Hmph! What's the use of just being pretty? I'll show you what a strong AND beautiful spirit essence is!
— To Wang Dong

Description[edit | edit source]

Wu Feng is a girl with a head of short, fiery red hair. Her eyes are a rare shade of red as well. She seems rather scary at a glance, however, one can see that her features are extremely delicate if observed more carefully. Even her skin is white as jade. However, her glance was extremely cold, enough to be compared to Zhou Yi.

In her released spirit form, her red hair grows longer and more wild, while her outfit changes to a stylish black uniform. Her right arm is replaced by a scarlet dragon's claw, and fire surrounds her like a cloak of living flame.

Personality[edit | edit source]

She is very hot headed and wants to get revenge on people as well as being prideful. After losing, she has a hard time letting go, even thinking about getting the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Clan to take her revenge. She is fiercely protective of her friends.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Shrek Academy[edit | edit source]

Tournament[edit | edit source]

Wu Feng is a student of Mu Jin, member of Class 9 and Team Ning Tian in the freshmen exam. She first appeared in the battle against Team Yuhao in round 32. When her teammates stared with wonder at Wang Dong's Goddess Butterfly spirit, she scoffed, saying it was useless to be just pretty. She declared her own spirit beautiful and strong, and clashed fiercely with her opponents. Despite being supported by a member of the Nine Treasure Glazed Tile Clan, she was eventually defeated by Huo Yuhao and Wang Dong's incredible teamwork combinations. After the fight, she begged Ning Tian to use her clan's power to take revenge against their opponents, but was turned down because they lost due to their own weakness, and had to take responsibility.

Battle for Class President[edit | edit source]

After the tournament, Wu Feng challenged Huo Yuhao to a battle over his position as class president. She called him an embarrassment to the academy in front of the entire class, because of his single 10 year Spirit Ring. Most of the class agreed, and their teacher decided to host the match.

During the battle, Yuhao kept his eyes closed, relying on his spirit eyes ability to dodge her furious close range attacks by a hair. He dodged neatly, and counterattacked by kicking Wu Feng in the butt, sending her fury to maximum levels.

Yuhao was able to get behind her again, and blast the small of her back with condensed spirit power. She declared she'd kill him then and there for daring to be the first one to touch her butt. Enraged, she cloaked herself with fire, making it nearly impossible for Yuhao to avoid all heat damage in close combat.

Yuhao desperately tried to counterattack, accidentally grabbing Wu Feng's skirt and flipping it up in the process. He claimed he saw nothing, but Wu Feng called him a bastard and kicked him in the face. Her killing intent almost made the referee stop the match entirely, but Yuhao was able to stop her fire with his mental shock abilities. Wu Feng didn't stop, attacking with a powerful headbutt instead, sending Yuhao flying.

She stands over his body, declaring she'd be his enemy forever and challenge him every day until the school expelled him entirely. To her shock, Yuhao is able to stand again, and the look in his eyes sent chills down her spine.

Yuhao unlocks a new ability with the help of the Daydream Ice Worm, and unleashes such a powerful mental stabbing attack Wu Feng collapses on spot, after his aura made her fear for her very life.

Sea God's Blind Date Festival[edit | edit source]

Wu Feng hated Huo Yuhao for a long time, especially after learning Ning Tian intended to marry him for the sake of her clan. During the Sea God's Blind Trials, Wu Feng declared her love for Ning Tian, who turned her down because they were both women. But after the trials of the Yin-Yang Love Querying Valley, Ning Tian was turned into a man, and the two became lovers. Wu Feng let go of her hatred of Yuhao, finally recognizing it as jealousy.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Wu Feng is apparently bisexual, as she fell in love with Ning Tian, and became her lover even after she was transformed into a man.
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