didnt cry...

My 2 favorite characters are Tang Chen and Dark Devilgod Tiger, and my #1 favorite spirit is Clear Sky Hammer, Sea Dragon, Blood Red Tiger and Dark Devilgod Tiger. If I had to choose two to have then Blood Red Tiger and Dark Devilgod Tiger. My favorite Title Douluo is Qian Dialou. If I could have a new spirit inserted into the Douluo Dalu, then it'd be "Moon True Water Dragon" or "Ice Blood True Vampire".

I´m a big Antagonist fan. My favorite antagonistic characters are Bibi Dong and Zhongli Wu.

These are the characters I have fallen in love with and still love:

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Dark Devilgod Tiger[edit | edit source]

That was a black giant tiger, pure black all over, without a speck of other color. Red eyes brimmed with viciousness. It was no less than eight meters long, bulging with muscle, maybe weighing more than three thousand jin. The ‘king’ mark on his forehead was also black, but a different black from its fur, a black as gloomy as mist. Most peculiar was its tail. It was much longer compared to ordinary tiger type spirit beasts, and standing up, formed from countless bone joints, with a giant barb at the top, glinting with cold light.

As he saw it, Tang San immediately thought of a special type of spirit beast Grandmaster once told him about. It was a spirit beast even more rare than the Man Faced Demon Spider, and almost eradicated. Grandmaster had also consulted an ancient text, and because this kind of beast was very peculiar as well as extremely rare, Grandmaster hadn’t described it in detail at the time, but still told Tang San that this was a first rate spirit beast. It was also just because it was too outstanding that it was difficult for it to survive in the spirit beast world, that’s why it would be so rare.

According to the ancient accounts, the name of such a spirit beast was Dark Devilgod Tiger. In legends, it was a mutation that occurred as an evil god descended on a white tiger, turning the white tiger’s originally light attributes into darkness, producing black wings of corruption, as well as that scorpion tail-like Devilgod Hook.

The Dark Devilgod Tiger was extremely powerful. Generally speaking, spirit beasts all had a chance of being human spirits, but this Dark Devilgod Tiger was an exception, there had never been any humans with it as spirit. In itself it really didn’t have the darkness attribute, but rather the evil attribute left by the Devilgod. That basically wasn’t something humans could endure. If it was evaluated according to spirit levels, then it would absolutely be a peak spirit comparable to the Seraphim.

The Dark Devilgod Tiger possessed an extremely overbearing talent. It didn’t mature through cultivation. Its own cultivation was extremely difficult, and it could only quickly rise in strength through devouring spirit beasts or human spirit masters’ spirit power. Consequently, no matter what environment it appeared in, such a spirit beast would immediately draw down the universal hatred of other spirit beasts, who would destroy it before it had a chance to grow strong. Even thousand year level Dark Devilgod Tigers were very rare, let alone the one in front of Tang San with a full sixty thousand years. According to what Grandmaster said, such a first rate spirit beast was enough to challenge enemies that surpassed it. In other words, the ten thousand year level Dark Devilgod Tiger could even challenge hundred thousand year level spirit beasts.


Getting up as it saw Tang San, the giant Dark Devilgod Tiger’s blood red eyes instantly flashed. Even facing the Seagod Trident, it actually didn’t have even the slightest thought of escaping. That roar was instead filled with excitement. Slowly raising its paws, it walked step by step towards Tang San.

Just the fact that it faced the divine light radiating from the Seagod Trident without flinching was enough to prove the strength of the Dark Devilgod Tiger. At the same time, Tang San felt his left and right arms heat up simultaneously, excited energy pulsing rhythmically.

Those weren’t fluctuations from the Mysterious Heaven Skill, but rather the spirit bones in his left and right arm. Very clearly, the Titan Giant Ape’s soul in the Titan Giant Ape left arm bone and the Sky Blue Bull Python’s soul in the Sky Blue Bull Python right arm bone recognized this Dark Devilgod Tiger, and the excitement it caused really wasn’t friendly, but rather filled with hostility. But it was also excitement without any thought of cowering.

One clue reveals the general trend. With Tang San’s intelligence, this simple detail immediately proved that this Dark Devilgod Tiger definitely had history with Da Ming and Er Ming. To become the enemy of the forest kings Da Ming and Er Ming, and moreover still appear living in front of him, proved one step further this Dark Devilgod Tiger’s terrifying strength.

Tang San’s judgement was correct. Even Da Ming and Er Ming who were practically the strongest in the Star Dou Great Forest still didn’t have absolute strength. Even though this Dark Devilgod Tiger’s cultivation was just sixty thousand years, its frightening abilities and strength made even Da Ming and Er Ming cautious. Both sides had fought several times, and even if Da Ming and Er Ming successfully drove the Dark Devilgod Tiger out of the Star Dou Great Forest, that was all they managed. They couldn’t directly kill it.

After Da Ming and Er Ming sacrificed themselves to Tang San and the vast forest lost the presence of the two forest kings, this Dark Devilgod Tiger, coveting the numerous spirit beasts within the forest where it could grow quickly, had quietly returned.

Just at the start it was completely cautious, always probing for Da Ming and Er Ming’s presence. After all, before it reached a hundred thousand year cultivation, it still couldn’t defeat the two forest kings together in a frontal confrontation.

Very soon it discovered that there were no longer any signs of Da Ming and Er Ming in the center of the Star Dou Great Forest, and then openly made its return. But, it also knew that its cultivation style would anger all spirit beasts, and thus it didn’t immediately enter the heart of the forest, only roaming the outside, killing some relatively weak spirit beast to strengthen itself, preparing to kill its way into the Star Dou Great Forest once it was strong enough and taking revenge on those tens of thousands of years old spirit beasts. If the Dark Devilgod Tiger cultivated to the peak, it would extremely possibly become a Devilgod. Its intelligence was no less inferior to humans. This Dark Devilgod Tiger in particular was especially bright. Otherwise it couldn’t possibly have survived this long, cultivating to this stage.

Sensing the divine presence from the Seagod Trident Tang San held, it also wasn’t suppressed, the Devilgod blood it had inherited only made it loathe the Seago Trident.But at the same time it also felt Tang San’s spirit power fluctuations. Tang San’s pure spirit power aura made it extremely excited. It clearly understood that swallowing Tang San might be even better than swallowing a hundred thousand year spirit beast’s cultivation. Even though that Seagod Trident made it slightly restless, it had still never been defeated by humans. Plus its cultivation already reaching the sixty thousand year level, it was naturally full of confidence. But even so, its movements were still extremely careful, it also sensed danger from Tang San.

Only, the Dark Devilgod Tiger still couldn’t ignore Tang San’s lure. It judged that, if it could devour Tang San’s spirit power, then it could very possibly break through the hundred thousand year realm in a very short time. Its strength didn’t need to be weighed in age. As long as its strength could progress, then even if Da Ming and Er Ming came back to life they couldn’t do anything to it.

Data flashed through the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s mind, adding its own judgement. Tang San’s divinity also grew heavier. If he faced a spirit beast that even Da ming and Er Ming couldn’t destroy, then this battle wouldn’t be that simple. Of course, the spirit ring from killing this Dark Devilgod Tiger would definitely be much stronger than an ordinary fifty thousand year spirit beast. He had to obtain altogether five spirit rings in the Star Dou Great Forest, and this Dark Devilgod Tiger was the perfect start.

Black and red, spirit rings of two different colors began to rise from below Tang San, circling around him. Blades of crystalline Blue Silver Emperor began to appear around him. The Blue Silver Domain abruptly contracted, only remaining within a hundred meter range with Tang San as center. He didn’t want to lightly draw on the strength of the blue silver grass in the forest, because he couldn’t possibly fight every battle where there was blue silver grass. With the Blue Silver Domain this small, it was just where the effect of his Blue Silver Emperor spirit amplification was best. Confronting this uncommon spirit beast, Tang San was already completely serious, without any carelessness.

The giant Devilgod Hook on the Dark Devilgod Tiger’s back slowly rose, slowly waving behind it. Each time it moved, it would cause a series of bizarre distorted light halos in the air. Its body was black, but the energy fluctuations it emanated were really gray, a gray filled with evil influence. With each step forward, the surrounding plants would automatically part to open a path, and even the blue silver grass within the Blue Silver Domain’s range was no exception. The temperature in the forest seemed to suddenly drop. That was the cold of wickedness. Tang San had only felt this kind of cold from when Bibi Dong used her second spirit, Soul Eating Spider Emperor.

Revealing a faint smile, Tang San slowly raised his right hand, holding the Seagod Trident horizontally next to him. Black, black, black, black, red, black, red, red, red, nine spirit rings appeared in neat order, undulating slightly. But he still didn’t release the powerful energies, all the spirit power fluctuations were fully introverted.

