War God Temple
Name War God Temple
Also Known As Battle God Hall
Empire Sun-Moon Federation

Description Edit

The War God Temple is a high-end combat force cultivated by the Federation. It’s normal to have only heard of it in passing. All the War God Temple's members receive the Federation’s resources to continue to elevate ourselves. When the Federation encounters danger, the War God Temple’s members will be assigned to deal with it. They have a high level of freedom. Moreover, all the members belong to the military, and as such they all bear military ranks.

War Gods Edit

There was a total of eighteen war gods in the temple, and they were it's mainstays. The eighteen war gods were all experts holding the rank of Titled Douluo. They take orders directly from the Federation's parliament. It was said that the War God Temple had combat strength which surpassed even the eighteen war gods.

  1. Tang Liyue
  2. Zhu Xuan

Members Edit

  • Luo Shaofeng
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