Fighting Style Edit

Wang Qui'er's Fighting style is brutal as she uses her Ultimate strengthened Spirit Essence to destroy anything with a single punch. She also uses the Golden Dragon Spear to fight.

Spirit Edit

Golden Dragon

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Initial Skill
  • Name: Golden Dragon
  • Type: Beast Spirit
  • Ultimate Strength

1st Spirit Ring Edit

  • Name: Golden Dragon Body
  • Increases defense (golden slaces covers body)
Spirit Beast
  • Unknown
  • Age: 100+ Years
  • Spirit Ring Color: Yellow

2nd Spirit Ring Edit

  • Name: Dragon's Strength
  • combusts like a small sun
Spirit Beast
  • Unknown
  • Age: 100+ Years
  • Spirit Ring Color: Yellow

3rd Spirit Ring Edit

  • Name: Golden Dragon’s Fist
  • Increase Attack
  • Spirit Beast
    • Unknown
    • Age: 1,000+ years
    • Spirit Ring Color: Purple
4th Spirit Ring
  • Name: Golden Dragon’s Explosion
  • The head of the Golden Dragon projection starts to expand and swallowed Wang Qiu’er. Following this, a frightening explosion occurrs.
Spirit Beast
  • Unknown
  • Age: 1,000+ year
  • Spirit Ring Color: Purple
5th Spirit Ring
  • Name: Golden Dragon's Roar
  • Creates a roar that generates a sling of sound, interrupting spiritual and mental abilities and the concentration of those affected. It also has an intimidating effect on martial souls of the beast type of the soul and, more importantly, those of the dragon type.
Spirit Beast
  • Unknown
  • Age: 10,000+ years
  • Spirit Ring Color: Black
6th Spirit Ring
  • Name: Golden Dragon’s Bloodlust
  • increase physical strength by 30%
Spirit Beast
  • Bloody Baboon King
  • Age: 50,000+ years
  • Spirit Ring Color: Black

Ultimate Innate SkillsEdit

Wang Qui'er has 3 Ultimate Innate Skills: Golden Dragon's Perception, Golden Dragon's Pride and another which is TBA.

Golden Dragon’s Perception, Wang Qui'er possess an almost three-dimensional perception. simply put, it just means that she can perceive some things that others are unable to see, and she develops a deep understanding of the things that she perceive.

Golden Dragon’s Pride, relies on the energies of the Golden Dragon’s lineage, using Golden Dragon's Pride Wang Qui'er able to temporarily control a single soul beast she can maintain it for a certain period of time as long as she doesn’t attack it.

Third Skill (name TBA): She can record everything that happened after she was unconscious in her mind

Spirit Bones Edit

Left Leg- Wolf ApeEdit

Received after killing 3 mutated wolf apes which had the ability to use a 3-way fusion which were 10,000+ years old

Abilities: Edit

  • Instant Shift-  teleport anywere within a maximum range of 10 meters. Top Tier agility spirit skill
  • Magnetic Attreaction- within 50 meters Huo Yuhao, Wang Qui'er and Wang Dong'er can all teleport to each other

Triple Innate Battle Spirit Fusion (Huo Yuhao + Wang Qiu'er) Edit

Fusion greatly amplified each other in terms of both strength and soul power, to the point where it exceeded Yuhao's connection with Wang Dong’er through the Haodong power.

Spirit Eyes + Ice Jade Empress Scorpion + Golden Dragon Edit

Name: Dragon Cry of Destiny

Effect: Either Yuhao or Wang Qiu'er is in control of the body while the other turns into armour for the user to wear. When Wang Qui'er is in control Radiant ice crystal patterns appear on her armour and the Ice Jade Empress Scorpion was imprinted on her back, and this picture was identical to the tattoo that usually appeared on Huo Yuhao’s body, where the scorpion’s tail reached her hip. Yuhao's Eye of Destiny Appears on her body.

When Huo Yuhao is in control of the body, bright gold light turns into thick scales that covered Huo Yuhao’s chest and head first. Following this, they extended to every part of his body. An indescribable, tremendous strength circulated through his entire body.

Huo Yuhao gets covered by a suit of golden armor. There is a huge image of a golden dragon head on his chest. His entire head was covered by a helmet, which also had the appearance of a dragon’s head. The dragon scales engulfs his body perfectly, absolutely no skin was exposed. His new armor can unleash a layer of intense golden light as a defense. His soul power increases until its equivalent to Rank 70. 

Destiny’s Judgment Edit

The name of the attacks which are made with Dragon Cry of Destiny. This Spirit Fusion consumes a lot of Spirit Power, roughly 30% just to transform and strike once which means they can only attack 3 times before they run out of spirit power.

The reason why so much soul power is used per attack is because of the special ability which comes with each strike. When hit by Destinty's Judgement the target will experience misfortune for the rest of their lives.

Bright Goddess Butterfly + Golden Dragon (Wang Dong'er + Wang Qiu'er) Edit

Name: Golden Butterfly Dragon Transformation

Effect: Transforms into a single person who has 6 dragon wings. their strength is boosted to the pinnacle of what a Soul Douluo would be able to reach when they are both around Rank 60. When using this fusion they wield the Golden Dragon Spear

Fusion beween Wang Dong'er and Wang Qiu'er where both of them are in control at the same time. Qui'er is in charge of Close combat abilities while Dong'er is in charge of energy based attacks.

Triple Innate Battle Spirit Fusion (Huo Yuhao + Wang Dong'er + Wang Qiu'er) Edit

Spirit Eyes + Ice Jade Empress Scorpion + Golden Dragon + Bright Goddess Butterfly + Clear Sky Hammer Edit

Name: Purple and Gold Draconic Butterfly Transformation

a slender man covered with purplish-gold armor. The purplish-gold light was shining forth from the armor. He had a pair of special wings behind him. They weren’t made of feathers, and didn’t resemble butterfly wings either. They had adopted the structure of wings that seemed to belong to some kind of ancient, sacred dragon.

While the man wore armor, he didn’t have a helmet. His black hair flowed down behind his shoulders. On his forehead, there was a bright purplish-gold vertical eye. Upon closer inspection, the reflection of the principles of heaven and earth could be seen in his eye.

The man didn’t resemble anyone, he didn’t look like Wang Dong’er or Huo Yuhao. His handsomeness was filled with a sense of holiness.

The armor’s scales were rhombic, and they refracted purplish-gold rays under the illumination of the purplish-gold glow.

Huo Yuhao is the controller of this spirit fusion skill and his skill becomes compariable to a Rank 80 Spirit Duoluo

Equipment Edit

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