You are the first man to comb my hair, and also the only one. Forever and ever. No matter our future, in my heart, there is no space for another.
— Xiao Wu

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Xiao Wu is a beautiful, young girl with a rosy face. She has a fair skin and a soft appearance that resembles a completely ripe honey peach. She has beautiful long legs. Her brown long hair is combed into a scorpion braid hanging past her buttocks. She possesses a pair of bright and intelligent eyes. She is a spirit beast who transformed into a human on reaching 100,000 years of cultivation.

Spirit Transformation[edit | edit source]

Following spirit transformation her eyes turn red. Her ears slowly grow, standing up from the side of her head covered in soft white fur.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Xiao Wu is a very enthusiastic person. She is brash, can be easily provoked into a fight and also has a strong sense of justice. She deeply cares about her friends. She often likes to be in charge of situations with people respecting and calling her the boss. Although at times she acts imposing, she has a deep understanding of others as well moving according to their emotions. She also blushes, when someone questions her relationship with Tang San.

History[edit | edit source]

As a Spirit Beast she lived in the outer regions of the Star Dou Forest along with her mother and father. Xiao Wu had mentioned that her father was a very powerful Spirit Beast who left for the core of the Star Dou Forest in order to gain more power where powerful spirit beasts reigned and never returned - implying he died. She then lived along with her mother protected by her.

When she was young she met with Da Ming and Er Ming who were small and young as well. They became close friends and Xiao Wu was constantly teased by them. Having grown big and powerful Da Ming and Er Ming left to the core of the Star Dou Forest which caused Xiao Wu to be very unhappy.

She then encountered a human who was injured and on the verge of dying. Curious about humans, Xiao Wu helped her and after her mother returned, although reluctant at first she also helped the woman to recover from her injuries. The woman thus taught Xiao Wu, human language and told her many stories about the human world.

Later on Xiao Wu's mother left to find her father leaving Xiao Wu all alone. 10,000 years passed without the return of her mother. Xiao Wu also left towards the core zone to look for her mother and encountered powerful spirit beasts about to kill her but was saved by Da Ming and Er Ming. They then revealed that Er Ming had seen Xiao Wu's mother who had entered the core zone being eating by a powerful spirit beast.

From then Da Ming and Er Ming looked after Xiao Wu and when she reached the 100,000 years cultivation she underwent the Spirit Beast Evolution to become human.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Nuoding Academy[edit | edit source]


Xiao Wu arrives at the Room 7 of the Nuoding Academy. Due to the rules of the room she is challenged by Tang San and eagerly accepts. She manages to defeat him and becomes the boss of the room and tells everyone to call her "Xiao Wu Jie". Seeing Tang San received beddings from the Grandmaster she immediately makes him share it with her. She then becomes extremely close to Tang San and trains together with him and often fighting together. Xiao Wu follows Tang San to the Holy Spirit Village and becomes a supporting pillar to Tang San whose emotions becomes unstable due to Tang Hao's departure. She then accepts to be his adopted sister.

Shrek Academy[edit | edit source]

Five years later she follows Tang San and enrolls in the Shrek Academy. During their fight against Zhao Wuji she loses consciousness causing Tang San to go berserk.

She and Ning Rongrong becomes roommates. At the Great Spirit Arena she forms a team with Tang San; Three Five Combination.

Star Dou Forest[edit | edit source]

She enters the Star Dou Forest and is initially happy but becomes solemn as they go further in. As they search for a Spirit Beast for Tang San, they get attacked by a Titan Giant Ape. Xiao Wu seemingly gets kidnapped by him.

However Xiao Wu without any problems rides on the shoulder of the Titan Giant Ape calling him Er Ming. She then asks him to guard her and materializes a Spirit Ring, her 3rd. She then goes back to the Shrek Seven Devils, telling them the Titan Giant Ape let her go following hearing the roar of some Spirit Beast and that she managed to kill a Spirit Beast and attain her 3rd Spirit Ring.

She becomes extremely worried after seeing Tang San absorbing the Spirit Ring of the Man Faced Demon Spider since it exceeds the limit of absorption. She is relieved when Tang San survives the process, hugging him while he is naked.

Great Spirit Arena[edit | edit source]

She undergoes the intensive training of Grandmaster along with the rest of the students. At the Great Spirit Arena she manages to attain many victories with only a very few defeats.

During their fight against the Emperor Team she becomes injured by the Shi brothers causing Tang San to go berserk and utterly defeat them.

New Shrek Academy[edit | edit source]

She goes along with the rest of the Shrek Academy to Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. Her eyes turn red in the presence of Dugu Bo. After Tang San is kidnapped by Dugu Bo and he stays with him for 6 months, she is always very worried about him. When Tang San returns, upon seeing him she immediately jumps at him hugging him tightly, crying and making him promise never to leave her again.