It also wasn’t the first time the Dark Devilgod Tiger had faced human spirit masters. Seeing the relatively neatly colored spirit rings Tang San had, its blood red eyes also turned a bit cautious. Its pace slowed a step, but its aura became increasingly tyrannical. The battle could begin at any moment. - BS Translations


GRRRR…, a low roar lingered with the Sea God’s Light resounded. Concurrently, Tang San saw a giant spirit beats, strongly stood up from its prostrate position. It was gazing at him cruelly.

It was a giant black tiger. Its body was pure black without a single different color hair. Its red eyes were full of dreary pressure, its body was over eight meters, built with muscles, at least was about three thousand jin [2]. The letter Wang [3] on its forehead was also black, but it was different from the black colour of his body. This black was like the colour of the gloomy dark fog. But its tail was the most bizarre thing, it was much bigger than other tiger spirit beasts’ tail. Moreover, it was held up, pointing forward. This tail was made of numerous bones, there was a hook at the end of it, shining with supremacy.

Seeing it, Tang San immediately flicked his brain and came up with a special spirit beast that Grandmaster had told him. The number of this rare kind was even less than the Man-faced Evil Spider.

Moreover, this kind of spirit beast had disappeared for a long time ago. Grandmaster found the information from an ancient book. This species was very peculiar, the number of them was so small. When Grandmaster had taught him about it, he didn’t say explicitly but he confirmed that this was a very special and high-quality spirit beast. This was why they hardly survived in the spirit beast world.

Given by the reading in the ancient book, this species was called the Dark Demonic God Tiger. According to a legend, Demonic God had enveloped the White Tiger and changed it. White Tiger used to be a Light style spirit beast, since then it had turned into Dark style. Two black wings had grown represented degeneration [3], its tail was the Demonic God’s Hook just like the scorpion’s tail.

Dark Demonic God Tiger’s strength was truly powerful. Generally, any spirit beast could become a human’s spirit, but this Dark Demonic God Tiger was an exception, no one ever had it as a spirit. The Dark Demonic God Tiger itself wasn’t the problem, it was the features that the Demonic God had left on them that human being’s body couldn’t bear. From the spirit rank point of view, it was similar with the Six-winged Seraphim.

The Dark Demonic God Tiger had an extremely overbearing instinct. Its development didn’t come from its cultivation because it was extremely hard for it to cultivate. It could only devour other spirit beasts or spirit masters to level up its capacity. That was why whenever this kind of spirit beasts appeared, other spirit beasts would join and kill it before it became stronger. Thus, the thousand years Dark Demonic God Tiger were very rare, not to mention this sixty thousand years one standing in front of Tang San.

According to Grandmaster, this top rank spirit beast could provoke spirit beasts whose level was higher than its. In other words, a ten thousand years Dark Demonic God Tiger could beat a one hundred thousand years spirit beast.

Seeing Tang San suddenly stood up, light sparked in the Dark Demonic God Tiger’s eyes. It was strange that the tiger didn’t have any intention of running away even when facing the Seagod Trident. Its roars were full of excitement. The tiger deliberately lifted it paws, walking toward Tang San.

Encountering the divine light projected from the Seagod Trident without running away, this was enough to tell how strong the Dark Demonic God Tiger was. At the same time, Tang San felt both of his hands was as though it was burning, the exciting energy surging furiously.

This wasn’t the surge came from his Mysterious Sky Skills, but from the spirit bones in his arms. Apparently, the soul of the Giant Titan Ape in the left arm bone and the soul of Blue Sky Bull Python in the right arm had recognised this Dark Demonic God Tiger. Moreover, their excitement wasn’t the joy of meeting an old friend, but full of hostility. They didn’t back off, though.

Tang San was very smart, from this simple detail he could guess that this Dark Demonic God Tiger had encountered Da Ming and Er Ming before. Being the two forest Kings’ opponent but still standing here at this moment had proved that this Dark Demonic God Tiger was formidably powerful.

Tang San’s assumption was correct. Da Ming and Er Ming were almost the strongest spirit beasts in Star Dou Forest, but their capacity wasn’t absolute. This Dark Demonic God Tiger standing in front of him had the cultivation of sixty thousand years, but its ability and power were so tremendous that even Da Ming and Er Ming had to be wary of. They had fought many times, Da Ming and Er Ming could push the Dark Demonic God Tiger out of Star Dou Forest, but they couldn’t kill it.

After Da Ming and Er Ming had sacrificed for Tang San, the breath of these two Forest Kings had disappeared in this immense forest. This Dark Demonic God Tiger was waiting for the chance to come back to this place where it was full of spirit beasts to improve its power. It had come back here silently.

At first, the tiger was so careful, always sensed for Da Ming and Er Ming’s breaths. Its cultivation hadn’t reached level one hundred thousand years yet, if facing them directly, it couldn’t bear the joint-defense of the two Forest Kings.

Soon, when it figured out that Star Dou Forest didn’t have the breath of Da Ming and Er Ming anymore, it decently came back. However, the tiger understood well that its way of cultivated caused more resentment, it didn’t dare to come to the central of the Star Dou Forest. It was just surveying near the edge of the forest, killing some small spirit beasts to enhance its cultivation. The tiger was accumulating power, when enough, it would enter the central of the forest, searching for those top rank spirit beasts to take revenge. The Dark Demonic God Tiger, if it could cultivate to the peak, possibly it could become the Demonic God with the same intelligence as human beings. This Dark Demonic God Tiger standing in front of Tang San was very smart, though.

If it weren’t, it couldn’t have able to live that long and have such cultivation level.

Sensing the divine aura of the Seagod Trident in Tang San’s hand, the tiger wasn’t oppressed. The Demonic God’s blood it had inherited just made it hate the Seagod Trident. At the same time, it could sense the surging spirit power on Tang San’s body, his pure energy stimulated it. The tiger understood very clear that devouring a human like Tang San was much better than absorbing a one hundred thousand years spirit beast. The Seagod Trident in that human’s hand had scared it, but humans had never defeated it. Moreover, its cultivation was sixty thousand years, the tiger was so confident. Thus, it carefully walked step by step toward Tang San, since it felt the smell of danger on Tang San’s body. Yet, it couldn’t stand the obvious allure from Tang San. If it could devour Tang San’s spirit power, it could break through the limit of one hundred thousand years. Its cultivation didn’t base on time, only needed a real capacity to break through. At that time, even if Da Ming and Er Ming could be back from the death, they couldn’t harm it anymore.

The profile of the Dark Demonic God Tiger flashed in Tang San’s brain, with his assumption, Tang San became thoughtful. If I have to encounter a spirit beast that Da Ming and Er Ming couldn’t destroy, the fight won’t be easy. Of course, killing this Dark Demonic God Tiger, I can harvest better things than slaughtering other fifty thousand years spirit beasts. In Star Dou Forest, I have to find five spirit rings, let this Dark Demonic God Tiger become my perfect start!

Red and black spirit rings started to raise up from Tang San’s feet, spinning around him. Glistening translucent Blue Silver Grass, one by one, started to grow everywhere from where he stood. Blue Silver Domain suddenly shrank, only covered around Tang San within one hundred meters. He didn’t want to take advantage from those Blue Silver Grass in this forest because it would be impossible that every fight he had would have the Blue Silver Grass there to support him. Shrinking the Blue Silver Domain to this scale could boost his Blue Silver Emperor the best. Facing this rare spirit beast, Tang San was solemn, he didn’t underestimate it.

The Demonic God’s Hook from behind the Dark Demonic God Tiger slowly swung, waving slightly. Each time the tail moved, it made an eccentric twisted chain of light in the air. His body was black, but the surging energy radiated was grey, a grey colour that was full of dark breath. Each time the tiger walked over, plants automatically leant aside clearing its path, including the Blue Silver Grass in Blue Silver Domain. The temperature in Star Dou Forest was vaguely lowered, that was the cold of the devil miasma. This kind of cold was like when Bibi Dong using her second spirit, the Soul Eating Spider Emperor.

A faint smile appeared on his face, Tang San slowly rose his right hand, putting the Seagod Trident horizontally. Black, black, black, black, red, red, red, red, red. Nine spirit rings were neatly arranged, the surge was small. He hadn’t released the formidable power, yet all spirit soul surges were being held back.

This was not the first time the Dark Demonic God Tiger had faced a human spirit master. Watching the well-arranged spirit rings on Tang San’s body, its red eyes shrank cautiously, slowing down its pace, but its breath became stronger. Once it entered the battle, it could burst out at any time.- Wuxia dream Translation


GDK and Blood God[edit | edit source]

"Wulin enters the cave/underground-simulation with the task of protecting the major. He fights multiple beasts, which he has never seen before, culminating in facing an almost humanoid, greenscaled, female beast.

He gets admitted after managing to protect the young female major. The test is usually evaluated by normal staff at the blood good regiment, but Wulins accomplishments far surpass what the major could judge, so she has to ask the higher ups (her mother is the lieutenant TWL met before entering the cave and her father his one of the higher ups). Ultimately Wulin gets admitted, due to his stunning peromance.

