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{{Character Infobox|Name = Xu Yunhao|Gender = Male|Spirit = Three-Eyed White Tiger|Chinese = 徐云瀚|Alias = 徐云瀚 (xú yún hào)<br>
{{Character Infobox|Name = Xu Yunhao|Gender = Male|Spirit = [[White Tiger|Three-Eyed White Tiger]]|Chinese = 徐云瀚|Alias = 徐云瀚 (xú yún hào)<br>
小云瀚 (xiăo yún hào) (Little Yunhao)<br>
小云瀚 (xiăo yún hào) (Little Yunhao)<br>
云瀚 (yún hào) (Yunhao)<br>|Age = 6|Vital Status = Alive|Occupation = Prince of Sun-Moon Empire|Relatives = [[Chengzi]] (Mother)<br>
云瀚 (yún hào) (Yunhao)<br>|Age = 6|Vital Status = Alive|Occupation = Prince of Sun-Moon Empire
Future Emperor|Relatives = [[Chengzi]] (Mother)<br>
[[Huo Yuhao]] (Father)<br>
[[Huo Yuhao]] (Father)<br>
[[Huo Zhanji]] (Half-Brother)<br>
[[Huo Zhanji]] (Half-Brother)<br>
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[[Dai Mubai]] (Ancestor)<br>
[[Dai Mubai]] (Ancestor)<br>
[[Zhu Zhuqing]] (Ancestor)
[[Zhu Zhuqing]] (Ancestor)
|Affiliation = Sun-Moon Empire|Hide Media = .|Hair = Black|Eyes = Black}}
|Affiliation = [[Sun-Moon Empire]]|Hide Media = p|Hair = Black|Eyes = Black|Species = Human|Spirit Rank = Spirit Scholar|System = Power Attack System}}
== Appearance ==
== Personality ==
== Plot ==

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Xu Yunhao
Name Xu Yunhao
Chinese 徐云瀚
Also Known As 徐云瀚 (xú yún hào)

小云瀚 (xiăo yún hào) (Little Yunhao)
云瀚 (yún hào) (Yunhao)

Species Human
Age 6
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Chengzi (Mother)

Huo Yuhao (Father)
Huo Zhanji (Half-Brother)
Huo Yun Er (Grandmother)
Dai Hao (Grandfather)
Dai Yaoheng (Uncle)
Dai Huabin (Uncle)
Dai Luoli (Uncle)
Dai Mubai (Ancestor)
Zhu Zhuqing (Ancestor)

Spirit Three-Eyed White Tiger
Spirit Rank Spirit Scholar
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings
System Power Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation Prince of Sun-Moon Empire

Future Emperor

Affiliation Sun-Moon Empire
Light Novel Debut
Manhua Debut

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