Hello Everyone, I am a Huge fan of Combat Continent, so here is how my take, on how i would be in this World. Before being born in the world of Douluo.

Wu Huang
Name Wu Huang
Chinese 阿芙罗狄蒂
Also Known As The Flashy Prince Charming

The Pisces (龙皇斗罗) Douluo
God of Love and Beauty
Lone King (孤王)
Pisces Aphrodite (龙王)
Lord of The Plants (魂兽共主)

Species Human
Age Immortal, He does not age after reaching full maturity, but he can still be killed like everyone else.
Gender Male
Height 200 cm
Hair Color Light Blue
Eye Color Black
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Su Yan (Wife)

Yu Luomian (Ancestor)
Yu Tianxin (Ancestor)
Dai Zhou (Mother)
Wu Feng (Father)

Disciple Zhu Tianzun
Spirit Royal Demon Rose Emperor
Spirit Rank God(神) - Rank 100

(God King / 超神 : Supreme God King /一级神袛)

Spiritual Realm God King Origin Realm (一级神元境)
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

2 Purple
3 Black
2 Red
1 Gold

System Power Attack &

Control System

Professional Status
Occupation Heaven Dou Empire (Crown Prince & Emperor)

Spirit Master
God Enforcer
1st Class God
God King
Captain of Present Generation Shrek Seven Monsters
Shrek Academy Teacher

Affiliation Tang Sect

Shrek Academy
Shrek Seven Devils
Nuoding Academy
Heaven Dou Empire
Sea God Island

Light Novel Debut
Manhua Debut

Appearance Edit

Wu Huang is a young man in black. His black hair scatters over his shoulders. He has a defined chiseled look, but what stands out the most is his eyes. They are pitch-black like ink, akin to a pair of black stones, and appear rather enigmatic, Wu Huang is a man of tall stature and fair skin.And under left eye, Wu Huang has a speckle. It is said that its beauty shines between heaven and earth and that there is no one more beautiful than him.

One could just barely make out the Rose-like runes on the black sleeves that gently flutters as a breeze blows past him, as an indescribably sharp and formidable aroma of rose energy spread from his body, making it seem as if the cry of a Crimson Rose is ringing across the area and while a pair of eyebrows akin to a sword’s edge decorate his extremely handsome face. A faintly glowing blood-red dot seems to have been embedded between his brows, it is a sight that is both mysterious and strange, and a sign of Royalty, and Wu Huang’s eyes are long and narrow and seem to smile all the time, but there is a blade-like feeling from his smile that makes no one dare to look directly at him, and he usually wears tailor made, ancient martial arts clothes, but even the simple act of sitting, makes him exude an aura of nobility, brilliance and pure strength, standing high above everyone else, like the pride of the heavens, and he uses his Royal Demon Rose's Soul and Spiritual power alot to teleport around places and to spy, interrogate and some surveillance if needed.

Personality Edit

Wu Huang possesses a very calm and serene personality, which also makes him very cocky and flashy with his moves and words. He is kind, thoughtful of others and selfless. He always calculates his options before taking action. As a person of two lives, he possessed the maturity of an adult since childhood. His thirst for knowledge is astounding as in his previous life, and he deeply loves his Grandparents and has a deep regard for his friends, especially Su Yan. He would selflessly put himself in front of danger to help his friends, and He harbors a dark personality in which he eliminates, dissipates or renders those who opposes him Wu Huang appears to be an intellectual and cool headed person in combat. He keeps to his promises, like always protecting the people closest to him, like Su Yan and his Parents "Forever".

