White Dragon Spear
White Dragon King
White Dragon Spear
Name White Dragon Spear
White Dragon King
Chinese 白龙枪
Type Tool Spirit (Beast) Type

Description Edit

White Dragon Spear is a Tool Spirit. It contains a Dragon spirit that enhances the user's speed, but lacks in attack power that usual spear-type Tool Spirits possess.

The spear shaft is snow-white with visible scale patterns. The head of the spear forms a dragon head that has the spear tip as its tongue.

If the White Dragon Spear's bloodline concentration increases to a certain level, the Spear can have a 2nd awakening, the White Dragon King spirit.

White Dragon King Edit

Description Edit

White Dragon King is a Beast Spirit in the form of a spear-type Tool Spirit. It contains a True Dragon King spirit with aspects in the space element.

The spear shaft increases in scales and has a more detailed dragon head that made the spear appear like a living white dragon with sharp eyes.

When active, the user's body becomes covered in White Dragon scales and has a White Dragon King aura.

Users Edit

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