After showing him around and give him military clothes and assigning him his barracks. Afterwards they head for lunch. In the cafeteria, Wulin encounters a young lieutanant and his younger sister, who are friends with the young female major (sorry, but i didn't memorize their names). The young lieutanant makes a bet with Wulin (withstand his handshake?) and TWL wins effortlessly. The loser now has to buy TWL food from the highest quality (food distribution is similar to shrek academy), because the latter simply starting eating the best stuff. I am not quite sure,butI think he acted out of jealousy, and couldn't quite accept that Wulin also seems to have been evaluated higher than anyone else among the soldiers. Afterwards, a small ceremony is held, where TWL is assigned to the Secret Service ( a reconnaissance troop) of the Blood God Regiment, with the young female major as his supervisor. Outside, the youngmale lieutanant who TWL won the bet against, challenges him to a fight (I think he has a crush on TWL's supervisor). Turns out he has the Tyrant Dragon as his spirit (Tyrannsosaurus whatever, the one TWL has as his second familiar). Wulin wins, shocking everyone again, easily suppressing his foe. The Young man is hurt but Wulin helps him bytemporarilyboosint his stength using his 4th skill, the GDK domain. All Soldiers at the camp feel their powers rise, and the lieutanant with the tyrant dragon spirit mostof all is ecstatic about how strong he is becoming thanks to it. After withdrawing the domain, and clarifying that he has a girlfriend, the two become friendly with each other (friendly rivals?)

TWL learns that the blood god regiment, formed little more than 6000 years ago, has a special position amongst the military, since its function is primarily to guard the mountain, that has formed due to the clash of sun moon and heaven-dou continent and ís of utmost importance to humanitiess safety.  What they do guard is not the mountain itself though, but the entire continent from the mountain, more specifically, protecting the mainland from what is lurking within the mountain.

Several thousand years ago, suddenly after the mountains formed, there was an appearance of strange entrances, like wormwholes, behind which there is a place called the Abyss. From the abyss, monsters were gushing forth, which looked like demonic beasts, but apparently have nothing to do with spirit beasts ( at least I understood it as such, instead they seem to be from another world, if you guys know more, please feel free to correct me). WIthin the abyss, all spirit-abilities are severely weakened, which is why the spiritmasters equipment is all the more crucial for survival (and the testing incolves surviving and protecting someone without the use of a spirit).  The monsters within also seem inexhaustible in terms of numbers, since they simple seem to "respawn", the moment one is killed ( imagine it like a healing process: its wounds close through its cells simply regenerating the lost/ destroyed ones). This process seems to be fueled by Destruction energies permeating the entire abyss, constantly recycling the released ruinous energies by defeated monsters. The Blood God Legion guards the world from these influences. Most soldiers retire after 10years, if they survive (about a third does).

I forgot to mention, that there is also a currency system built on merit points(?), which not only serve as a universal currency within the legion for the aquisition of goods, food, weapons, etc. but also as ameans to rise in rank (the higher your totamamount of points, the higher your rank gets). Accumulating enough to get a higher rank takes years.There are 3 soldier ranks, 2 lieutant ranks, the major rank, captain rank etc. up to general (I might be wrong here, but this is just so you have a vague overview of the rank structure).

TWL adapts quickly, starts forging as wellgaining lotsof respect when it is discovered that he is a saint/ rank 7 blacksmith. The young female major seems somewhat smitten with him (hehe.. get it? because.. he is a blacksmith and... sigh nevermind), but her father, the general curbs her enthusiasm, revealing TWLs origins (S7D, Tang Sect, passionate douluos letter was already known to her) and that he has a great but arduous future aheadof him, which will soon lead him away from their mountain. Since also, TWL with his talent as a saintsmith could easily advance through the ranks within a short time, the general imposes the rule that meritpoints gained through professions do not enable any rise in rank thus voiding that path of rank-promotion. TWL gets several customers, but his heavy hearted at first when he discovers that he can't advance this way, which is just as okay, since he wants to gain experience anyway, and is aware that he would succeed easily otherwise.

The Abyss has manny channels which connect to other channels, forming a complex network of tunnels.These are respectively ranked A, B or C (C being the lowest difficulty).

TWL heads to his first misson with the young female major. They ski to the entrance of the abyss and enter it. TWL discovers that whenever he kills a demonic beast, he absorbs its power, which in turn flows into his blood vortex (which has been forming in his chest area, not to be confused with the soul nucleus forming in his pubic region). Everytime he fights, his Golden Dragon Spear absorbs powers of the slain. This is important, because while normaly the beasts energy would simply cycle back into the abyss, Now Wulin is creating a deficit, meaning he absorbs a part of the energies, which in turn won't return to the abyss. The female major barely has anything to do, since she is a long range fighter, and Wulin is practically soloing the dungeon like tank/ meatshield. He also doesn't tire out even slighty due to his stamina and vitality constantly being replenished by his spear and the absorbed powers.

He also uses JinYu, who at this point is 6 meters long, with his scales being the same as Wulins and since using him doesn't consume even marginal amounts of spiritpower, since he's been with Wulin from the beginning, he can fight at Wulins side continously (which is epic af).

They killed several hundred beasts, until there is a sudden loud sound. The female major, now alarmed orders immediate retreat, to which TWL naturally complies, grabbing her by the waist and speeding away like a cannon ball. The power, which is approaching, is the so called Abyssal tide, which is a huge singular mass of dense Destruction energy washing out from the abyss periodically/ every few months, with lethal consequences. They manage to converge with the other units behind several soul guidance device which activate and form forcefields to contain the tide, but it becomes painfully obvious, that the tide is overpowering the shields, so they employ the Blood God Core. This is a huge, spheric device is at the same level of power and sophistication as the rank 12 artillery soul nukes which blasted shrek to smitherens. Its Hull is composed of the same metals even, which rival a 4 word godd class armor in power/ hardness etc.. The core is being deployed and successfully creates a barrier that contains the abyssal tide.

Several troops converge with them, among them the Tyrant Dragon Lieutenant. Ourageously huge masses of abyssal demons/ monsters swarm towards them, which incites an all-out assault against the latter by the Blood God Legion/Corps/Regiment.

Wulin sees this as a huge opportunity and goes all out. Several chapters deal with TWL slaughtering beasts left and right, while his camerades watch in awe, he then proceeds to unleash his Mad Golden Dragon Domain, which has grown in strength since the 9th seal (twice as strong as before I think). The entire Blood God Legion is on fire, fighting with a greater power than they ever have had against the abyss (without relying on high rankers I guess). TWL leaves a deep impression on everyone. Finally, one of the Blood God Camps Higher ups appears.

The core of the Blood God Regiment is the Blood God Camp, populated by the high ranked members and above all of them, their leaders, the 9 Blood Gods, each a title douluo of tremendous strength. The Blood God General(??) who has arrived (the Blood Gods btw are numbered 1-9) fight alongsde the soldiers and praises Wulin (or was it someone else.. ugh I am not sure anymore guys..), until finally the first higher Demonic Abyssal Demon appears. This one looks similar to the feminine beast TWL encountered within the simulation. Her power is on a completely different level from the other beasts, comparable to a tile douluo and TWL engages her, managing to impale her shoulder, draining loads of power from her, to such an extent, that her arm shriveles away and her shoulder sinks. The beast manages to rip out the spear, which immediately returns to TWLs hand.

Suddenly a huge mass of energy invades his body, pure and unhindered. His scales all flare up to a bright red colour, his body balooning from the extreme amount of power it is receiving. TWL decides to absorb all of it. Suddenly everything aroung him becomes blank, and shifts again to him no seeing his inner world being flooded by golden lines. He traces those golden lines to his chest and finds astonishingly, that a fingernailsized golden diamond shaped core has formed in his chest. He recognizes the fierce vitality it emannates, and how his bloodcirculation is on another level now. His entire body inside has turned golden,and the power that diamond emanates has boosted his already powerful body to a new height. He calls it a Vitality Nucleus and names Long He (???). When he is concious again, he is asked why he stopped his domain, and if he has reached his limit (he told them all before that he can hold it for about 40minutes, and its scope is 50meters). He refutes this by saying he is okay and can keep going. He unleashes his domain again, which now covers a greaterradius (100-150m) and the fighting prowessof the soldiers soarss. Undernormal circumstances, casualties would be high, but not this time. They successfully hold their ownand push back the enemy. TWL discovers, that his current physical attributes are in no way inferior to a Super Douluo.

Theykeep fighting for several hours, and the Blood God Legionis witnessing TWL basically running havoc on the enemy, never tiring out since he is always replenishing himself with the energies of the slain, which include those beasts, that the other soldiers slay. All the energies that are unleashed from the beasts gather in his spear and end up being absorbed by him.

