Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud
Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud
Name Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud
Also Known As Seagod's Heart

Vast Sea Veil

Type Essence Tool

Description Edit

It is a palm-sized bizarre object, having triangular body crystal blue in colour, seemingly carved whole from sapphire. Constant sapphire luster bursts out along with the strange energy fluctuations coming from it. On the blue triangle are many ripple like lines which did not seemed carved on, rather felt as if it is alive, pulsing with blue light.

The Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud is a national treasure which has a sentience unknown to others. It was gifted to Tang San by Emperor Xue Ye. When Tang San bound it, his Spirit Power and blood was sucked out causing him to lose consciousness. During Tang San's third Sea God Trials it fused to his skull bone to make it evolved.

Later it revealed it was the Sea God Core and it was a part of the Sea God's Trident.It reveals that when Tang San bounding it,signified that his Sea God's Inheritance Trial was started.

 Abilities Edit

Vast Sea Protective Barrier Edit

Forms a protective barrier. After shrouding the specific area, it makes the specific area invisible, to the extent of not being even tangible. Not only can it hide bodies, it can completely hide auras.

Cosmic Stasis Barrier Edit

It can shroud any enemy with spiritual force less than three times the users. It can’t harm the opponent. It can be retracted from a 1000 li away.

Vast Sea Wild Wave Edit

It is a group attack ability, where the output power is proportional to the users Spirit Power.

Cosmic Magic Breaker Edit

It is a single target attack ability, where the output power is proportional to the users Spirit Power.

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