History Edit

My character is a British reasercher by the name of Jason Frye who had a twin sister who's name was Evie Frye and is 2 minutes older than him with an astonishing beauty and arrogant and prideful personality and a 197 IQ and they were known as 'The Unstoppable Frye Twins' and she also got reincarnated with him, and him with an IQ of 353 and got PH.Ds in Quantum Physics, Rocket Science, michrotechnology, Cosmology and Bio Chemistry and a Master's Degree in Computer Programming and Artificial-Intelligence and 2 M.D's in Surgery and Medicine in the 25th century, and his IQ was estimated to be 200 points higher than Albert Einstein's. He could read the New York Times at an age of 1. At age 3, his language and accent's repertoire includes Chinese, British English, Latin, French, Korean, Russian, japanese, Spanish, Armenian, Hebrew, Turkish and German, and 18 other languanges, he mostly used Chinese and Latin and British English, and at age 10, he entered Oxford University as one of the youngest students in the school's history, He was made a laughing stock at Oxford pretty quickly, he had never kissed a girl. He was teased and chased, and it was just humiliating, it was the reason he became a cold and indifferent person, so he had to cut of all ties to emotion and let his IQ flourish, while all he wanted was to be away from people and be seen as a regular man with some with some side hobbies of Ancient chinese medicine for his illness and bravely managed to become highly respected at the age of 55 but he was considered trash and a weirdo for most of his life and even though he lived a long life, he regretted not getting any descendants, but during his later years, he spent 15 years with Shaolin munks to learn as many ancient martial arts as possible and took a code of silence in order to clear his mind and learn some ways to clean his body of impurities and negative emotions, Of course he could find a way to live longer but he wasnt sure, if he should, he found a small stand in the street one day on the way home when he was done learning with the munks, there was a ring that seemed rather unique and had a weird connection to him so he bought it, and now the only thing that had any meaning to him, was the ring he got at the street booth, It gave him a weird feeling, so he thought that if he could do it all over; He would make sure to not have any regrets, after he came home he put on the ring and took a shower and went to bed, and when he woke up he was a baby, and he clearly saw his parents faces and how they loved him, And so I am putting him in Douluo Dalu 1500 years before Tang San's Story.

My Charcter is born from his Father being the Ancestor of Yu Tianxin and a Rank 93 Titled Douluo and the Sect master of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, he was not around much for him growing up, and he also had a twin sister who was 3 mins older than him, but she had no equal, when it came to female beauty and she also still had her 197 IQ and their mother being the only daughter of the Star Lou Empire's King as a Rank 59 Soul King but since she left at a young age of 25, to marry Xuan Tianming's father, defying the Royal Families orders, she was stripped of her elder status and it was given to her 1st younger brother, and she never regretted it once, and Xuan Tianming is the grandson to BLTD Clan's Former Sect master who was a Rank 96 Titled Doulou and a 155 year old man, and the BLTD Clan only accepted Lightning type Matial Souls, but he was very doting on Xuan Tianming, which led to alot of resentment from his 2 uncles and their sons, because of his insane 353 IQ, which one of the reasons why he was seen to be quite Zen/Experienced, he is always making decisions based on logic, he only showed the occassional smiles around his family, he spent most of his time with his mother and his paternal grandparents.

Plot Edit

The moment Wu Huang and Wu Yao was born, a mystical sign appeared in the heavens, and a dragons roar shook the land and storms of divine energy swirled around the entire clan for a few hours. It was the sign of a dragon king being born. Wu Huang was covered in Life Energy from the plants granting him Immortality, but no one knew that he would be Ageless, when he's body reached full maturity, he was granted that martial Soul by the Heavens and It was the sign of a 'King of Dragons' being born, and his sister had the Golden Saint Dragon, which caused the dragons roar, but she was not granted immortality like her brother, but she can live for a few thousand years, and Wu Yao is a young lady in purple. Her beautiful face is akin to a painting, her skin is seemingly sparkling like translucent snow. There is likewise an attention-grabbing dark red dot between her brows, but it does not affect her beauty, but instead gives her a slightly otherworldly look.

She has a pair of long and narrow phoenix eyes. Although she is young, when she narrows them slightly, a majestic presence could be felt as if she is a true phoenix that has descended onto the mortal realm. Long fine black hair flows down along her slender waist before ultimately touching her fair feet.

Bewitching to every living thing is the only words could describe the young woman’s face.

