White Tiger Dagger
Name White Tiger Dagger
Also Known As
Type Essence Tool

Description Edit

The short knife is around 35 cm long. The scabbard is ink green, made out of tough and durable leather from a spirit beast.

The knife shaft is around 13 cm long. There are no gorgeous ornaments on it, but it gives off an ancient feeling.

Drawing the knife out of its scabbard did not make any sound. The edge, around 20 cm long, is like autumn water. The fine and thin blade seemed almost transparent giving off a dense coldness.

It can absorb rays of light turning it into a sharp edge, thus increasing the length of the dagger.

After Huo Yuhao examined the blade, he discovers it is a close-range 5th Class Spirit Guidance Device. It possesses a spirit skill called Devour. As long as his opponent’s attack doesn’t exceed his White Tiger Dagger’s absorption limits, the dagger can consume the attack and convert it into its own power, which will be released in the next attack.

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