Fighting Style Edit

Xian Zi use a close combat style of fight.

Spirit Edit

Godly Taotie Bull Edit

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Initial Skill
  • Name: Godly Taotie Bull
  • Type: Beast Spirit
  • Transforms the user.
Xuan Lao Spirit

Bloodline Edit

Xuan Zi posses the Taotie Bloodline. It needs an external aid to unleash it like the Golden Tree or the influence of Mu En spirit.

Self-created Spirit Skills Edit

Heaven and Earth Resonance Edit

The Godly Taotie Bull behind his back roared fearsomely as a dense and material sphere of dirty yellow light appeared between his palms.

This sphere appeared very peculiar. Its insides seemed material, but there were separate pieces floating on its surface. Every piece radiated with strange light, and some even seemed like there was water flowing between them. Those dots of yellow light emanated dense earth-type energy as they surged hysterically towards the sky attacking his opponent.

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