And they have always been told by their mother, that they are the only ones, who has the most talent and nobility, The people around them treated them as Geniuses, because they could walk and talk after 6 months, and he was getting everything he ever asked for, even before his Soul awakening, people around him, knew he was special, and Wu Yao was a more arrogant and prideful girl who loved her superiority and she looks down on others, especially the weak and those not born to nobility. She has a sharp tongue and a quick temper, known for quick retorts and devastating comebacks. She is very proud, and hates to lose, but has a great respect for those she acknowledges as stronger than her, such as her teacher and younger brother Wu Huang. She is shown to hold back her tongue around her him, acknowledging his superior strength and knowledge, and openly wants to become a Spirit Emperor before the age of 15, and she loves her brother, to the point where, if she can't get something from people she will get her brother to help her get it, The Twins remembered their lifes in Great Britain and decided to become a part of the Tang Sect, and they then spent years studieng the herbs, medicine and poison they had, but there is nothing no one can do since they were 'Natural Born Kings', soon, after just a few years and months, he reached Rank 37 at age 12 and she was only Rank 29 at 12, which showed how much talent she had but she was still inferior to her brother, and sometimes he was seen as evil because of his darkness attribute, but by then his progression drastically decreased but he was still inhumanly faster at cultivating than everyone else, except her they were now equally fast at cultivating, as such he wanted to get different teachings, he started asking questions their parents couldn't answer, and the people around them, helped their parents in training them, by then they decided to leave the clan for outside training, and they agreed and they became known as the most handsome/beautiful and talented people, which made most of the gusy around the world quite jealous, so he was enjoying quite the popularity, and not just because of his talent and looks, but he spent his free time studieng, because he was obsesed with knowledge and martial arts, and the many different ways to utilise soul power, while his sister was more out with their friends enjoying themselves, because by this time they were in the Great Star Dou Forest training, and soon 6 years went by, and he fell in love with a girl, they met in the forest, she was a 470.000 year old Abyss Demon Dragon Spirit Beast. Wu Yao became best friends her very quickly, they were supposed to be married later on because their family decided it, but Wu Huang was quite happy to see her everyday, even though she was not noble born, she was different, so much that, she was very helpful towards people of nobility but as everyone else, she did not like commoners who had no backbone and only used their mouths to threaten people and he liked it, but she was seen to be a happy, innocent child, who brought light and love, into the lives of her family in her childhood, she was the perfect beauty in everyone's eyes, and because everyone knew that, she was already engaged to Xuan Tianming, as they arrived back at the BLTD Clan, the Star Lou Empire's 1st born son who had Evil-Eyes White Tiger Beast type Martial Soul, who was also quite the talent, and always prideful and arrogant around Xuan Tianming and other nobility born people, and because of his "royal" blood, he challenged him for her hand and he lost in 3 moves, and he was not seen in front of him or her after that.

Her name is Su Yan, and she had the Abyss Demon Dragon Rank 58 Control System and she is not very tall and rather petite. Her entire body was covered in purple-black scales. She had a slender figure with perfect, round breasts and long legs. The upper part of her chest was bared to reveal her snowy white skin and a deep cleavage between her breasts. Her long purple-black hair hung down loosely behind her back and away from her body even without the wind blowing. Her exquisite face was exceedingly charming with her deep purple eyes. Her lips, on the other hand, were a bright purple. An ink-black scale on her forehead rippled with layers of purple radiance streaming forth to the top of her head.

She is outstandingly beautiful, has light purple eyes, deep purple lips, purple hair and big round chest, and she is rather fun, engaging and mischievous with her friends. She is a very straight forward person and is also very intelligent. She is extremely loyal to her friends, and has an unwavering determination and not afraid to put herself on the line for her friends, and some short years later, he was a Rank 75 Spirit Sage at the age of 18, during that time, people told him, he was a rare genius, and they won the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament everytime and every single 1v1, 2v2 and 3v3 they participated, and he had 6 other people in his group, and the Vice captain was Su Yan and the rest was a Female Zhu Qingling Rank 64 Hell Civet Agility System, Female Wu Yao Rank 67 Heavenly Bright Pheonix Power Attack System, Male Huang Binye Rank 58 Mountain Dragon King Defense System, Male San Liu'er Rank 49 Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Pagoda Auxillalry System and Male Xiao Tian Rank 55 Black Lightning Panther Agility System, which made them monsters of their respective families, and soon after being with her for the remaining 17 years until he reached Rank 100 and become a God King, which he reached at the age of 32, the other 3 were between Rank 91-95 and the last 1 were only able to reach Rank 99 because it was the limit for his martial Spirit and Xuan Ling was Rank 99 and Married to Huang Binye, they became the leaders of their families and Xiao Yan'er reached Rank 96, Now a good 22 years time passed, the son that was born some short years after he became a God, was now 18 years old and a level 62 Spirit Emperor with the Royal Demon Rose Martial Tool Spirit, and now he has 2 yellow and 2 purple and 2 black rings, no one his age, on the continent, could win against him and his team, sure his farther still looked young but that is due to his immortality, but he sometimes felt he was being punished for his past life, but over the years he found it quite nice, to look in his mid 30's for such a long time, and each one of the 7 of them have gotten, the Diamond rank badge, from the Great Spirit Arena, in 1v1, 2v2, 3v3 and 7v7 team battles, so they all have 4 Diamond rank badges.