When everyone receives immortal herbs, she takes the Yearning Heartbroken Red which had rejected Zhu Zhuqing and Grandmaster as masters. Keeping Tang San in her mind she lets a drop of blood fall on to it, and the Yearning Heartbroken Red accepts her as its master due to her unwavering feelings about Tang San. The herb in return makes Xiao Wu realize how much she truly loved Tang San, and promises herself to always be true to it. She however declines to eat the immortal herb, but rather wished to keep it safe for all time.

She comes to Tang San's cultivation area at the Academy and asks him to brush her hair giving him a brush. The brush had been a gift from her mother and was told to only eve let the person who she truly loved to allow brushing of her hair.

Sunset Forest[edit | edit source]

Liu Erlong & Xiao Wu.jpg

At the Sunset Forest she helps the others to capture the Phantom Tiger for Zhu Zhuqing. After entering Dugu Bo's poisonous formation Tang San temporally hands over the Aromatic Silk Beauty to her while he went to catch the Pit Demon Spider. At this time a Man Faced Demon Spider attacks her and the Grandmaster. She quickly pushes Grandmaster aside and is almost killed by the Spirit Beast but manages to survive thanks to the rock of the Yearning Heartbroken Red, which takes most of the blow, minimizing her injuries.

After Tang San kills the Man Faced Demon Spider and goes on to absorb the Pit Demon Spider, she tells Tang San about Soul Shock, an ability of 10,000 year old Spirit Beasts. She tells him if he dies in the process of absorption, she will commit suicide. She awaits worried for his return for 10 hours without any treatment to her injuries and upon his return, hugs him and faints in his arms.

During the events at Sunset Forest, Xiao Wu bonds with Liu Erlong, who asks to be her teacher and adoptive mother. Xiao Wu joyfully accepts, and the two embrace.

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament[edit | edit source]

Qualifiers[edit | edit source]

She becomes part of the Shrek Academy Team. She takes part in the opening ceremony match up against the second team of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy and in the second match up against Elephant Armored Academy. She defeats two opponents in the Elephant Armored Academy. She also takes part in the match against the Blazing Academy and Skywater Academy.

Interlude[edit | edit source]

Following the fight against Skywater Academy as Tang San becomes depressed she wishes to help him but is stopped by Liu Erlong. She constantly worries as Tang San hardly eats but after Tang San recovers she is relieved. She brings him a meal and following eating she proposes a duel without the use of Hidden Weapons and Spirit Power. She overpowers him and they share a brief moment of passion in each other's arms. Afterwards he offers to brush her hair to which she blushes and allows him to do so.

Ranking Competition[edit | edit source]

She is the first contender in the fight against Balak Academy. She immediately destroys her first opponent, the captain of the opposing team in a matter of seconds without even letting her opponent retaliate.

During her second fight she is restrained by the Tool Spirit Sunflower and poisoned but the Yearning Heartbroken Red acts causing the poison to be neutralized giving her the upper hand in the match and defeat him. She then goes on to beat 3 more opponents achieving a 5 winning streak.

She becomes extremely worried when Tang San becomes injured during his fight against Huo Wu and stays by his side while he recuperates.

After Tang San comes back from his discussion with Huo Wu, she asks him what he is nervous about and he immediately blurts out everything that happened and about Huo Wu kissing him on the cheek. After he tells her everything, Xiao Wu suddenly leaps onto Tang San, her legs winding around his waist, her arms around his neck, embracing him tightly and kisses him on the lips, thus taking his first kiss and giving her first kiss.

Xiao Wu is the 4th to appear from the Shrek Academy Team during the match against the Thunderclap Academy. She quickly defeats the 4th opponent. She then battles against the 5th opponent, Lei Tian who expends his 3rd and 4th Spirit Ring abilities in order to fight. Xiao Wu successfully dodges his attacks and thus making him expend his energy wins the match. She then fights against Lei Dong who avoids the Demon Confusion ability by closing his eyes and utilizing his 3rd Spirit Ring ability. He then proceeds to attack her using the 3rd Spirit Ring combined with the 1st Spirit Ring. Xiao Wu however forces him to use the 4th Spirit Ring which causes Xiao Wu to concede the match.

En Route to Spirit City[edit | edit source]

En route to Spirit City the convoy of Spirit Masters attending the finals of the tournament is attacked. Chrysanthemum Douluo arrives at the scene to kill the members of the Shrek Academy, but upon discovering Xiao Wu to be the master of the Yearning Heartbroken Red, he becomes respectful and orders to spare her life. They eventually manage to arrive, thanks to the arrival of several Titled Douluos.

Before the start of the finals of the competition she manages to reach the rank 40 bottleneck and goes along with Liu Erlong to find her a Spirit Ring. She then successfully gives the slip to Liu Erlong and tells others that she managed to kill an injured Spirit Beast and obtain its ring.

