Xue Xing
Xue Xing
Name Xue Xing
Chinese 雪星
Also Known As Prince Xue Xing
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Xue Ye (Brother)

Xue Beng (Nephew)
Xue Qinghe (Nephew)
Xue Ke (Niece)

Spirit Rank
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings
Professional Status
Occupation Supervisor of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy
Affiliation Heaven Dou Empire

Heaven Dou Imperial Academy

Light Novel Debut Chapter 60
Manhua Debut Chapter 59

Xue Xing is the little brother of Emperor Xue Ye of the Heaven Dou Empire and is the supervisor of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.

Appearance Edit

Xue Xing has grizzled hair neatly combed back, medium height, a slightly heavy frame, and a majestic appearance. His voice is resonant, filled with confidence and not at all polite. His eyes seemed a bit small, breaking the harmonious feeling of the facial features.

Personality Edit

Being the brother of the Emperor he is arrogant, haughty and disrespectful. He also does not care much for human beings, even buying them as slaves.

Background Edit

Xue Xing seems to be partial to the fourth Imperial Prince Xue Beng, helping him in order to weaken the other Princes.

Plot Edit

Heaven Dou Academy Edit

Xue Xing first appears seeking Meng Shenji along with Xue Beng. Having heard that Xue Beng got beaten by Dai Mubai he plans to kick all the members of the Shrek Academy despite the protests of the Board of Education. He employs Dugu Bo to have them leave the Academy.

Heaven Dou Auction House Edit

He is present at the Heaven Dou Auction House bidding to buy a cat woman as a slave. When he gets into a bidding war with another person he demands to see who he is up against and upon seeing that it is Ning Fengzhi immediately backs out.

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament Edit

He sits behind the Emperor at the opening ceremony. Seeing the opponents from the Shrek Academy, he immediately boasts that the second team of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy will have no problem winning. However upon seeing the 4th Spirit Ring of Tang San, he is unable to stop from voicing his shock. And at the same time Ning Fengzhi reveals to Emperor Xue Ye, that it was Xue Xing who stopped the Shrek Academy from joining the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.

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