One day, the 7 of them met a strange wanderer who claimed to be a god from another world, but after they talked for a few hours, Wu Huang, his Sister and Su yan was sent to the early 6th Centruy Earth a World almost exactly the same as the one he hated to his core, meaning every 7-8 billion humans got an awakened ability at the age of 6, but except it was now real life, it only took until 1925 for the older people to realise they could awaken a Martial Spirit, which they had to give Spirit Rings to everytime they reach a new realm and by the time the 21st begun the older people started to make clans, there were practically no one who could get to level 100 before they died, but they were never to be seen again in the Douluo Dalu, and he still had his cultivation and rings meaning he will look in his early 30's forever, even after getting here, he was still godlikely handsome, he cut himself to see if he was alive, and saw his golden blood, making him unable to die of old age, knowing he is ageless, was nice for once, but he had to use illusions to look older and younger during times where cultivation was rare, and after wondering around for some time with his sister they decided to go there own way and live out their own lives, he was horrified to see that cultivation was nonexistent here, and so he was quite interested in the history of the time on earth he never heard about before and spent decades building influence and power within the government, and he soon build his own Kingdom, big enough ot rival any other countries, and he also became the founder and first president to the newly established the Alchemist Assosiation, in his newly founded Kingdom, and over a mere time of 6 months, people started seeing him as the reincarnation of Buddha himself, after having lived like that for a few years, the Emperor of the neighboring Empire asked if he could marry his 15 year old daughter to him, and Xuan Tianming agreed for a better future, because she looked amazingly beautiful with big boobs and amzingly clear azure eyes with dazzling yellow hair, and both were in love with eachother, so win-win from the Emperor's side, but then the emperor's brother started to want the throne, and had the emperor assassinated with a colour and odorless poison, no one could figure out how he died, and said, since the crown princess was his oldest heir, she was to marry royal blood to keep the throne, but since she already married Wu Huang as a concubine, it was impossible, and her brother the 2nd prince became the emperor, and chose his uncle as his persoanl advisor, and banished his sister to her husbands Kingdom, soon after she said she wanted kids now, so she didn't have to give up on him, and he agreed, and that night they had sex 5 times, and he came in her 4 times, because she wanted to make sure they had amazing kids, and they did, they had twins, and they stopped caring about the empire and retreated from the public scene, and lived out their lives but since Wu Huang couldn't age, he used illusions to fake his age, but only the princess knew, he couldn't age, so she asked him to always care for their descendants, and never give up on them, he agreed and kissed her as they said there goodbyes to the empire, some years later she was seen by some merchants in the city getting what they needed to exapnd their territory, the emperor and his uncle were furious, they sent in assassins to kidnap her, to get Wu Huang to give up the twins to him and the fief, XuanTianming looked at the princess and she said, "I would rather die than let you take away my family dear brother, and now that my husband is here, do you believe, we will do as you say?" Wu Huang walked towards the Emperor, none of the guards could move, and the emperor said in fear as he saw pure death in Wu Huang's eyes, "Pleases i beg of you, don't kill me, i will give you anything you want." Wu Huang asked coldly, " If i say i want your life and everything your empire has, would you give it to me?" the uncle started to run away as he knew he was dead the minute the emperor was gone, the soldiers and people were pretty strong men, but no one could stop Xuan Tianming since no one knew how strong he was, and how to get that amount of power, so he killed the 2 of them and said to the imperial court, "My wife and I, will sit on the throne until our son can take over, and we will have my Kingdom take everything your empire has, so there is no need to panic, you will still live as you used to just under my leadership, and with that, anyone who claims they have problems with it, they will be stripped of their position and fief, that is all." after that everything went smoothly, and The Wu family was dynasty for thousands of years.

now in the mid 20th century Xuan Tianming was living in London under the name Jason Frye, by this time, gates appeared and people started to awaken their Martial Spirits and went inside them to get the Soul Rings to get stronger, and by the years 2015 to 2020 the Golden Lion King was seen as the strongest bloodline and Martial Spirit, but by then Wu Huang and Wu Yao who had changed name to Evie Frye and Jason Frye again, showed up and changed everything, they showed the government of Great Britain their rings, Evie went first, 2 yellow 2 purple 4 black 1 red and Xuan Tianming then showed his, 1 yellow 2 purple 3 black 3 red and 1 gold, everyone was shocked and Evie and Jason told them everything they knew about the rings and how old they were and the right combination of them, Great Britain became the first country to conquer a dungeon and now the Pisces Rose Clan which Evie and Jason Created, was seen as the most powerful, influential and wealthiest clan all over the world, by the time of 2025, Great Britain had managed to get a Soul Sage, and the other countries had Spirit Doulous and Titled Doulous, but they had to live on white, yellow and purple soul rings, but they still could not beat Great Britain in power and wealth, a short 5 months later the Soul Sage became a Titled Douluo with Evie and Jason's Help, who got the Titled Douluo 2 yellow 2 purple and 5 black souæ rings, the reds were precious and were not to be hunted, and by then, the other countries feared them, and they lived out their lives, and the Pisces Rose Clan had got 783 Billion Pounds worth of Assets across Asia, France, America and Great Britain, being tech and real-estate companies, a 6 star hotel big enough to have an auction for thousands of people at a time and a gambling den at the bottom with a 4 star restaurent, and in his private savings, he also has 1000 tons of 100% pure gold and 100 tons of 100% pure Diamond, stored in a save, which only he can open, because it has eye scanner, dna scanner, and palm print scanner, finger print scanner and Martial Spirit Scanner, which scans if the person trieng to open the save is the one who has Royal Demon Rose Emperor, which basically means, he has a enough money to last for millions of years and him being the only one who can open it.