Another beast suddenly appears and Wulin barely manages to fend it off. Its power rivals a limit douluo and it manages to damage Wulins armor. Normally armors are capable of reparing themselves, but on his armor, there is a grey, iron colored scar. Some, or at least one of Blood Gods appear and fend of the enemies enough to retreat from the abyss back to their Regiment. Wulin instead is taken to the Blood God Camp, where he encounters and meets the other Blood Gods. One of them, a woman, is Yun Mings Cousin, another two have relations with shrek. One was  a student under Yun Ming, another was part of the Tang Sect. They all are dumbstruck at the Wulins deeds in the Abyss, and realize that he absorbs the energies of the abyss, stunting its regeneration.They ask to check his Golden Spear(don't what exactly happens, aside from thembeing unable to use it and realizing that it is tied to TWL and his blood alone). They are somewhat dissappointed, since they hoped to find ameans of reducing the destruction energies in the abyss to finally stop the demon/monster incursions.

Turns out that the number one of the Blood Gods is Heartless Douluo!!! The alledged partner of passionate Douluo. He has a privatetalk with TWL, andreveals himself to be the Blood God leader since he joined 60 years ago, in order to protect the continent. He also reveals that he was the captain of S7D and that YunMing waspart of hisgeneration of the S7D. He observed TWL from the beginning of his arrival and instills into him the will the reconstruct shrek, but also to not hope for the Blood Gods who have shrekrelations to join him, because even if they mourn its destruction, their sense of duty is binding them to defend the world from the abyss. He also checks the Golden Dragon Lance and is hopefull taht one day TWL canhelp them destroy the Abyss.

The Abyss has, aside from the swarms of monsters, 108 Abyssal Demon Kings. They are all as strong as title douluos, with their owncaves within the network of tunnels/ wormholes in the abyss. I don't remember the exact number, but about two third of them is title to super douluo level, another third is limit douluo level. At the core of them, their leader, the Abyssal Emperor is supposedly a DemiGod."

Body Sect, Beng Ti Sect, Mu Ye and any other body spirit thing[edit | edit source]

"The Chef finally finishes the meal. Zhenhua is surprised that the Chef serves up 6 Ruby Shrimp as even he can't eat it normally. The Chef replies that Zhenhua doesn't have good taste and Wulin's appetite is to his liking. Wulin is in awe that the Chef is on equal term with Zhenhua as he can't sense a trace of spirit power from the old man. Zhenhua seems to refer to Wulin as the Chef's "people. The Chef turns to Wulin and explains that the shrimp are also known as Blood Shrimp, possessing qi similar to humans. He estimates that Wulin can handle 3 at most. Just after the 1st bite, Wulin's qi goes out of control. The draconic pattern appears on his skin as it turns golden. Jin Long Jing Tian also automatically activates. As the golden ring emerges, both old men are astonished with the Chef paying especially close attention. Wulin feels the 4th seal being attacked but it still manages to hold.

Normally, it takes a year to digest the shrimp. Zhenhua reveals that Wulin is a Shrek student, which causes the Chef to change his mood. He laments feeding Wulin though accepts that Wulin's body proves the kid is his "people". After Wulin recovers, he feels a boost equal to 2 months of training. As Wulin expresses his gratitude, the Chef tells him their meeting is fate and offers to take Wulin under his wing, as long as he resigns from Shrek. Although attracted by the food, Wulin still refuses though he leaves the door open for after graduation. The Chef doesn't reply and turns back to the kitchen. To Wulin's question, Zhenhua replies that his admittance to the inner school is guaranteed so the Chef has no chance anyway. Wulin proceeds to eat the remaining 2. He feels that the 4th seal is ready but it is not yet time. Zhenhua then leads Wulin to the sparring. On the way, Wulin asks about the Chef's identity.

Zhenhua replies the Chef is a hermit though his group has bad relation to Shrek. Wulin is surprised to see a dimensional door. Zhenhua explains they use an extra dimension as the Guild's vault. The key is a Saint Artisan medal. Seeing Wulin eyeing the medal, Zhenhua tells Wulin to make a choice: whether to use elixirs to raise his cultivation. The upside is that Title Douluo would only take 15 years. The downside is Wulin can never become a Supreme Douluo or a God. Wulin asks for more time, to Zhenhua's approval." - SL3 Chapter 421-430


"The Chef smiles and says he would prepare lunch. He presses a button on Xiao Hong's knee and retrieves a large storage cube. With a flash, he rushs into the kitchen. Seeing him leave, Zhenhua laments that this person is as much a genius as Wulin but will never live up to his heritage due to his obsession. To Wulin's question of the Chef's identity, Zhenhua tells him to ask at lunch. He reveals that the Chef specifically visited today because of Wulin to give him a lession as well as cook good food. Zhenhua then adds that there would be no lesson today.

In another hour, food is served. Zhenhua laughs as the Chef has brought out the good stuff, a soup called Mystic/Immortal Spirit Mushroom/Microbe.

Mystic Spirit Mushroom has the effect of Yin Yang balance, which prevents backlash and allows easier breakthrough. It is an exceedingly rare spirit beast. Each year of growth equals to 1k years of cultivation. Wulin's face goes red from drinking the soup, as it is with first-timers. Zhenhua notices that Gu Yue is fine. Wulin explains that Gu Yue is the disciple of the Heavenly Phoenix Douluo. Zhenhua doesn't have anything against the Pagoda as he has to maintain great connections. The 8 dishes exceed Wulin's expectation. He won't need dinner tonight because of over-nutrition.

The Chef asks Wulin if they can speak in private." - SL3 Chapter 521-530


"Inside the dining room, the Chef creates a barrier to block outside interference. He introduces himself as Mu Ye, or uncle Mu. He wants Wulin to inherit his sect's techniques, which utilize qi power. While Wulin's Dou Spirit Hall membership is a hassle, Mu Ye is willing to negotiate his release at any cost. However, Wulin refuses as he idolizes Tang Sect's legend. Mu Yue angrily asks if he has never heard of the Body Sect's legend. Seeing Wulin's uncomfortable silence, Mu Ye realizes that the Body Sect has fallen so far. Once, their leader was a Limit Douluo but now not even a Supreme Douluo. He angrily tells Wulin to go and disappears in a red light.

Wulin sighs. He really wants to be Mu Ye's disciple because of his cooking but he cannot betray Tang Sect. Back in the living room, only Zhenhua and Gu Yue remain. Hearing Wulin's report, Zhenhua laughs that Mu Ye is as childish as ever and assures Wulin that Zhenhua would deal with Mu Ye." - SL3 Chapter 521-530 


"Wulin is surprised to find the chef Mu Ye behind him. The old man laughs that he is a legitimate rated chef with a successful chain of restaurants. He is the leader of the chef group representing Douluo. Mu Ye asks for Wulin's room number and says he would find him later. Mu Ye nods that Wulin has a good look and leaves. Wulin wonders why a god-level mech master would go as a chef, thinking himself may be the reason. Wulin's guess is correct. Mu Ye understands the harsh reality and has made a decision to make Wulin inherit Body Sect's teaching no matter what. His sect is in crisis. Rules are important but they wouldn't exist without the sect anyways. Moreover, Zhenhua assured him that Wulin has 80% chance of becoming a God Craftsman and can secure Body Sect's future with new armor masters. Additionally, his victory over grade 3 impresses Mu Ye." - SL3 Chapter 561-570


"Suddenly, in the middle of his wondering, Wulin feels pressure on his neck. Someone drags him into the air before he can generate any power and sinks him into the sea. Wulin feels an enormous pressure on him as they dive deeper. His survival instict activated, power begins to crazily course through his veins as Golden Dragon Body and Golden Dragon Tyrant Body emerge. Wulin needs to find an opportunity but the hand suddenly exerts a strong force on Wulin. Fortunately, Tyrant Body takes effect, allowing Wulin to break free. He lashes at the assailant, a figure covered in deep golden light, with a boosted Golden Dragon Fear Claw.

However, the claw shatters on contact with the golden armor, shocking Wulin. The attacker grabs Wulin's throat and pushes him deeper. Wulin never thinks he would die like this. He hallucinates seeing a black road, with someone beckoning him at the end of it. Fortunately, the assailant releases his grip and floats back up. Wulin finds his chance but patiently waits until there is more distance. The hallucination becomes more vivid as Wulin begins to feel the water pressure. Finally, Wulin roars from deep inside as the 14 seals vibrate. He pushes all his remaining power into escaping a watery grave. The draconic pattern clearly emerges on his skin.

Breaking through the surface, despite the pain, Wulin gasps for air with joy because it means he is still alive. He is thankful for eating so much before. The ships are nowhere in sight but before Wulin can consider the next step, the attacker is back.

The figure in gold nonchalantly walks on the sea surface. Without replying to Wulin about his identity, the figure takes Wulin out of the water. Wulin wonders why he isn't killed but he soon catches sight of the ship before falling unconscious. Throwing Wulin back into his room, Mu Ye reveals himself. He proclaims his choice is correct.

