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What’s wrong with this? We have already done our best to stabilize the empire. After all, what’s so good about being an emperor? Do you really think I care so much about such things? In this world, there are only a few things I truly care about—my parents, family, friends, and you. What’s the use of having so much power? It won’t be as fun as touring the world with you. I am so glad I have broken free from the clutches of those fellows. Did you see how displeased they looked when we left? It was so hilarious. They looked as though they had just eaten shit. Little junior brother, have you taken care of those people?
— Xu Sanshi stopped laughing, but his smile was still on his face. - Chapter 591
Xu Sanshi

Unrivaled tangmen v5 xu sanshi

Xu Sanshi

Rsz 2xuanwu

Name Xu Sanshi
Chinese 徐三石 Xú Sānshí
Also Known As The Eternal Defense

Mysterious Underworld Douluo
Xuanwu Douluo
Third Senior Brother (Huo Yuhao)

Species Human
Age 15 (Initial)


Gender Male
Height ~175 cm (Age 15)

190+ cm (Age ~20)

Hair Color Black (Novel)

Red (Manhua)

Eye Color Black (Novel)

Red (Manhua)

Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Jiang Nannan (Lover - Wife)

Xue Lingxun (Mother)
Unnamed First Son (Surnamed Xue, Post-SL2)

Master Xuan Zi (Age 15, Pre-Inner Court, Temp)
Spirit Xuanming Turtle 玄冥龟 (Sealed)

Xuanwu 玄武 (Awakened)
Golden Xuanwu 黄金玄武 (Spirit Soul Influence in C434)

Spirit Rank Soul Elder (Outer Court 5th Yr, C13)

Soul Ancestor - Rank 43 (Outer Court 5th Yr, C64)
Soul Ancestor - Rank 47 (Outer Court 5th Yr, C107)
Soul King (Inner Court, C150)
Soul Emperor - Rank 64 (Inner Court, C208)
Soul Sage - Rank 71 (Tang Sect, C435)
Soul Douluo (Tang Sect, C551)
Titled Duoluo - Rank 96 (SL2 End)

Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

1 Purple

2 Yellow
2 Purple

2 Yellow
2 Purple
2 Black

2 Yellow
2 Purple
2 Black
3 Red
(SL2 Final)

System Defense System
Professional Status
Occupation Xuanwu Sect's Second Young Master

5th Year Outer Court Student (Graduated)
Inner Court Student (Graduated)
Shrek Monster
Tang Sect Elder Dou Ling Empire's Prince Regent (Discarded)

Affiliation Heaven Spirit Empire

Xuanwu Sect
Shrek Academy
Tang Sect
Dou Ling Empire

Light Novel Debut Chapter 12
Manhua Debut Chapter 13

Appearance Edit

Xu Sanshi 2

Manhua Xu Sanshi

He is a big youth having short hair, thick eyebrows and tiger’s eyes with a straight nose and square mouth. He has a fair skin with some hints of baby fat. Overall, he has a proper look.

He was wearing a black school uniform; he was actually a sixth-year student. He looked to be around Bei Bei’s age, and had a tall figure that was comparable to He Caitou’s. He had bushy eyebrows, as well as eyes that resembled that of a tiger’s. He also had a straight nose, a square-shaped mouth, along with a grand appearance. His fair skin had already been suffused with a few shades of red due to his anger, while his face, which still seemed to contain some baby fat, was quite imposing.

Xu Sanshi and He Caitou have the largest bodies among the Outer Court.

Xu Sanshi outward appearance wasn’t too bad; he had a square face and a normal-shaped nose and mouth. Even though he wasn’t as elegant and scholarly as Bei Bei, he could still be considered good-looking. However, his attitude was completely different than what he looked like.

At age 15, Xu Sanshi was not much taller than Jiang Nannan.

By age 20, he was at least a meter and ninety centimeters tall. His shoulders were broad, and he looked as majestic as could be. His tall, muscular appearance gave people the feeling he was as stalwart and steady as a mountain. He also had medium-length hair. In terms of looks, Xu Sanshi and Bei Bei had different styles. However, they were both handsome.

For the second Continental Tournament as part of Tang Sect's team, Xu Sanshi and others wore specially designed warrior robes 劲装. There were silver embroidered lines on their white warrior robes, and these lines eventually gathered at the back, forming the words 唐门.

(Initial): His body expanded, causing his uniform to stretch outwards. Following that, the massive tortoiseshell shield appeared in his right hand again as well.

(Xuanwu): After breaking the seal on his martial soul, Xu Sanshi’s body had gone through some slight changes. He was taller and bigger than before; his physique similar to that of an adult’s. On top of that, there seemed to be a faint jade light coming from his short hair. His muscles had swelled up, giving him the aura of an immovable mountain as he stood there. Xu Sanshi’s deep voice had dropped a few octaves and the somewhat frivolous feeling his voice used to have was now replaced with a magnetic charm.

(Golden Xuanwu)

Xu Sanshi worn a necklace owned by his mother, hidden under his clothes after Dou Ling Empire's royal family's destruction. The chain itself was silver, and very thin, but the pendant hanging beneath was very peculiar. It was a faint golden token, with six jewels embedded on its surface. Every jewel had a different shape and size, but the jewels together formed the words “Dou Ling”, and were also emanating faint soul power undulations.