Royal Demon Rose Emperor. Edit

Description Edit

Due to Wu Huang inheriting the God-Rank Royal Demon Rose Emperor, This variation of the Rose is at the apex of all plants and as such it gives off an intimidating feeling to all Plant Spirit Beasts and Plant Spirits. It is extremely tenacious and overflows with rich life and vital energy, that results in near-immortality when fully grown. When the user summons a Rose which lets out a rich vital and life aura, and Wu Huang's bones, meridians, blood and organs turn more and more, golden with each level he goes up, giving him denser, purer soul power and gives him Ultraspeed Regenaration with a permanent increase in his physical strength, defense, agility, stamina and Endurance and making it so only his direct bloodline can inherit his Supreme Martial Spirit and Regenaration.

Spirit Tools: Edit

Soul Storage Tool: He has a newer and upgraded version of "Twenty Four Moonlight Bridges" The whole belt is black, and on the surface there are dark stripes, that unless carefully looked for cannot be distinguished. On the entire belt, evenly distributed are set twenty four pieces of milky white jades. Each piece of jade was the size of an adult person’s thumbnail, and round. With gentle color and luster, looking like a rare fine jade. It functions as a storage compartment. When infused with spirit power, each piece of jade is capable of providing ten cubic meters of storage space.

Self-Created Soul Skills: Edit

Divine Dragon Nine Moves Edit

These moves are created using the power of blood essence from the Martial Spirit and Spirit Beast blood.

  1. The Nine Dragon's Canon: it is a Wide-Area Ability - This ablity transforms one’s Soul power into 9 dragons, possessing the peerless and tyrannical power and aura of dragons, it is most of the time used by stomping the ground with his foot. It is possible to fuse the 9 dragons into one, amplifying the abilities strength by many times and representing the Dragon God. The Nine dragons represent 9 different dragon-type soul beasts essence blood each with a different attribute. In other words, a soul dragon of this ability is formed after successfully refining a dragon-type soul beast essence blood, Wu Huang became famous for this technique and one of his favorites, him using it often and insuring victory everytime, and he can control every single one however he wishes, even killing allies if he wishes.
  2. Golden Dragon Sweeps Its Tail: Strengthen the lower part of the body (usually he used on his feet) to puncturing, snaring, or blowing.
  3. The Golden Dragon Bites: Release the energy of his bloodline power in a part of the body, to deflect incoming attacks, physically or in energy forms.
  4. The Golden Dragon's Break: The Spirit Master channels incredible amounts of energy within his roses, and releases an Attack, with a very strong Burst of Power, This Soul Ability has enough Attack Power to threaten, those who are several levels higher in cultivation, it can even paralyze a Title Douluo with activated spirit essence for a min.
  5. The Golden Dragon's Perception: The user can see everything within a range of 100 meters in diameter by using his soul power and roses to look from any angle desired, even if one's eyes are closed, and it helps the user develop a deeper understanding of the things that he perceives, however, the maximum distance increases with the amount of Soul Power used, and it allows the user to talk parseltoungue, which he taught to people with snakes Martial Souls
  6. The Golden Dragon's Might: A mental suppression toward all types of soul beasts and creates a misty layer of golden soul power, which surrounds Wu Huang's body, that serves as an outer defense, when he is not using soul power.
  7. World of Divine Ice: One hand forms a seal as the absolute ice soul power erupts, culminating into a seal of energy that is several dozen feet large. Within the seal, a Crimson Rose is faintly discernible as it spits out boundless strength. The moment he uses this move, the ground within a thousand feet radius, instantly freezes and cracks open dealing immense damage to everyone above Spirit King and killing anyone below.
  8. The Way of the Dragon: Wu Huang accelerates his movement, speeding up his footsteps or by pushing the body by making a push on the foot, creating illusions and afterimages of himself, he mostly uses it for recon and to eascape if needed.
  9. The Unyielding Wave of the Dragon: Stomping his feet unto the ground, upon doing so, a mighty wave of wind pressure with an aroma of roses, slashing anyone and anything it touches under Spirit King level to atoms, it is unleashed in an AOE Attack. The wielder can choose the direction of the attack, or choose to unleash it around himself, creating a barrier, that only people 5 levels higher than him can break, but it has a higher spirit power consumption.
    • Debuffs the target's Speed by 75%.
    • Debuffs enemies defense towards Plant-type Attacks by 100%