Drowning Wulin was the Body Sect's initiation ritual. While Wulin was under the sea, Xiao Hong had been monitoring him. Mu Ye is impressed that Wulin managed to counterattack and even broke through to the surface after calmly waiting for Mu Ye to leave. When Mu Ye took the initiation, he barely made 30m before knocked out. In the sect's history, only 1 person had performed Wulin's feat, the sect's founder who managed to awaken his spirit 2 times at once after being thrown into the sea. The reason why Body Sect fell behind Tang Sect is that their training requires a lot more resolve. Mu Ye begins to palm strike Wulin to send over his qi. Wulin quickly recovers in his sleep as Mu Ye laments that it was worth abandoning traditions." -SL3 Chapter 561-570


"After ~20 of La Zhi's recovery dumplings, Wulin's paleness fades a bit. Luxurious food is served but no one's sitting at Wulin's table because they know it would not be close to enough for him. Before Wulin begins, Yuhan joins him without knowing. However, seeing Wulin is only interested in eating and in such huge amount, Yuhan gulps and leaves. Xiaoyan hitches Gu Yue and says she must be afraid of Wulin's monstrous appetite. Gu Yue only has a cold smile. Mu Ye comes next to Wulin and hands him a tray of thousand-year Deep Sea Tuna brisket that he caught while drowning Wulin. Wulin finds the fish to be good stuff. Mu Ye then brings him grilled tuna heads. Wulin feels a powerful heat running wild in his body. A guest asks Mu Ye why Wulin gets special treatment. Wulin tells him he can catch his own fish if he wants to eat.

After Wulin finishes, he sees Mu Ye already left. Wulin leaves the others to go back to self-training. The pattern emerges again on his body as he nods off. When he wakes up again, it is already evening. Wulin feels his bones cracking and his muscles full of power. Gu Yue opens the door. She came at lunch through the balcony to check on him but didn't wake him up since he slept so well. She asks Wulin what happened last night. To his excuse, Gu Yue seems to be in doubt. At dinner, Wulin finds he eats much less than usual, only around 7-8 peoples' portions. The group splits up as they have diffferent plans for the night. Back in his room, Wulin finds Mu Ye crawling in like a ghost. Wulin skeptically asks what he wants. Mu Ye asks Wulin how he feels about the food." SL3 Chapter 561-570


"Mu Ye is angry that Wulin is dumbfounded. Wulin only says delicious and asks about Mu Ye's action the day before. Mu Ye explains about the initiation ritual and spirit's 2nd awakening. While Wulin only knows the basics from Wukong's lesson, he is shocked when Mu Ye guarantees Body Sect training will cause a 2nd awakening. Mu Ye tells Wulin to call him master instead of uncle. Wulin reaffirms he won't leave Tang Sect but Mu Ye impatiently says he doesn't need to. However, Wulin doubles down that he won't join another sect. Mu Ye loses his temper and says he doesn't care, Wulin is now a Body Sect's member. Before Wulin can argue, he is tossed into the ocean again.

More prepared this time, Wulin's ascent goes smoothly. The tuna really helps his circulation. Asked if they can return, Mu Ye nonchalantly answers that the Body Sect's secret is that its training is based on completely crushing the body as potential only surfaces in danger. He claims if Wulin doesn't join, because the kid already know sect's secret, he must die. Before Wulin can retort, he is drowned deeper again. He falls unsconcious.

Old Tang wakes Wulin up and tells him he is in a fake-death state. Old Tang says the Body Sect's cultivation methods are very helpful to Wulin as the GDK gives him far more potential than ordinary people. Furthermore, old Tang warns that the last 9 seals are incredibly dangerous. Only with extreme resolve and perseverance can Wulin survive their enormous energy.

Back to reality, Wulin gathers his will to live and begins his ascent. Behind him is Xiao Hong. She was about to help after predicting Wulin is near his limit but his resolve is outside of even her or Mu Ye's calculation. Mu Ye muses that he must completely crush Wulin for his own sake.

Finally back to the surface, Wulin doesn't even have strength to breath. Mu Ye sticks a tube(snorkel?) into his throat, transmiting recovery energy. Wulin passes out again. He wakes up 15 minutes later and realizes Mu Ye doesn't want to kill him. The next day, Wulin wakes up in his bed. Mu Ye brings dark purple deep-sea prawns directly to the room. Wulin asks Mu Ye if he wants him dead but Mu Ye only replies to eat, saying adversity tries one but the suffering is worth it. Wulin smiles but is still adamant that he can't join the Body Sect. Mu Ye loses his mood and whacks Wulin on the head. He says that he would ask Tang Sect for permission and repeats that Wulin must call him master. Finally, Wulin complies. Regaining his temper, Mu Ye hands Wulin the food, calling it Amethyst Lobster. Before leaving, Mu Ye asks Wulin to not sleep but meditate to feel the full effect.

Unlike the tuna, the lobster has a certain coolness and floating sensation. Wulin finds himself finally making it into lv40. Moreover, the golden layer inside his body has strengthened along with mental force. Dinnertime, Mu Ye arrives again to Wulin's shudder. With a dry smile, the kid asks when he can rest. Mu Ye calmly says the preliminary training should be done after 49 days (Nkg: Mu Ye says something like 7*7= 49) if Wulin manifests a 2nd awakening. Wulin asks if there have been any deaths. To his horror, Mu Ye answers around 30%. Mu Ye emphasizes that not everyone can successfully use this method but Wulin showed he has affinity on the 1st day. Before Wulin can answer, into the ocean he goes again.

While others have a very boring routine on board, Wulin has a very exciting, heart-stopping life. On the 6th day, he hits the 1000m milestone. On the 20th day, he hits the bottom at 2000m but Mu Ye doesn't let him go easily. The old chef adds that Wulin must defeat a sea beast before coming up. Against a thousand-year opponent, Wulin finds it much more difficult than on land. He almosts died the first time as an open wound and deep water pressure are bad combination. Fortunately, Golden Dragon Body is useful as Wulin dragged the beast up to around the hundred meters level and slaughtered it with Golden Dragon Fear Claw. After that, Mu Ye brings progressively stronger beasts from who-know-where. If it wasn't for the delicious food, Wulin would have already lost his mind.

The 49th day has come, so Mu Ye announces. The trials Wulin went through has strengthened his body to the point that he doesn't need any ingredient for the 5th seal, according to old Tang. He can break it when he likes. Still, he is in no rush to then face the 6th seal. Old Tang has emphasized that Wulin must follow the Body Sect's teaching. Thankfully, Wulin is now at the top of lv39(IDKW but prev chapter said lv40).

Mu Ye states that this last trial will truly decide Wulin's potential as a sect member. If he doesn't awaken his spirit, he must undergo another 49 days. Wulin is dumbstruck. In reality, Mu Ye is also weirded out. Wulin's 49-day course is actually the most difficult cultivation method. There hasn't been a case like Wulin in the past, but similair situations to his of strong bodies eventually became Limit Douluos. However, 2nd awakening's success rate is 95% and not neccessarily takes the whole 49 days. The previous 48 days should have at least drawn out some of Wulin's potential. In general the longer it takes to awaken, the stronger the battle spirit is. The fact there is still no sign of awakening can only mean 2 things: either Wulin's spirit is extremely powerful or has no body spirit's heritage. Still, Mu Ye refuses to believe in the 2nd possibility as Wulin has such a powerful physique and more than ordinary willpower. He has already prepared a great gift for today.

Wulin complains about bullying but Mu Ye grabs his shoulder and changes to a really formal tone. He swears on his honor of a Titled Douluo to not interfere in Wulin's trial. He asks Wulin to do his best to survive and throws him into the ocean. Wulin stays in the water for 15 minutes without any movement as the ships move out of sight. He wonders if it is an endurance test but it should be fine with all the food in his storage ring. However, soon, there are silver objects appearing in the distance. Wulin sees Mu Ye attack the sea from the sky. Wulin fearfully realizes he is summoning a frenzy of sharks. On top of that, they are Devil Soul Great White Sharks, one of the great overlord tribes of the sea. The test is to survive. Wulin curses if Mu Ye really wants him to die.

Wulin spreads as much BSG around him as he can. The idea is masking his scent from the sharks. It works on the 1st one, a 7m thousand-year. As 4 more gather, Mu Ye tells Wulin to get ready and empties a jar of blood into the water. He nonchantly announces to begin. Wulin shrieks and uses the BSG as a trampoline to go up to the surface, right behind him are the sharks. Mu Ye empties the rest of the jar onto Wulin. Covered in blood, Wulin doesn't even bother to complain and tosses off his clothes. He wraps a BSG around Mu Ye as an anchor and dives back in. Mu Ye is surprised but doesn't mind as he calmly spectates." SL3 Chapter 571-580


"The blood inside Mu Ye's jar belongs to the shark's natural enemies, the Deep Sea Demonic Whales. Moreover, the blood is incredbily hard to get rid of the stronger the spirit power presence in its surrounding. Wulin decides to stand and fight. 47 sharks left. Wulin summons his yellow mech. Before Mu Ye can forces him out, Wulin uses this opening to refill on food. He jumps back into the sea, summoning his right power gauntlet. As the sharks approach, they open with a salvo of beams. Unable to dodge, Wulin is knocked out of the water. Even with Golden Dragon Body, he coughs up blood to Mu Ye's horror who tries to refrain himself from interfering. The ten-thousand year shark leaps into the air, its jaw open wide at the unconscious Wulin. Mu Ye curses that it is too late to stop them. He closes his eyes at the impending tragedy and swears to at least avenge Wulin's death.

