Wind Spirit Wolf
Wind Spirit Wolf
Name Wind Spirit Wolf
Chinese 风灵狼
Also Known As Wind Wolf
Age 100+ (SL2)

1,000+ (SL3)

Species Wolf
Vital Status Alive (SL2)

Spirit Soul (SL3)

Appearance Edit

Its body is two meters long and one meter tall. It has green fur that sways in the wind, and a pair of pale-brown eyes.

Description Edit

This is a very common agility-type Spirit Beast. Its speed is incredibly fast, and it travels dozens of meters in an instant. They are usually found in forests. Despite the fact that none of them were powerful alone, they were terrifying in packs. Their strength lay in their numbers and how they didn’t fear death. They would attack until either they or their prey were wiped out.

Wind wolves had the innate ability to lash out with blades of wind.

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