Tang Sect Techniques and Skills: Edit

Yama's Invitation: Wu Huang refined it from 49 different precious herbs near the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well like Tang San and condensed it into poisonous needles, and he used the fire and ice immortal herbs aswell to become immune to all poisons, Yama’s Invitation had a two-tiered effect, also known as ‘one invitation kills twice’. Once it makes contact with the body, the poison would disintegrate and spread through the veins and simultaneously follow the blood vessels to enter the heart. Its poison is also indissoluble. Even if one cut off the limb, the moment the poison entered the body, they would still be unable to prevent the poison’s instantaneous spreading. It causes no pain and spreads too fast for any antidotes to counter. Once the victim discovers something wrong, it was already time for them to die. The victim's entire body will evaporate from the potent poison, leaving nothing but a small puddle of black liquid.

Mysterious Heaven Skill: This is a method for training internal Qi. This allows a person to resist extreme pressure, poison and helps with recovering from injuries. It is also the foundation of all Tang Sect's techniques.

Big Protective Dipper Qi: This is a skill that is manifested after breaking through the Sixth Tier of Mysterious Heaven Skill, which allows a person to manifest internal strength externally.

Purple Demon Eye: The Purple Demon Eye is divided into 4 stages. It’s a method to cultivate the eyes’ strength, while also increasing mental power. It can also be used to temporaryly confuse or stun an opponent.

  • Survey
    • In the Survey realm, a person should be able to substantially improve vision power and clearly grasp detail.
  • Detailed
    • The Detailed realm improves the vision even further and grants a mental state where everything slows down, allowing someone to react in the shortest possible time.
    • Also able to see Spirit Masters’ amount of spirit power, provided the spirit power of the target is lower than the user's own.
  • Mustard Seed
    • The 3rd stage, Mustard Seed enables a person to survey the surroundings, including noticing very minute details, such as the wings of a fly.
    • The Mustard Seed realm allows a person to shock or confuse an enemy who is in a vulnerable state. It also allows someone to break through illusions.
    • This realm also allows the user to attack the mental state of their opponent.
  • Boundless
    • The Boundless realm, rather than enhancing eyesight, unlocks the mind's eye instead, allowing a person to perceive their surroundings to extreme distances.

Mysterious Jade hands: Mysterious Jade Hand causes the palm of the hand to become extremely tough and tensile. Moreover, it can obstruct any poison. This changes the color and texture of the skin to that of milky green jade, hence the name.

Controlling Crane, Capturing Dragon: It is a method of improving a person's coordination and strength. It is also an extraordinarily potent grappling technique, which has diabolical muscle splitting, bone displacing techniques. This technique, when combined with spirit power, can also manipulate objects at a distance.

Ghost Shadow Perplexing Track: This is a foot and balance technique, which allows a person to move with extreme speed and traverse difficult terrains, as well as dodge attacks fast enough to leave behind after images.

Lightness Skill: This ability is more of a technique which allows a person to run on water, walls and jump across buildings.

Wu Huang Leveled them all to max level.

1st Soul Ring Edit

Rose Petals.


  • The summoned rose increases in size, and the user is able to control the petals on the rose, to restrict the opponents movement and binds the opponents, and It also has a slight freezing effect.

Soul Ring:

Origin: Datura Snake.

Age: 100+ years (400 Years)

Colour: Yellow.

2nd Soul Ring Edit

Rose Spear.


  • Wu Huang transforms the rose into a spear, which is able to freeze anything it touches (except the user) as long as the user is more powerful than the target.

Soul Ring:

Origin: Crystal Bear.

Age: 100+ years (742 Years)

Colour: Yellow.

3rd Soul Ring Edit

Demon Rose Burst.


  • it is an area-of-effect control ability - Wu Huang is able to explode any frozen objects he controls, causing the ice shards to fly everywhere, limiting the targets movements and dealing immense damage.

Soul Ring:

Origin: Diamond Baboon.

Age: 1.000+ years (2.172 Years)

Colour: Purple.

4th Soul Ring Edit

Royal Demon Rose.


  • Wu Huang uses red roses as a projectile. When struck by the thorns on the roses or smelling their fragrance, the target would be poisoned until they slowly lose their 5 senses and fall into a sweet aroma of death. The red roses can also create a dense red mist to cover the entire place and hide his position, the Royal Demon Roses can also pierce the enemy's torso and reach the central nervous system in order to "read/detect" any information directly from them.