A terrible shriek echoes throughout the sea. However, it is not Wulin. Golden scales covering his upper body, Wulin's top half is inside the shark's mouth, which is now coughing up blood. Wulin has not taken any damage and instead crawls deeper into the shark.

The ten-thousand year shark convulses and falls into the water, crushing 4 other sharks. From its back, Wulin cuts his way out. A black ring emerges after him. Golden scale covered in blood, Wulin stumbles up and roars at the sky. Mu Ye is stunned that a child has taken down a Devil Soul Great White Shark king. Previously, Wulin had determined he only had 1 chance by taking down the leader. He volutarily lets the sharks attack and converts damage into strength with Golden Dragon Tyrant Body. Like Wulin has predicted, the king won't leave him to the other sharks. The rest is just the matter of going for the jugular." SL3 571-580


"In a good mood, Mu Ye laughs that the sharks' society is based on strength, even if it means eating their comrades."


" Arriving next to the shark, Mu Ye sighs and readies to attack. Just then, he sees the cocoon brighten and hesitates as Wulin still has another trick. The shark's 2nd bite is completely stopped by the golden BSG. Moreover, the grass grows exponentially and soon captures the whole group of beasts. Wulin's cocoon is raised up in the middle of the sea like a throne. For unknown reason, a powerful breath of life covers the ocean. The sharks calm down and seem to look expectantly at the rising throne.

Mu Ye celebrates as this means Wulin's 2nd awakening is beginning. He is excitedly curious about the type of spirit that requires the whole 49 days of cultivation. Scales begin to grow over the cocoon's surface. Mu Ye wonders if it is the legendary BSE, last awakened 20k years ago by the man that brought down Spirit Hall (Nkg: looks like Tang Ya was not very famous). Body Sect didn't even exist then. Mu Ye never thought his sect would get to bear this honor. The cocoon blooms open like a flower. Inside, the BSG has transformed into BSE. Gold scales have completely covers Wulin's body and slowly withdraws. An invisible force draws the shark king's black ring to him. Wulin has reached lv40, and thus ready to gain another ring.

Mu Ye doesn't stop Wulin from absorbing it. Firstly, spirit rings are extremely hard to find compared to familiars and don't have as many restrictions. Secondly, Wulin's more than capable. Even Mu Ye only took 28 days to awaken. What makes Mu Ye even more astounded is Wulin only need food to recover. Normally, one would be intensely exhausted just after the 1st day. Suddenly, a low-pitched roar echoes from inside the cocoon. On closer inspection, there is a mini-dragon on top of Wulin's head. Mu Ye recognizes it as the Tyrant Dragon but he only recalls Wulin's only familiar being Jin Yu the snake.

The dragon chomps on the ring to Mu Ye's astonishment. It jumps off Wulin into the sea and grows to 60m tall. The tyrant roars, exerting killing intent enough to scare the sharks into a full retreat. From the dragon's body, golden threads emerge and enter the BSE then into Wulin's body. The Tyrant Dragon roars with excitement. Astonishment after astonishment, this is the first time Mu Ye has seen someone storing a familiar then absorbing it on level-up. The Tyrant Dragon turns mini again and goes back inside Wulin. Mu Ye sighs that the Tyrant Dragon has become the BSE's familiar instead of the more compatible draconic bloodline but he is still curious about its skill. Whatever reservation Mu Ye had about making Wulin his disciple completely disappears.

A black ring appears at Wulin's feet. He is officially the last of the team to become lv40. The BSE grows from being the size of an arm to the size of a leg. Mu Ye believes no one can call Wulin weak now and guesses that his 4th skill must be a self-strengthening type. Wulin opens his eyes. For a moment, there is a cold stare that makes Mu Ye shudder. Wulin is conscious of the changes he has undergone. He realizes the Tyrant Dragon has been patiently hiding inside him before becoming his official 2nd familiar.

Gaining a 2nd familiar means Wulin won't need another until lv60 or even lv70. Moreover, the BSE evolution is on par with the draconic power and Wulin can also officially become a rank 6 blacksmith. Mu Ye congratulates the kid and says the future will become easier. To Wulin's begging, the master allows a day off" SL3 571-580


"While everyone else is surprised, Mu Ye warns them that sea beasts are attacking and they should stay put. To Wulin's question, Mu Ye says it is a group of Devil Soul Great White Sharks and Deep Sea Demonic Whales along with other sea beasts, led by several tens-thousand-years. Seeing Mu Ye's dry smile, Wulin knows that this probably has to do with them. Mu Ye hands the kid a can of shark's oil for nourishment. Wulin gulps it down and feels his head clear up. With a happy expression, Mu Ye mutters that the attackers include the Whale King and the Shark King.

5 people fly out in front of the ship, including elder Cai. Meanwhile, Wukong appears on Wulin's balcony. He is wary of Mu Ye but Wulin explains that the latter is also his master." SL3 571-580


"Mu Ye lets Wulin go with his team. Wulin swings on a BSG toward the ice patch Wukong created. Gu Yue and the othes follows him, casting a lightness spell on the team. Only La Zhi, who is scared of height, is left but Mu Ye throws him down."


"Just then, an indifferent voice announces that the culprit is here. Mu Ye steps before elder Cai. Despite the chef's outfit, she can see how strong he is. He releases his spirit, showing 5 black and 4 red rings. The kraken's 8 eyes spark in rage as it charges forward. Mu Ye smirks at Yue Er to leave it to him. He equips his Power Armour and grows enormous to hundreds of meters tall. Elder Cai exclaims that it is a 4-Word Power Armour as she retreats. She knows who this man is, stronger than a Supreme Douluo and possibly even her. The beast and man engage in an evenly-matched brute force contest at first. It soon becomes clear that Mu Ye is not taking any damage while the kraken's body is engraved with his fists. Meanwhile, the returning Silver Moon Douluo easily keeps the other beasts at bay.

First time seeing his master fight, Wulin's eyes are locked on the battle. Mu Ye halts his attack and asks the beast to leave as he doesn't need spirit rings or bones. Refused, Mu Ye threatens to make it a gift to his new student. From a dimensional crack, Xiao Hong appears and turns into a blood red long blade while Mu Ye shrinks to 10m tall. The kraken hesitatingly orders a full retreat. The sea finally calms.

Xiao Hong disappears as Mu Ye changes back into his chef outfit. All eyes are on him but he also vanishes. As an casualty check is carried out, Gu Yue congratulates Wulin on evolving. She then looks toward the sea thinking of something. As the ships resume moving, elder Cai appears inside Mu Ye's cabin. She formally greets him as the Body Sect's sectmaster and congratulates him on reaching 4-word level. However, Mu Ye denies that it is not yet 4-word. Elder Cai doesn't pry more but she asks for his purpose on the ship. Mu Ye coldly refuses, raising the tension. Before she disappears, elder Cai asks him to keep to his own business. Mu Ye snorts as no one on the ships can threaten him." SL3 571-580


"The body essence sect is a long lasting sect formed many years ago. It consists of spirit masters who have body essence ( such as Head, Brain , Hands , Legs , Eyes , etc ) . The sect has a unique awakening spell which can improve the body essence of the spirit masters to a large extent and also unleash a second awakening of the body spirit essence ( normal spirit essence only has 1 awakening ). There is this unspoken rule that all spirit masters who have body essence will be recruited by the Body Sect, since it is hard for find spirit masters that have body spirit essence.

The current sect leader, Dubu Si, is a Limit Titled Douluo at rank 99. His essence is his whole body, which makes him even more powerful. He has 6 Black Rings (at least 10,000 years old) and 3 Red Rings (at least 100,000 years old) . In his Spirit True Form, he is able to transform himself into a huge green man ( like the hulk ) which boosts his entire fighting strength and also emits a poison aura around himself. He is able to overpower Xuan Lao ( Ranked 98 ) during a fight when the body sect attacked the Shrek Academy in order to take Huo Yu Hao away since Yu Hao is also classified as having a body essence.

During the exchange programme between Shrek Academy and Mathilda Hall, the Body Sect launched a sneak attack on Mathilda Hall in order to obtain the spirit monster infant which was at least 100,000 years old (eventually we find out that it is Snow Emperor Xuenu) that is locked in a capsule and kept in Mathilda Hall. This capsule containing the spirit monster infant was won from a bid in an underground auction house in Star Luo Empire during the 1st tournament. The ambush led to a huge lost of soul weapons and spirit masters on the side of Mathilda Hall.

