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Xie Xie
Name Xie Xie
Chinese 谢邂
Also Known As Space-Time(時空) Douluo
Species Human
Age 21(Current)


Gender Male
Height 180 + cm
Hair Color Brown
Eye Color Green
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Unknown (Father)

Unknown (Mother)
Yuanen Yehui (Lover)
Yuanen Tiandang(Father-in-Law
Yuanen Tianshang(Uncle-in-Law)
Yuanen Zhentian(Grandfather-in-Law)
Yuanen Fengyu (Descendant)
Yuanen Huihui (Descendant)
Tang Yuge (Descendant)

Master Wuzhang Kong

Liang Xiaoyu

Spirit Light Dragon Dagger &

Shadow Dragon Dagger (1st Awakening)

"Space-Time Dragon" (2nd Awakening)

Spirit Rank Hyper Douluo (超级斗罗) - Rank 97


God - Rank 100+
(True God - God Officer)

Spiritual Realm Spirit Domain Realm
Spirit Rings 7 Black

2 Orange

System Agility Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation Student (Former)

Spirit Master
Present Generation Shrek Seven Monsters
Mecha Maker
Battle Armor Master
Sea God Pavilion Elder
Military Personnel

Affiliation Eastsea Academy

(intermediate Academy)
Shrek Academy
(Advanced Academy)
Xie Family
Tang Sect
Sea God Pavilion

Light Novel Debut Chapter 33
Manhua Debut Chapter 17

Xie Xie is the lover of Yuanen Yehui and one of the Shrek Seven Monsters of Shrek Academy.

Appearance Edit

Xie Xie has short blond hair, fair white skin, a straight nose, long slightly curled eyelashes, and a slightly sunken deep-green eyes.

Personality Edit

When Wulin first met Xie Xie, he was very arrogant due to his wealth and status. However, as the series progresses, he losses his initial ego as he comes to realize his limits. He regards Tang Wulin as his big brother and captain of their four-man team and of the Shrek Seven Monsters. He is quite meek around Yehui, but became a little more daring as they grew closer. He is also shameless.

History Edit

Xie Xie's mother died when he was young and ever since then, his relationship with his father was strained.

Plot Edit

Volume 2 - Eastsea City Edit

Eastsea Academy Edit

Xie Xie enrolled at Eastsea Academy at the same time as Tang Wulin. The first time they encountered each other was at the train station. The second time was when they became roommates in room 205, along with Yun Xiao and Zhou Changxi. When he walked into the room, he stepped on the blanket that Na'er made for Wulin, causing him to attack Xie Xie. Xie Xie ended up being punched in the face, though he did dodge Wulin's attacks a few times and was able to trip and kick him.

After that, Xie Xie, Tang Wulin, Yun Xiao and Zhou Changxi were sent to the Dean's office. As punishment, they were fined 34,000 Federation dollars for the damages during the fight and were sent to first-year class 5, the weakest class. Xie Xie offered to pay the fine if Wulin agreed to fight him again. Wulin accepted.

The next day, in class 5, all the students were introduced to their teacher, Wu Zhangkong, and introduced themselves. Xie Xie and the others were taken to the sports field for

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