Soul Ring:

Origin: Demon Lizard Dragon.

Age: 1.000+ years (4.943 Years)

Colour: Purple.

5th Soul Ring Edit

Piranhan Rose.


  • Wu Huang uses black roses as a projectile. Upon impact, they can break anything within their reach. The power of this technique is high enough to reduce a spirit king to dust and it also shatters any defense system 10 levels lower than him.

Soul Ring:

Origin: Emerald Demon Bird.

Age: 10.000+ years (25.943 Years)

Colour: Black.

6th Soul Ring Edit

Bloody Rose.


  • Wu Huang uses one or more white roses as a projectile. It strikes at the opponent's chest and drains all blood from their heart. As the white rose draws blood, it eventually becomes red. This is one of Wu Huang's strongest attacks. A single rose is enough to kill a Titled Douluo with activated Spirit Essence in few seconds, and the rose seeks out the heart of the enemy, so it is not possible to avoid it. The only way to escape from this attack is to destroy the rose itself or try to shield oneself from it.
  • Increases Soul Abilities by 300% for 2 mins.  
  • Increase Physical Strength by 150% for 2 mins.  

Soul Ring:

Origin: Golden Fur Lion Mastiff.

Age: 10.000+ years (56.274 Years)

Colour: Black.

7th Soul Ring Edit

Royal Demon Rose True Body:


  • The user's body gains an armor of crimson roses covered with thorns. The thorns absorbs all the plant-type attribute and physical attacks thrown at him, and if the roses and armor are touched, they will give of a severe frostbite, that can not be healed.    
  • Sprit Abilities boost by 350%.  
  • Soul power boost by 200%.  
  • Boost the user's Strength, Defense, Agility, Stamina and Endurance by 200%.  
  • Increases Soul Recovery by 50%  
  • It can also Freeze the time of the surroundings, for a period of 35 secs, with only him being able to move.  
  • After use, Xuan Tianming can only exert 40% of their orginal strength.  

Soul Ring:

Origin: Heavenly Dragon Horse.

Age: 10.000+ years (87.304 Years)

Colour: Black.

8th Soul Ring  Edit

The Pisces Emperor's Break.


  • It is capable of breaking every illusionary, energy, or spiritual attack. It is a direct change of laws and the yielding of heaven and earth maxim.  
  • His right hand is entirely covered in crimson & black energy, refracting a coiling soul and spiritual radiance. It looks like it is just a normal sword yet appearing to be able to grasp heaven and earth. A black hole rims with coiling soul and spiritual power radiance in Wu Huang’s palm, having the effect of weakening the opponent's energy defenses, if the opponent can't protect his/her spiritual sea, he/she will die, even if they manage to survive, they will be crippled for life, with no cultivation or chance of recovering it, and the loss of moveable arms and legs.  
  • Increase Agilty by 150 % for 10 mins.  
  • Increases Spirit Abilities Attack Power by 500%.
  • Increases Soul Power by 500%.
  • Increases Physical Strength by 500%.
  • It consumes 80% of the user's soul power.

Soul Ring:

Origin: Mermeid.

Age: 100.000+ years (200.764 Years)

Colour: Red.

9th Soul Ring Edit

Tyrannical Demon Rose's Annihilation.


  • 1st Soul Skill - Wu Huang is able to create and manipulate the large royal demon rose's vines. So far, he used them to refrain and strangle his targets, create massive vine blades that slaughter the enemies, (Xuan Tianming himself claims that his enemies' blood will dye the white roses red by reaching the ground and being absorbed by them) and to create defensive cocoons to protect and heal his or another person's body.
  • 2nd Soul Skill - It is a technique that concentrates Wu Huang's soul power and spiritual energy into his left hand's fingers, for a killing move, the more fingers that are used, the stronger the technique, the strongest move is using his entire palm at once, killing anyone who can't protect themselves from being instantly melts by the pure golden energy.
  • 3rd Soul Skill - Create a field of crimson, white and black roses, in which, everything that dies/incinerates, within the field, gives the user a permanent increase in Physical Strength, Soul and Spiritual Power. The mental world, which is under the effect of the ability, will be turned into a scene of a dark blood-soaked battlefield, bringing the energy of destruction and death, and which consist of countless purple bubbles that explodes with a touch, and easily incinerates even Titled Douluos, and it forcefully suppresses and intimidates all plant-typed Spirit masters, and the user is able to gain godlike power, boosting his ability way beyond its limit, making it stronger, or ignoring its weaknesses, gaining a sudden boost of stamina, strength, speed and endurance in the process of using the power. It must be a power that the user already has, but boosted beyond its limits, or so-called limitations at a cost. After use, the user may face temporary loss of his powers. (7 hours)

Controlled God Mode: User possess control over this mode, being able retain his thought process, and not go berserk, while possessing the same or more level of godly strength and power to defeat their target.