When the capsule broke apart during the fight, Snow emperor Xuenu was released and froze everyone in the vicinity via the Snow Domain. In the end, the leaders of Body Sect and Mathilda Hall had to stop their fight and team up to fend of the attacks of Snow Emperor Xuenu, which led to heavy injuries on both the leaders, and with Xuenu bombing up her spirit sea ( eventually saved by Elux and Yu Hao ).

During the 2nd tournament, it is shown that Heaven Luo Empire has officially recruited the Body Sect as their guardian protectors and that the body sect was hidden in disguise as one of the sect in Heaven Luo in the competition. However, they were eventually defeated by the Tang Sect in the quarter-finals.

During the invasion of Star Luo forest spirit monsters into Shrek City, the body sect came to the rescue first and Dubu Si teamed up with Xuan Lao to fight against Beast God Di Tian. To Dubu Si's surprise, even thought he was a Limit Douluo (ranked 99) , he still suffered heavy injuries against Di Tian and did little to injure Di Tian.

When Heaven Luo Empire was under the attack of the Sun-Moon Empire, Yu Hao heard that the body sect suffered heavy casualties and that Dubu Si was heavily injured by ZongLi Wu and Dragon King Douluo Happy Dragon (ranked 99 Limit Douluo) .

After Sun-Moon conquer Heaven Luo , the surviving members, including Du Busi, joined force with Dou Lin and Star Luo to assassinate Sun-Moon emperor, which was actually the kidnapping in Juzi's article. Du Busi sacrificed himself during this attack to provide a distraction and also to drive a wedge between Sun-Moon and Holy Spirit sect. Body Essence sect was considered destroyed but before his death, Du Busi gave Yuhao a book that contain the sect's secret knowledge so he could one day rebuild it (which never happens)."

Mechs and stuff[edit | edit source]

Zhenhua hands Wulin a green jade ring embedded with a silver gemstone, full of life force. It doesn't look like a storage ring and fits neatly on Wulin's pinky.

Zhenhua's gift is a mech storage ring.


Wulin introduces Gu Yue to the 2. He then asks about the red mech. Zhenhua denies that it is his and is surprised that Wulin knows how to drive a mech. He advises Wulin to focus on 1 type of armor because it requires a lot of effort to master either type. However, Zhenhua would still let Wulin see the red mech up close on behalf of the owner. The Chef jokingly complains that Zhenhua would do it despite the owner anyway. Even Gu Yue is eager. In the elevator, to Wulin's question, Zhenhua says that he only owns a black-level mech as he is afraid of being addicted to red mech and the never-ending upgrade. The Chef sighs and adds that it is indeed a poisonous drug. Wulin realizes that the red mech's prowess may be beyond legend.

On the roof, Zhenhua opens the garage. The mech is revealed, standing at 6 meters with a distinctly slim human shape and no discernable armor or weapons. Wulin discovers that he cannot even recognize the material as it is far from spirit-forged level. Surprisingly, the Chef calls the mech's name, Xiao Hong (Nkg: little Red). A woman's voice replies, calling him master. The Chef asks her to show the 2 kids the difference of red-level mech.

First, she teleports to 10m away. Then she turns to a 2-seated sport car with a red flash. Another flash turns into a jet fighter and then the last one, she turns into a fortress, revealing an arsenal of one hundred cannons, the main one being a 50cm. Wulin's feeling can only be described as absurd. The Chef gives Xiao Hong permission to rest. He explains to Wulin that she has become a familiar of sort, fully capable of autonomy. Although achieving this level of mech has made him give up on many paths, he doesn't regret it. In the Chef's eyes is a burning love for mech, having given up becoming a Supreme Douluo at the epitome of lv94.

However, the Chef emphasizes that Wulin must not become like him as mech is not suitable for Wulin. Moreover, 4-word armor master is currently the maximum possibility of spirit masters. There is another level beyond red mech but even after all these years of toiling, the Chef has not even caught glimpse of it as it is far more difficult than 4-word power armor. Additionally, Wulin is currently a rank 5 blacksmith, too late to change to a manufacturer. Wulin can't retort. He realizes that Zhenhua has planned to let the Chef dissuade him from following his childhood dream. Zhenhua strictly lectures Wulin that he must not stray from his chosen path. There have been many geniuses who never amounted to anything because they got lost in too many options. Zhenhua advises him to revisit this possibility when he has become a 4-word armor master.


Gu Yue picks out a metal shop for Wulin, earning his appreciation. Wulin finds that he doesn't know at least 1/3 of the shop and asks for a test hammer. The clerk realizes that Wulin is a pro and quickly complies. Wulin accurately describes the properties of different material though he doesn't like any of them. He asks for specialty. The clerk hurriedly goes to the back though he wonders why Wulin doesn't know about such common material. After some time, the children are brought to a VIP room. The clerk brings out a wooden box containing a light yellow metal. Wulin's test strike echoes softly, proving its quality. The clerk says that this is called Star Gold. It can be forged 9 times for a bonus effect that can stack to 30% energy improvement. With its high durability and easy compatibility, Star Gold is mainly used for high-level fusion forging. The price is 10k Star Luo coin per gram.


White Tiger[edit | edit source]

"The corners of his mouth revealing a trace of disdain, Dai Mubai suddenly faced upward, a ferocious roar erupting from his mouth. Immediately afterward, a scene that turned all the Thunderclap Academy teachers and students speechless appeared. Dai Mubai’s spirit rings still didn’t change, but the surface of his body still showed a glorious golden splendor, the white fur that appeared because of his Spirit Body Enhancement unexpectedly turning completely golden.

Ka-cha, with a breaking sound, all his muscles braced. His strength erupted in an instant. Dai Mubai’s evil eyes opened wide, and the God Locking Ring restraining him weakened with a groan.

Peng—— Specks of blue light scattered into the air, the God Locking Ring smashed to pieces. Dai Mubai, like a tiger waiting to spring, leapt forward.

How was it possible?

At this moment, not just Lei Dong, but all the Thunderclap Academy people’s minds were already blank. They didn’t understand how Dai Mubai, clearly without using any spirit rings, could break free of the restraint of Lei Dong’s fourth spirit ability. How come he wasn’t paralysed by the intense thunder and lightning of the God Locking Ring?

Dai Mubai naturally wouldn’t give them the answer. Once Thunderclap Academy’s teacher came to himself, Dai Mubai had already reached Lei Dong. Still without using spirit abilities, he only swatted down with one tiger paw, heavily sweeping across Lei Dong’s shoulder. The instant the tiger paw struck, the tiger claws ejected.

Lei Dong’s body was directly sent flying outside the ring like a scarecrow. Before he lost consciousness, he clearly heard the sound of his bones disintegrating.

How could he accomplish it? Why didn’t the thunder paralysis have any effect on him? Very simple, because of an immortal herb. A Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum.

Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, eating it supplied energy to the four limbs, blood flowed through the eight meridians, perfected a vajra[3] immortal body.

‘Vajra immortal’ was clearly an exaggeration, but it also illustrated the effect of this immortal herb. Dai Mubai’s White Tiger Spirit and the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum could be said to bring out the best in each other. Ma Hongjun’s Cockscomb Phoenix Sunflower had removed the threat of the evil fire, purifying his Phoenix Spirit. How couldn’t there be any advantages for Dai Mubai?

Right now Dai Mubai’s body could be called ‘vajra immortal’, powerful resistance in all attributes, even Zhao Wuji who walked the same path was full of praise.

Lightning paralysis wasn’t really ineffective to Dai Mubai, only that the opponent’s spirit power was less than his, and his physical resistance was so powerful, naturally it would substantially weaken the effect of the lightning. At least the God Locking Ring wasn’t enough to restrain his movements.

And the God Locking Ring’s greatest effect was in the paralysis it caused, it wasn’t all that durable in itself. Under circumstances where it was unable to establish its paralysing effect, how could it hold back Dai Mubai?

This was Dai Mubai’s true strength, with his physical condition after taking the Singular Velvet Sky Chrysanthemum, let alone an opponent with the same number of spirit rings, even if it was one more spirit ring than him, the opponent still might not be able to injure him.

Abrupt violence, tyranny, these were Dai Mubai’s characteristics."

Sausage Douluo[edit | edit source]

Tang San’s heart moved:

“Little Ao, you’ve already reached the Spirit Douluo level now. There might not be any food type spirit masters at your level on the entire Continent. When you make us big recovery sausages, that’s just the first spirit ability, but you still have to make them one by one? Didn’t you say that a Spirit Douluo level food type spirit master can feed an army of thousands? And even an army of tens of thousands at the Title Douluo level. How is that possible when you make them one by one?”

Oscar said a bit proudly: “You don’t understand that. The big recovery sausages I make for us are the highly concentrated editions. Don’t tell me you haven’t felt that from the first big recovery sausages you ate until now, the sausages have all been the same? That isn’t the effect of the big recovery sausage, but rather the focused spirit power I made for you. If it’s just for the most basic level of recovery, I could produce countless in the blink of an eye.”

