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Ya Li was a Hyper Douluo known as the Holy Spirit Douluo and a healing system soul master. She resides within Shrek Academy's inner court. She is married to Sea God Pavilion Master Yun Ming and is a Sea God Pavilion Elder.

History[edit | edit source]

Ya Li was been born in the slums. When she became a soul master and obtained the opportunity to leave, she chose to stay. She chose to help those that society had turn its back on. By doing so, Yali unknowingly cultivated the Angel of Hope, the energy from patients’ faith a prime factor for her martial soul’s growth. Before she knew it, she had stepped forward into the realm of Spirit King. 

Of course, her cultivation did not stop there. About fifty years ago, when she was still a seven-ringed Soul Sage, an epidemic spread across the continent, ruthless in its approach. Millions gone, some without the luxury of a marked grave. 

Yali would not have it.

In the span of fifteen days, she traveled through all fourteen provinces of the continent, bringing only herself and the clothes on her back.  Not a single person was turned away from her treatment. Over that period, she continuously drew on her faith energy and life force to push on. It slashed fifty years from her lifespan, drove her onto her deathbed at the very end of it, and she was delivered back to Shrek Academy comatose.

But her sacrifice had been worth it. From the next day onward, those plagued by the disease showed signs of recovery. The energy of their faith trickled into Yali at first, gradually transforming into rushing river.

One year later, she awakened. A Soul Sage into a Titled Douluo, the quickest in history. 

Despite treating countless people, Yali kept her name secret. Her patients simply called her the Angel of Hope. The mere mention of that name sent waves throughout Douluo. 

The Federation had offered her a high-ranking office for her deeds, but she rejected it, asking for her identity to be kept under wraps. She wished to save people, pure and simple. She had no desire for fame. Soon after, Yali went into seclusion in Shrek Academy, only coming out whenever a disaster occurred. 

A hundred years ago, she was the successor of a mysterious organization and had many suitors. One day, Yun Ming declared he will take Yali as his wife, even though they were not dating at the time. He challenged all his rivals in love to a duel. When the time came, he single-handedly defeated sixteen other Titled Douluos, three of which were three-word battle armor masters and the rest two-word. Yali got snatch away by Yun Ming. They had a grand wedding and many believe them to be a couple made in heaven.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Yali had always been kind. She was the kindest woman in the world. She treated everyone equally regardless of their background.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Volume 5 - Rising[edit | edit source]

First Grade Competition[edit | edit source]

Ya Li appeared at the selection tournament for the first grade. She helped heal the injured students from the tournament.

First Grade vs. Second Grade[edit | edit source]

Later on, she attended the competition between the first and second grade. She watched the blacksmithing competition between Tang Wulin and He Xiaopeng. When Wulin finished spirit refining his titanium crystal into titanium gold, Ya Li could clearly feel the life force within the metal. She nodded imperceptibly, a warm smile forming on her lips. Awe filled her eyes.[1] The competition dragged until the final match. She discussed with Cai Yue, which team would likely win, before heading down to the stage to serve as the referee. She transported out anyone who has been eliminated in the battle until Tang Wulin, Gu Yue, Yuanen Yehui, Duan Hunxiao, and Bai Hanying were the last ones left on the stage. Yehui tells Wulin to surrender, but he did not surrender.

Ya Li watched the scene unfold with calm eyes. As Yehui raised a fist and strode across the stage to meet Wulin, a faint smile tugged at the corner of the Douluo’s mouth as her gaze moved to Tang Wulin. An instant later, her calm turned to shock. Gu Yue hugged Tang Wulin from behind. They used their spirit fusion ability, causing Ya Li to save the rest of the second grade students. Both sides lost conscious. Since she had to save the second grade students, the first grade won the match. Ya Li examined Tang Wulin and Gu Yue. She concluded that it will likely take a month for them to recover from the exhaustion and suspect their spirit fusion skill to be close to a hundred percent, on par with a divine fusion skill.

Healing Mo Lan[edit | edit source]

Ya Li traveled to Heaven Dou City at the request of

Witnessed by Tang Wulin[edit | edit source]

Ya Li was spending some time alone with Yun Ming. She was sitting on his lap on a swing when they were spotted by Tang Wulin, with a dumbstruck look on his face. A hint of embarrassment appeared on her face as she and Yun Ming noticed Tang Wulin before disappearing from his sight.

Volume 9 -[edit | edit source]

It is revealed that she lost the ability to bear children after igniting her life force in order to save more people during the plague that struck the Douluo Continent many years ago.

References[edit | edit source]

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