Appearance[edit | edit source]

They have a majestic build, always more than two meters tall, with a solid physique. They have dense grey hair all over their bodies, looking like savages. Their lips protrude, exposing canines more than twice the size of normal people with their faces are painted with dazzling colours. 

Description[edit | edit source]

Wolftaken are extremely strong. Each Wolftaken's power is equal to that of a rank 20-30 spirit master. They can control the wind to a certain degree, equal to that of a low level spirit beast. Wolftaken are sort of a fusion between the spirit beast Storm Devil Wolf and humans. They can be said to be people while not being people.

The Storm Devil Wolf's nature is exceptionally evil, it can mate with almost any creature with a body similiar to it, and it most likes human women. Wolftaken is the result of Storm Devil Wolf's mating with humans. Wolftaken naturally possess the Storm Devil Wolf's physique, speed, and some innate abilities. At the same time they also possess human intelligence. Wolftaken are extremely bloodthirsty, Humans living in areas near Wolftaken will be extremely miserable.

Wolftaken don't just kill, they eat the corpses afterwards. The women will be temporarily left alive. If they never get pregnant, they will be eaten as well. If attacked they will not stop until they or their target is dead. Natural killing machines, with no empathy or sympathy.

There is also a variation of Wolftaken, namely Cyan Wolftaken. Cyan Wolftaken are powerful as a Spirit Beast with at least 10,000 years of cultivation. Dai Mubai commented on the strength of a Cyan Wolftaken that he thought was as strong as a white tiger spirit master at Spirit King level (50).

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The Cyan Wolftaken that attacked Tang San had a power of at least 20,000 years of cultivation.
  • Wolftaken has the ability to fuse Spirit Bones as well as to produce them.
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