Hi, everyone! I'm just another bored fan of the series who has enough time to edit pages occasionally. I like adding pictures and cleaning up bad English. (Of which there is a bunch on this site currently.) I pay special attention to my favorite characters, so their pages end up unreasonably detailed and pretty. If a page has like 50 pictures and pages of backstory, along with references, trivia, a dedicated quote section, and detailed manhua/anime/light novel differences, chances are decent I've been there.

I also create pages for missing characters, and update pages to the current Manhua story progression.

I've currently only read Douluo Dalu 1, 2.5, and 4, so I rarely edit pages from the other series unless I'm editing grammar or writing quality.

Best Characters[edit | edit source]

  • Dugu Bo
  • Liu Erlong (Page in progress, needs pictures and more Light Novel canon. She was especially cool in the Light Novels!)
  • Xiao Wu (Pretty sure I need to update Manhua canon and clean this page up a bit more, but she's definitely best girl.)
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