Tang San understood: “So that’s it. Then can you mass produce flying mushroom sausages?”

Oscar said: “Depends on the quantity. Flying mushroom sausages don’t keep for very long, you know that too. Even if I’m already above rank eighty, my flying mushroom sausages will still only keep for at most ten days. The most basic flying mushroom sausage made with my ability, plus using the Erect Gold Fly, should be useful for ten minutes of flight. In one day, with my full strength, making one thousand five hundred isn’t much of a problem.”

Sensing the increasingly admiring gazes of his comrades, Oscar couldn’t help being even more proud, adding: “That’s without Rongrong’s help. If I have Rongrong’s boost, doubling the production rate isn’t a problem. This big brother is amazing.”

Tang San exclaimed: “Really amazing. No wonder Teacher says that the more difficult the spirit is to cultivate, the more frightening it will be at high levels. It seems there’s still no food type Title Douluo in the world. Little Ao, this flying mushroom sausage can completely help us forge an ambush! Only, no matter what, it will have to wait until the battle with the Spirit Empire really starts."


Oscar’s face visibly changed from red to purple, with the appearance of being about to explode at any moment. Tang San hastily mediated: “Little Ao, explain the function of your seventh spirit ring. Even if the appearance is a bit strange, as a food type Spirit Avatar it definitely isn’t ordinary.”

Hearing Tang San say this, Oscar’s expression eased a bit, and he said proudly: “At least little San knows what’s what. Of course this is a good thing. Seventh spirit ability, Firm and Erect Gold Fly. It has two effects, if I eat it, my sausage making speed will increase by thirty percent, and the effects of all sausages will increase thirty percent. If it’s eaten by others, then the power of the next spirit ability they use will increase by fifty percent.”

The smiles on everyone’s faces instantly turned to astonishment as they heard Oscar’s explanation, looking at each other. Because they discovered that the effects of the mere food system Spirit Master Oscar’s seventh spirit ability, observed overall, actually wasn’t inferior to Ning Rongrong’s seventh spirit ability Nine Treasure Avatar in any respect.

Oscar’s sausage making speed could be well imagined after he had reached the seventieth ranked, especially the first four spirit abilities could be produced practically with the speed of the spirit incantation. He could even casually produce several in one go. Even the fifth spirit ability could be produced as fast as he could read the spirit incantation. But under the effect of the Firm and Erect Gold Fly his sausage making speed increased another thirty percent, this undoubtedly boosted everyone’s supply speed once again. Let alone the seven of them, even with a team of a hundred, Oscar could completely maintain the boost of the first five spirit abilities. Even more so when that Firm and Erect Gold Fly could increase the sausage effect by thirty percent. It was an absolute qualitative leap in overall boost capability from before.


“Admire me. Ge’s seventh spirit ability is fierce. What if it’s a bit vulgar? It’s fine if it’s powerful. Moreover, if my clone mirror sausage is produced under the effects of the Firm and Erect Gold Fly, its duration will increase to ten minutes. If you eat it, the clone mirror sausage’s effect will reach ninety percent, and if I eat it, heh heh, it will go straight to one hundred percent. In other words, if I use little San’s blood to produce clone mirror sausages, then for ten minutes, I can use all of little San’s abilities, besides spirit bones and domains. As long as I learn to use them from little San, maybe I can become a Battle Spirit Master in the future too. Hahahaha……” -Oscar (Chapter 228 Douluo Dalu)


"Oscar’ situation wasn’t better than Xiao Wu’s. Even though he wanted to kill his opponent spending all his life, he couldn’t do that. He could only take the time given by the Blue Silver cage to eat one Clone Mirror Large Sausage, hurriedly backed off, taking out one small transparent sausage that looked like a worm. There was a strange energy rippling on this sausage. He took it immediately, just in a blink, Oscar looked younger, his soul strength was fully recovered. He made another copy of his and turned back to strike again.

This was the eighth spirit skill of Oscar, Crystal Caterpillar with the effect of recovery all soul strength within the time of a jiffy. Feeling refreshed, he continued to eat a Golden Fly, and a Stimulating Pink Sausage. Suddenly there was a huge, furious shadow of a Phoenix appeared behind him. It was the Phoenix Cloud Piercing Strike of Ma Hong Jun. It turned out, the Clone Mirror Large Sausage he ate was made from Ma Hong Jun’s blood." - Chapter 278


“Between my two options, the first one has a certain degree of dangerousness. We are all family here. You know our Devils well too. My brother Oscar had a nickname when he was studying at the Shrek Academy, which is Sausage Monopoly. Now he is a Food System Spirit Douluo ranked level eighty. His fighting spirit could produce many types of sausage, in which his third spirit ability is called Swift Fly Mushroom Sausage. With his current capacity, the Swift Fly Mushroom Sausage he produces can equip anyone who eats it the ability to fly for ten minutes with a speed as fast as the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent. That speed is terrifying. The Swift Fly Mushroom Sausage’s expiry date is ten days after produced. In this ten days, my brother, with your help, could produce up to twenty thousand Swift Fly Mushroom Sausages, divided equally to our Tang Family’ soldiers, each of them can have two pieces. If our soldiers can fly and attack, they will bring more effect. Two pieces of Swift Fly Mushroom Sausage can help each of our Tang Family’ soldier to fly and shoot the Godly Zhuge Crossbow for three salvos, then turn back to our formation.” - Chapter 280

Sword Douluo - Chen Xin[edit | edit source]

"Douluo’s soul strength ranked ninety-seven, under increase ability support up to eighty percents of Ning Feng Zhi, his spirit power had reached level ninety-eight in just a blink. At this time, his spirit power could compare to Bibi Dong’s, who currently couldn’t release all of her spirit power. The sword struck across the sky in the blast of radiant light, hitting the ground in front of Sacred Dragon Legion.

The sword spirit was extraordinarily strong, oppressed thousands of spirit masters of the Heaven Sacred Dragon Legion. Right after that, in the constant explosions, the ground violently cracked.

Concussed by the power of this massive sword strike, the leading spirit masters of the Heaven Sacred Dragon Clan and the Elephant Armor Clan were blown up dozens of meters high. The magnificently furious sword spirit gashed their bodies, even if it couldn’t kill them all due to the vast area, it peeled off their hair, scales, and armor scattering, making up a massive cloud of blood midair." - Chapter 278


“Once your spirit power pasts rank ninety-five, you will experience a qualitative change, each time it rises the spirit will evolve once. Once you reach this realm, you will no longer rely on spirit abilities but rather start to merge with your spirit. Back then that person from Spirit Hall managed to block all nine consecutive ‘Kill’(杀) characters from my father by virtue of his complete fusion with his spirit and then using the Angelic spirit force to heavily injure my father’s innards ultimately resulting in his death. Although abilities are important, raising your spirit power is more fundamental, without a large power to back it, even the best spirit abilities and spirit bones will not be to do anything. The lights converged back together as the image of the Sword Douluo and the character ‘kill” -Chen Xin (Chapter 201 Douluo Dalu)


"Sword Douluo, succeeded with one strike of the sword, didn’t stop there. His body swirled in midair, spirit power emitted from his feet just like a meteor shooting, he plunged to the central of the battlefield, Seven Kill Sword pointed towards, its new target was that Devil Panther Dark Trace Douluo." Chapter 280 or 279


“Sword Douluo, move.” Cheng Xin lowered his voice, shouted, and released his Seven Kill Sword. In a sudden, there were nine black light columns in the air, the Seven Kill Sword was surfing the wind, then expanded to a giant sword in just a blink. It crossed the sky, hacking down. But it wasn’t about to strike the city walls, it hacked down to the City Protection River (*the moat surrounds the walls to protect the city, when the bridges are broken down* – TL.)

BANG! The Seven Kill Sword first strike, the City Protection River seemed to be chopped in half because of the fierce sword pressure. Of course, it couldn’t cut water, but both sides of the City Protection River appeared a ditch about ten chi (=1/3 meters) wide, sloping down to City Protection River.

Cheng Xin didn’t stop there. Then, the figure of the giant sword flashed again. A total of thirteen strikes had left big ditches, each of them declined down to the stream on the City Protection River. The Title Douluo level ninety-seven performed his best, the power of these thirteen strikes weren’t less than Tang San’s four strikes to the gates." -chapter 281


Phoenix Douluo[edit | edit source]

"The battle became so awful since that moment. On the other side, Ma Hong Jun transformed to Seven Headed Fire Phoenix with an extra head. This was an additional variation after he got eight spirit rings. The furious Phoenix Flame shrouded his enemies in front of him. Within Tang San’s Deathgod Domain and the wholly attribute boost provided by Ning Rongrong, now his capacity was at level Title Douluo. At this moment, the flame attribute of the robust spirit Phoenix totally emerged, tenaciously clutched to the opponent’s body, but he also got hit from one side, swirly flying away." - Chapter 278

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