Personality Edit

He has a very hot temper and is quick to get into fights. He is a straight forward person with a never give up attitude. He tends to loose his cool when something happens related to Jiang Nannan.

He finds it hilarious as he enjoys causing and seeing the reactions of others he wants to spite. He is the group's mood clown. He also abides his oaths, such as not killing spirit beasts in the future just for killing. He even develops compassion for his Golden Tortoise and wishes to not obtain other spirit souls out of respect.

Xu Sanshi was a perverted person, but he was far from Beibei’s level at trash-talking

After one month becoming the Dou Ling Empire's Prince Regent, Spirit Douluo Xu Sanshi seemed very different from before. His lazy smile that appeared on his face every day was gone, to be replaced by dignity and majesty. However, he also appeared a lot older than before, even though only a month had gone by. It wasn’t hard to see how much effort, blood, and sweat he had put into this.

Xu Sanshi later reverts back to his lazy, flow attitude after leaving the throne.

History Edit

Xu Sanshi was born to his eloped mother Dou Ling Empier's Princess Xue Lingxun and his father of the reclusive Xuanwu Sect. He is the second young master with several brothers. Xu Sanshi also had a personal servant and childhood friend from a 5 generations core disciple Xuanwu Sect family, named Chen Wen whom Sanshi lessen contact at age 15.

Everyone in his family had centered their hopes on Xu Sanshi to succeed as house master in his generation, and his family had nurtured him as best they could since he was a child. Xu Sanshi had entered Shrek Academy at the age of twelve, and he became an overnight celebrity along with Bei Bei when they amazed the world with their feats and became one of their class’s most outstanding students. He had already been at Shrek Academy for three years when his fifteenth birthday came to pass.

In his hidden Sect of the Heaven Spirit Empire, every direct male disciple of the Xuanwu Sect has to undergo a special awakening ritual of his martial soul when he’s fifteen years old. Once it’s completed, the martial soul might completely evolve. If it evolves to the Xuanwu Shield, one can become the heir to the sect leader.

Xu Sanshi after meeting with Jiang Nannan was immediately attracted to her and persistently pursued her despite her giving him a cold shoulder.

Plot Edit

Spirit Battle Arena vs Beibei Edit

Shrek Academy Outer Court 5th year Soul Elder student age 15 Xu Sanshi saw Huo Yuhao refusing to sell fish to Jiang Nannan. He becomes extremely angry and throws a gold coin at him and tries to get the last remaining 2 fish which were reserved. However Yuhao does not allow them to be snatched causing Xu Sanshi to become angry and destroy Yuhao's fish stall. As he attacks Yuhao, he is stopped by Tang Ya who shoots him with a Dragon Beard Needle and Beibei who interrupts him from attacking Yuhao. Thus they take their battle to the Spirit Battle Arena.

At the Spirit Battle Arena resting area he is swindled by Beibei to part with Mystic Water Pill for removing the Dragon Beard Needle embedded in him. Then they make another bet for the outcome of the battle with the wager being another Mystic Water Pill. Soon after the start of the match Xu Sanshi is attacked by a barrage of attacks as well as a soul shock which leaves Xu Sanshi defeated. He becomes aware that Beibei cheated but is unable to provide evidence to call it out.

Shrek Academy Outer Court Edit

He met Tang Ya and Yuhao again when he was buying a roasted fish for Jiang Nannan, for which he gets teased by Tang Ya for being romantic. After he receives the fish, he throws his money at them and leave. He brings the roasted fish to Jiang Nannan stating that he didn't use force to get them. When Jiang Nannan refuses to accept his offered fish, he confesses his feelings for her but Jiang Nannan replies him with cold fury stating that since their status are different, it's better for them to go in separate ways and that he should not bully others just because of her. He blocks Jiang Nannan when she tries to leave but Nannan flees after activating her spirit.

Evil Spirit Masters Edit

Continental Tournament Edit

Inner Court Edit

Xu Sanshi at age 18 reached Spirit King rank. At Mu En's dying request, Xu Sanshi and the other Shrek Monsters joined Tang Sect. Sanshi was willing to join the Tang Sect and break ties with his family’s sect to work hard together to reinstate the Tang Sect. His joining made him the third eldest senior in the Tang Sect group.

Return from Exchange Edit





Golden Tortoise Spirit Soul Edit

Dou Ling Empire's Prince Regent Edit

(Post-SL2) Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong Reunite in the Divine Realm Edit

Huo Yuhao and Tang Wutong, after reuniting in the Divine Realm, conduct their marriage at the Tang Sect, inside Shrek City. They were surrounded by Xu Sanshi and their friends.

Soul Land III Edit

The Dou Ling Empire and its Imperial family descended from Xu Sanshi's first born son (surnamed Xue) later migrated and claimed the Dou Ling Continent a few generations after Huo Yuhao's and Tang Wutong's final ascension to the Divine Realm.

Spirit Soul - Golden Tortoise Edit

  • Species: Golden Tortoise
  • Age: 100,000+ years
  • Attributes: Water and Earth
    • A Golden Tortoise 100,000+ Torso Bone provided
  • Status: Spirit Soul
  • Abilites:
    • Small Good Fortune
    • Defense
    • Longer Life to others by Increasing their cultivation rate of double with half the effort
    • Contract transformed Xuanwu to Golden Xuanwu
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