Finals[edit | edit source]

Right from the start of the match she immediately confronts Dai Weisi, and uses Waist Bow to launch him onto his teammates. When only Zhu Zhuyun is left in the ring, she attacks her and after Zhu Zhuqing's indication to not hurt her heavily, she throws Zhu Zhuyun out of the ring.

During the match against Spirit Hall Academy, she partners up with Ma Hongjun to fight against three of the opposing Battle Spirit Masters. They effectively complement their abilities removing one opponent and confronts the other two. With Tang San's help, they manage to overpower and be victorious.

Following the end of the match, the Yearning Heartbroken Red slips out for a second revealing her true aura that was masked by the flower to the Titled Douluos present. She gives up the rights for the Spirit Bones citing that they are unsuitable for her.

Bibi Dong then issues the command to capture her. Xiao Wu calmly confronts her gaze unflustered. She is then shocked by Tang San's statement that he had known for a long time, what she truly was. Her heart melts with happiness upon his confession of love and everything else becomes insignificant to her.

As she is about to be attacked Tang Hao appears interfering and causing havoc making everyone below the level of rank 70 to faint thus bring away Tang San and Xiao Wu.

After Xiao Wu awakens Tang Hao states that he doesn't oppose their union as his own wife was a spirit beast who became human. However, he tells Xiao Wu to return to her home and be under the protection of her powerful spirit beast friends until the time comes when Tang San is able to really protect her against anything. Tearfully she kisses the unconscious Tang San on the lips and sets out to her home.

Reuniting with Tang San[edit | edit source]

Five years later, Xiao Wu is withDa Ming and Er Ming at Star Lake thinking about Tang San and her friends. Even though she states that she is fine, she wants to reach the mature stage quickly as possible and be with Tang San. She turns pale, when Da Ming mentions the death of her mother. She states she has found the human responsible and will personally carry out her revenge. When asked by Da Ming to tell them a story of the human world, she smiles and imagines the scene when she met first Tang San and begins to tell her tale.

Xiao Wu welcomes Yue Guan, Gui Mei, the Golden Generation and the rest of Spirit Hall's team to Star Dou Forest, while standing on the shoulders of Er Ming. After Yue Guan and Gui Mei seals up Da Ming and Er Ming using their Spirit Fusion, Xiao Wu is left very vulnerable. However to the joy of Xiao Wu, Tang San reveals himself, killing 7 Spirit Sages and embracing Xiao Wu and taking her into the forest.

Tang San manages to kill the 4 Agility Attack Spirit Masters following them, and puts up a distance between the rest of the Spirit Masters. Just as they are about to escape, they are ambushed by a Man Faced Demon Spider who severely hinders their escape causing the rest of the Spirit Sages to catch up and surround them.

Thus ensures a battle to the death between the two parties. Tang San knowing that they won't be able to escape, numbs Xiao Wu's body, throwing her away, suffering a hit to remove his leg spirit bone and handing it to Xiao Wu to fly away and then stabs himself with an arm of the Eight Spider Lances to kill himself. However Xiao Wu not wanting Tang San to die, unbinds the numbness and uses Sacrifice which integrates her soul completely into Tang San, condensing it into his 6th Spirit Ring. She leavers an imprint to Er Ming and Da Ming and reverts to her original form as a spirit beast. As she is about to die she is fed the petals of the Yearning Heartbroken Red which keeps her vitality intact but soulless.

Xiao Wu's Beast And Soul Form[edit | edit source]

Having lost her conscious mind and turned into an adorable fluffy rabbit, she spends most of her time eating and sleeping. She feels extremely at ease when she is with Tang San and usually does not stray away from him.

During Tang San's speed match against Bai He, Tang San inadvertently uses the 6th Spirit Ring which causes the materialization of Xiao Wu, as sentient being albeit in soul form. She although unable to talk or make physical contact, gazes upon Tang San with love and tries to wipe away the tears that esped through his eyes. Tang San realizing using the 6th Spirit Ring causes the dissipation of Xiao Wu's soul energy, retracts the Spirit Ring. Xiao Wu thus rather reluctantly fuses back her soul into the Spirit Ring.

Xiao Wu's rabbit form sensing the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng given to Tang San by Bai He, immediately comes out of the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse. Before Tang San could prevent her, Xiao Wu's rabbit form pounces on it and eats it. As Tang San is about to stop her, Xiao Wu's soul form summons herself from Tang San's 6th Ring, who is pleasantly surprised by the ginseng, tells Tang San that it is okay.

After consuming it Xiao Wu's rabbit form undergoes massive changes with the fur becoming sparkling golden, then red, then crystal red and finally white. Her rabbit form peacefully sleeps while absorbing the effects of Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng which has a complementary effect with Yearning Heartbroken Red.

