Wan Yunchao
Xanyun Chao
Name Wan Yunchao
Chinese 万云超
Also Known As Fatty
Species Human
Age 9+ years
Gender Male
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Black
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Spirit Knife
Spirit Rank Spirit Master - Rank 11
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings 1 White
System Agility System
Professional Status
Occupation Student

Spirit Master

Affiliation Red Mountain Academy
Light Novel Debut Chapter 04
Manhua Debut Chapter 2.2

Appearance Edit

Wan Yunchao is not that tall and chubby.

In the manhua, he has black eyes and brown hair and wears a long sleeved black shirt, gray coat, and pants. He is also skinny.

Plot Edit

Volume 1 - Awakening Edit

Wan Yunchao was in the same class as Tang Wulin at Red Mountain Academy. When his martial spirit awakened, his innate spirit power was five.

First Day of School Edit

Wan Yunchao happened to be beside Tang Wulin during class. When he found out Tang Wulin's spirit was Bluesilver Grass, he insulted and walked away. He told Wulin that his spirit is a knife and he is at rank 5.

From that day on, he looked down on Tang Wulin. One day, when he tried bullying Tang Wulin, he had the tables turned on him, and was instead pushed onto the floor by Tang Wulin and beaten senseless. Since that day, Wan Yunchao was well behaved and became Tang Wulin's shadow.

Three Years Later Edit

Wan Yunchao informed Tang Wulin that a classmate named Zhou Shao just broke through rank 10 and remained him, it will be hard to enter an intermediate academy without a recommendation letter, which will only be given to those who broke through rank 10.

Match with Wulin Edit

Wan Yunchao challenged Tang Wulin to a battle in the grove next to the academy. He showed off his spirit ability, Knife Tip, and demonstrated it by cutting a tree sapling. This upset Tang Wulin, making him unleash his spirit and using the bluesilver grass as whips, he beginning whipping Wan Yunchao.

When the two individuals left the forest, out of the two it was Wan Yunchao who looked the most pathetic. His entire body was riddled with numerous lash marks. Tang Wulin had to support him. He asked Wulin why he was unable to beat him. He replied, saying that their teacher, Lin Ximeng told him, he suited for becoming an agility system spirit master, but Wan Yunchao was so fat that he was not agile. He then asked why he couldn't hack apart Tang Wulin's bluesilver grass. Tang Wulin told him, he would not be able to until all his spirit power is depleted. This caused Wan Yunchao to declare that he will lose weight. Wulin asked him what he's going to eat tonight. Yunchao responded with pork shoulder. Tang Wulin then escorted him home.

(End of Plot)

Abilities Edit

Knife Edit

Initial Skill Edit

  • Name: Knife
  • Type: Tool Spirit

Effects Edit

  • Summons a small knife


Knife Spirit

1st Spirit Ring Edit

  • Name: Knife Tip

Effects Edit

  • Extends the tip of the knife by 15 centimeters
  • The knife is made a bit wider with veined patterns on the blade
  • It can shoot out a knife tip to cut an object like a tree sapling instantly

Spirit Ring Edit

  • Origin: Knife
  • Age: 10+ years old
  • Color: White

Trivia Edit

  • Wan Yunchao was not fat in the manhua
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