War God Mode: User lose his sense of humanity and goes berserk, making him ominous and evil, his physical capabilities (strength, speed, and healing) increase drastically, allowing him to deal out devastating attacks, while shrugging off horrific injuries, with only one goal, to defeat their enemy.

  • 4th Soul Skill - Wu Huang creates a giant meteor shower of Crimson and White Roses capable of sending a Rank 99 Extreme Douluo, Thousands of miles away once hit, if someone with less than Titled Douluo cultivation, get's hit, they will be destoyed to atoms, by the sheer force and destruction.
  • Forcefully suppress and intimidate all plant-typed soul masters
  • Gives the user an immunity against Poison attacks.
  • Boost the users Rose/Plant-type damage by 1000 %
  • Boost the users defense against Vibrational Harm by 500 %
  • Boost the users damage against Plant-type spirit beast /plant-type Spirit masters by 1000 %
  • Gives the user the ability to talk to all Spirit beasts.

Soul Ring:

Origin: Six-Winged Deviltiger.

Age: 100.000+ years (896.298 Years)

Colour: Red.

10th Soul Ring Edit

The Rose Emperor's Path.


  • 1st Soul Skill - Wu Huang summons a crimson and white roses to wrap around the enemy and bind them completely. Breaking this restraint requires the victim to be stronger than the caster, in combination with that, they have to use a spirit ability of adequate strength, which is atleast a 9th ring ability.
  • 2nd Soul Skill - Wu Huang is boosting his physical abilities way beyond its limit, making it stronger or ignores its own weaknesses, gaining a sudden boost in stamina, strength, agility, defense and endurance in the process of using the power.
  • 3rd Soul Skill - It is an attack that uses the Rose, to form a supercharged ray of Plasma, condensing it into an extremely powerful laser of energy, which is able to pass through a target and continue on to hit a second target for full damage incinerating everything in secs, this ability also allows the user, to mix physical strength with close-quarters combat, giving their attacks great force, which can kill their opponents. It should also be noted that they are immune to all powers that can manipulate, affect or rob them of their strength.

Soul Ring:

Origin: God Bestowed Ring.

Age: 1.000.000+ years (1.000.000 years)

Colour: Gold.

Soul Bones Edit

  • Skull Bone: Three Eyed Medusa, Age: 10.000+ years (47.600 years)
  • True World: Immunity to illusions, charms and Mental Attacks. Any hallucination type abilities, lose all effects under it's light, and it can petrify everything in line of sight, even spirit power.
  • Torso Bone:  Ice Jade Empress Scorpion, Age: 100.000+ years (590.346 years)
  • Permafrost Domain: It is a Domain-type ability - accompanied by an enormous amount of pressure of the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion, released from the user, and the user can manipulate all ice in the area as he wishes, even enough to freese soul and spirual power. It is a soul skill that allows the user to instantly increase or decrease the coldness and the intensity of the air, within a range of 300 meters. The level of increase or decrease varies depends on the soul power the user invests, while also using the soul bone's permafrost control, to instantly compress the air, into a beam of soul power and pressure, with the full strength of the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion. Its power is enough to match any of the ninth spirit abilities of an Extreme Titled Douluo.
  • Left Arm bone: Titan Giant Ape, Age: 100.000+ years ( 675.000 years)
  • The user can form a spatial shileld around his body, which can whithstand any attack without injury for the cost of 4% soul power per attack taken. If the user loses a limb, he can regenerate any damage taken for 20% of his soul power. If the user has less than 50% soul power left, then the regenerative ability will only heal life threatening injuries, he can be Deadpool, for as long as he has soul power.
  • Right Arm Bone: Dark Gold Fear Claw Bear, Age: 100.000+ years (176.298 years)
  • Dark Gold Fear Claw Bear's Nirvana Claw:  Enahances the Power & Strength Attributes of the user by 100%.
  • Left Leg Bone: Devil Killer Whale King, Age: 100.000+ years (100.000 years)
  • Absolute Strength: Increase the destructive power of his physical attacks.
  • Orca Evil Spirit Axe: Focuses all of the body's strength, into a giant red colored slash from the left leg, that comes down on the enemy, like the falling tail of the Evil Spirit Orca King, with the thickness of a cicada wing.
  • Right Leg Bone: Phantom Tiger King, Age: 10.000+ years (72.943 years)
  • Teleportation within 200 meters.
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