Xiao Wu's soul makes another appearance during the end of Tang San's fight against Yang Wudi. She immediately rages out and uses the Eight Stage Drop on Yang Wudi nearly killing him but stopping short because Tang San asks her to be lenient. Afterwards Xiao Wu returns to his body, indicating at Tang San to look at the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse.

Half Resurrection[edit | edit source]

When Tang San wakes up from his sleep after fighting against Yang Wudi, he finds Xiao Wu, who is entirely naked sleeping on top of him. However she has only half-resurrected and gained her human form and haven't recovered her soul, thus limiting her with basic instincts. Xiao Wu when going to sleep refuses to wear clothes and clings onto Tang San, causing him much distraction.

Xiao Wu accompanies Tang San and the rest to Gengxin City. When Tang San kills all the members of the Spirit Hall branch in Gengxin City and returns, Xiao Wu becomes extremely fearful of him and stays away from him, and thus staying beside Rongrong. Only 3 days later, when the killing aura of Tang San completely fades away does she return back to Tang San. She receives the female armor of Wishful Eight Treasure Soft Armor.

When Tang San was fighting against Qian Renxue and was on the verge of being killed, she materializes her soul and combines it with her body, temporary giving her the ability to be conscious again. She immediately uses the Eight Stage Drop on Qian Renxue, severely injuring her and making her lose consciousness. Afterwards Xiao Wu kisses Tang San and returns back into his body leaving behind her soulless body.

Tang San takes Xiao Wu to Sunset Forest to meet with his mother and father. Tang San asks for permission to marry Xiao Wu from them. Xiao Wu also combines her soul and body temporarily regaining her consiousness calling them mom and dad. Ah Yin drops two golden leaves, wraps them around Tang San and Xiao Wu's ring fingers, producing two golden engagement rings.

Sea God's Island[edit | edit source]

Upon arriving at Sea God's Island, she receives a Red (Peak) level of trials, albeit an unprecedented single Red trial. Her trial is to accompany Tang San throughout his 9 Sea God Trials; essentially 1 trial split into 9 parts. During the first trial, just as it appears they cannot withstand the pressure of the last few steps, Xiao Wu attempts to sacrifice herself again to provide the last push Tang San requires to pass. He stops her and passes both of them by unleashing his newly evolved domain ability.

Before the first trial ends, Xiao Wu gets angry at Tang San for preventing her to help when he confronted the Hundred-Thousand-Year Deep Sea Demon Whale. She threatens to ignore him if he does this again, and even bites him to make her point sink in.

Xiao Wu continues to accompany Tang San during his trials. And while she takes on the improvement trials with or without Tang San's support, she mainly acts as a support for Tang San during battle situations, if she has to take part in the battle at all.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

Mustn’t I leave him after all? If I leave, could we still meet again? But, if I didn’t leave, perhaps sooner or later that Titled Douluo that returned with him would be harmful to me. Little San, thank you for this Yearning Heartbroken Red. It let me understand so much. No, I can’t leave, just now I swore never to leave him. Only when I’m together with him will I feel the happiness mama talked about.
— Xiao Wu
You are the first man to comb my hair, and also the only one. Forever and ever. No matter our future, in my heart, there is no space in my heart for another.
— Xiao Wu
It’s been so many years. It’s alright. However, I’ve already found the enemy that murdered mother. One day, I will definitely personally kill her and avenge mother.
— Xiao Wu

Differences in the Manhua[edit | edit source]

  • In the Manhua, Xiao Wu asks Tang San to comb her hair at the Nuoding Academy, whereas in the Light Novel it was much later at the New Shrek Academy, when she realized she was truly in love with him and made him comb her hair.
  • Xiao Wu's comb was broken, but was then fixed by Tang San.
  • Xiao Wu forces Tang San to say he loves her during Valentines.
  • In the Manhua, Liu Erlong does not become Xiao Wu's official teacher, just her adoptive mother.
  • In the Manhua Xiao Wu's mother was killed by Bibi Dong.
  • In the Manhua her true form as a 100,000 year old spirit beast was revealed, when she tried to attack Bibi Dong out of anger and was blocked by Salas causing the Yearning Heartbroken Red to came out and reveal her true form. In the Light Novel her true form was revealed when the Yearning Heartbroken Red came out during the final match against Spirit Hall Academy.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • As a spirit beast in human form, Xiao Wu has the ability to materialize Spirit Rings up to the 6th Spirit Ring, once she breaks through every 10th Spirit Rank.
  • Xiao Wu's favorite color is white.
  • Xiao Wu (Little dance - 小舞)was named after her father Xiao Wu (Little Five - 小五). In Chinese, "Dance" and "Five" are pronounced exactly the same. It is also the reason for the name Three-Five combination.
  • Xiao Wu is extremely bad with money, to the point of giving her wages to Tang San so she didn't spend it all at once.

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