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Xu Sanshi

Xu Sanshi

Rsz 2xuanwu

Name Xu Sanshi
Also Known As The Eternal Defense

Mysterious Underworld Douluo

Species Human
Age 27+
Gender Male
Hair Color Red
Eye Color Red
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Jiang Nannan (Lover)

Xue Lingxun (Mother)

Spirit Mystic Deep Turtle / Xuan Wu
Spirit Rank Titled Duoluo - Rank 90+
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

2 Purple
2 Black
1 Red
2 Black

System Defense System
Professional Status
Occupation Student (5th Year)
Affiliation Shrek Academy
Light Novel Debut Chapter 12
Manhua Debut Chapter 13

Appearance Edit

He is a big youth having thick eyebrows and tiger’s eyes with a straight nose and square mouth. He has a fair skin with some hints of baby fat. Overall, he has a proper look.

Personality Edit

He has a very hot temper and is quick to get into fights. He is a straight forward person with a never give up attitude. He tends to loose his cool when something happens related to Jiang Nannan.

History Edit

Xu Sanshi after meeting with Jiang Nannan was immediately attracted to her and persistently pursued her despite her giving him a cold shoulder.

Plot Edit

Spirit Battle Arena Edit

Xu Sanshi seeing Huo Yuhao refusing to sell fish to Jiang Nannan becomes extremely angry and throws a gold coin at him and tries to get the last remaining 2 fish which were reserved. However Yuhao does not allow them to be snatched causing Xu Sanshi to become angry and destroy Yuhao's fish stall. As he attacks Yuhao, he is stopped by Tang Ya who shoots him with a Dragon Beard Needle and Beibei who interrupts him from attacking Yuhao. Thus they take their battle to the Spirit Battle Arena.

At the Spirit Battle Arena resting area he is swindled by Beibei to part with Mystic Water Pill for removing the Dragon Beard Needle embedded in him. Then they make another bet for the outcome of the battle with the wager being another Mystic Water Pill. Soon after the start of the match Xu Sanshi is attacked by a barrage of attacks as well as a soul shock which leaves Xu Sanshi defeated. He becomes aware that Beibei cheated but is unable to provide evidence to call it out.

Shrek Academy Edit

He met Tang Ya and Yuhao again when he was buying a roasted fish for Jiang Nannan, for which he gets teased by Tang Ya for being romantic. After he receives the fish, he throws his money at them and leave. He brings the roasted fish to Jiang Nannan stating that he didn't use force to get them. When Jiang Nannan refuses to accept his offered fish, he confesses his feelings for her but Jiang Nannan replies him with cold fury stating that since their status are different, it's better for them to go in separate ways and that he should not bully others just because of her. He blocks Jiang Nannan when she tries to leave but Nannan flees after activating her spirit.

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