Xue Ye
Xue Ye
Name Xue Ye
Chinese 雪夜
Also Known As Emperor
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Deceased
Relatives Xue Qinghe (Son)

Xue Beng (Son)
Xue Ke (Daughter)
Xue Xing (Brother)

Spirit Rank
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings
Professional Status
Occupation Emperor
Affiliation Heaven Dou Empire
Light Novel Debut Chapter 90
Manhua Debut Chapter 88

Appearance Edit

Emperor Xue Ye is a middle aged man, with a face like an old moon. He wears a brilliant gold crown on his head and red and gold robes covered his body. He had a very imposing aura and gave people a feeling of being central.

Personality Edit

He appears to be kind yet calculating. He appreciates great ability.

Plot Edit

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament Edit

The Emperor starts off the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament with a few words. He appears to be bored and discontent at the games. He is amazed seeing Tang San's 4th Spirit Ring and upon hearing from Ning Fengzhi that Prince Xue Xing turned them away from the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy causing him to become angry but stopping himself from questioning him on the spot.

Following the end of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament qualifiers, at the awarding ceremony he offers all the Captains and Vice-Captains of the teams to become Viscounts and the other members of the teams to become Barons after they graduate with fiefdoms to be allocated to each of them. He also offered to improve their rank and offer the title of Imperial to the Academy among the five if they managed to win the tournament much to the chagrin of Bishop Salas.

After the conclusion of the tournament he awarded titles for all of the Shrek Seven Devils, who however did not return to receive them much to the disappointment of Xue Ye. He then recognizing the importance of Yu Xiaogang conferred him the title of Count and Imperial Spirit Master Minister in order for him to remain in the Heaven Dou Empire and cultivate more genius talents.

Spirit Hall Attacks Edit

Following the attack by Spirit Hall, Ning Fengzhi and Yu Xiaogang meets with him. He expresses his fury more to the benefit of the two in order to get closer to them. He provides protection to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan and allows Grandmaster to train the Spirit Masters in preparation to the oncoming war. As advised by Grandmaster he sends an envoy to the Star Luo Empire to unite against a common enemy.

Heaven Dou Palace Rebellion Edit

Emperor Xue Ye was poisoned and was tried to be managed and cured by Dugu Bo. However overtime the poison aggravated causing him to be unable to attend to the matters of the palace and be bedridden barely conscious. He is taken away by Tang San and the others during the Heaven Dou Palace Rebellion. He is cured of the poison affecting the body by an antidote created by Yang Wudi. However due to the effect of the poison his lifespan is shortened which becomes further shortened when Ning Fengzhi uses a secret method to revitalize him. Emperor Xue Ye immediately takes charge and quells the uprising and confusion.

Ning Fengzhi brings Tang San to meet with the Emperor. After Xue Beng, the Crown Prince kowtows to Tang San becoming his teacher, the Emperor decrees Tang San as the Imperial Tutor and gives the royal name, Lan Hao. He also gifts Tang San with the Vast Sea Cosmic Shroud.

Trivia Edit

  • The five orders of nobility are from the most senior to least: Duke, Marquis, Count, Viscount, Baron.

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