Appearance[edit | edit source]

Yang Wudi is tall and slim with black hair despite his old age and has a rosy complexion. He usually has a somewhat gloomy expression and cold eyes giving the feeling of a vulture.

In the manhua, he has long blond hair.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Yang Wudi is a resolute person who is rather stubborn and quick tempered. He is however also rational and rather powerful. He has keen interest in medicinal plants.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Tang Sect[edit | edit source]

Yang Wudi arrives at the Rising Dragon City and meets with the former subsidiary clans of Clear Sky Clan. He immediately proposes to establish a sect by combining the 4 clans in order to stand against the Spirit Hall, who had previously threatened his clan and to establish it in the Star Luo Empire. It is then revealed to him the plans of the other clans to join Tang Sect and Tai Tan introduces Tang San as the Clan Head. Seeing the young appearance of Tang San he immediately scoffs at him but when Tai Tan reveals him as Tang Hao's son, he immediately becomes hostile. He makes haste to leave but Tang San confronts his anger, challenging him.

He accepts Tang San's challenge and bet. He then utilizes his Soul Breaking Spear to contend against Tang San. He is immensely surprised by Tang San's power and abilities. He is forced to use his Tool Spirit Avatar, but Tang San effectively confronts it, albeit with injuries. In a moment of confusion Tang San's 6th Spirit Ring lights up and Xiao Wu's soul appears and thoroughly decimates him using the Eight Stage Drop causing him to receive massive injuries and lose consciousness.

After Yang Wudi regains his consciousness he admits his loss. He is immensely surprised that the injuries caused by him on Tang San had already been healed just after the end of the match. Then Bai He tells Yang Wudi about the Crystal Blood Dragon Ginseng. Yang Wudi immediately agrees to join Tang Sect if he receives it. However when Tang San presents Yang Wudi with the Aromatic Silk Beauty which immensely excites him. He is extremely happy since with the immortal treasure he would be able to develop any kind of poisonous concoction. He along with the other 3 clans quickly pack up and set off to the Heaven Dou Empire to set up Tang Sect.

After Tang San returns from visiting Gengxin City, the elders and the Shrek Devils have their first meeting. Tang San expresses to abolish the different clans and make Tang Sect become one single entity. He then makes Yang Wudi the master of Medicine Hall of Tang Sect.

Heaven Dou Palace Rebellion[edit | edit source]

When Dugu Bo comes baring news of the poisoning of Emperor Xue Ye, he goes along with Tang San and Dugu Bo to cure it. When the Crown Prince barres their way and battle ensues against two Titled Douluos, he confronts Snake Lance Douluo She Long and then switch to fighting against Ci Xue and manages to injure him. Yang Wudi then fights against Ci Xue. He and Dugu Bo manage to hold down the two opposing Titled Douluo as Tang San fights against Qian Renxue. The final combined attack of the two manages to destroy half of Ci Xue's body putting him on the verge of death.

With the arrival of the Golden Iron Triangle, they manage to take the upper hand forcing She Long and Ci Xue to retreat with the unconscious Qian Renxue. They then immediately check on Emperor Xue Ye and bring him back to the Shrek Academy. He and Dugu Bo work together and manages to stabilize the Emperor's condition by making an antidote.

Afterwards Yang Wudi tells Tang San that the concoction that poisoned the Emperor was called Gorgeous Seven Colors which was produced by the Breaking Clan. He tells that only him and his brother has the ability to concoct this poison and that his brother probably had become a lacky of the Spirit Hall. He asks Tang San to allow him to kill him if they ever come across him.

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