Sect Leader Tang, please accept this kowtow of mine. If not, I Xue Beng cannot be at ease for this life of mine. At the start in order to protect myself, I had aggravated Sect Leader Tang multiple times. However, Sect Leader Tang still saved my father’s life during times of crisis. Regardless of being a son or a servant, I have to kowtow to you for my father and myself.
— Xue Beng
Xue Beng
Xue Beng
Name Xue Beng
Chinese 雪崩
Also Known As Emperor

Fourth Imperial Prince of Heaven Dou Empire

Species Human
Age 26
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Xue Ye (Father)

Xue Qinghe (Brother)
Xue Ke (Sister)
Xue Xing (Uncle)

Master Tang San
Spirit Heavenly Swan
Spirit Rank Spirit Ancestor - Rank 40
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

2 Purple

Professional Status
Occupation Emperor

Crown Prince

Affiliation Heaven Dou Imperial Academy

Heaven Dou Empire

Light Novel Debut Chapter 58
Manhua Debut Chapter 59

Xue Beng is the current Emperor and former fourth Imperial Prince of Heaven Dou Empire studying at the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.

Appearance Edit

He has a rather pompous appearance is always seen dressed grandly.

Personality Edit

Being from the Royal Family, he acts as a person who looks down on others and uses his influences to take care of his problems.

He is, however, extremely clever, choosing to hide his true nature and rather appear as a arrogant and foolhardy person. He is respectful and intelligent and appears entirely differently following becoming the Crown Prince.

History Edit

Following the death of his 2nd and 3rd brothers he wanting to make sure to survive becomes a person who is pampered and does not give precedence to training.

Plot Edit

Heaven Dou Imperial Academy Edit

Xue Beng along with other students of the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy are the first to come across the members of the Shrek Academy. Seeing them Xue Beng immediately insults them causing Dai Mubai to lose his temper, and send him flying with a kick.

Xue Beng vows to get them kicked out of the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy and uses the help of his uncle Xue Xing to get rid of them.

Royal Family's Poison Edit

Xue Beng meets with Tang San again after he incites the Imperial Forbidden Guards although he is unable to recognize him. He immediately order the guards to attack him but is stopped by Dugu Bo. After realizing the two seem to be acquaintances, Xue Beng ponders over the new development without interfering in their business.

After the Heaven Dou Palace Rebellion, he becomes the Crown Prince. He asks Tang San to become his teacher earnestly and kowtows to him. He becomes happy when Tang San accepts him and asks him to watch over Tang Sect after he is gone.

Quotes Edit

Even this empire is owned by my family. Let’s go, I won’t go to class today. I will first look for justice as royalty cannot take a beating. If we don’t drive them away, I won’t be able to rest easy.
— Xue Beng

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