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Appearance[edit | edit source]

In the manhua, Ye Lingtong has long flowing silver, white hair that is often styled into two-tails. She has a average build and statue for her age, and she also possesses a pair of large orange eyes, that is sometimes portrayed as gold, depending of the colour of her eyes.

In the novel, Ye Lingtong is stated to have light brown hair and green eyes.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Lington is, simply put, a tsundere. She has shown to be petty and quickly becomes jealous over the tiniest things. Beneath this, however, she is just a child who wants attention. She is also prideful and unable to come to terms with her own emotions, having seemingly developed feelings for Xuanyu yet being unable to to acknowledge them. However, following the incident where Xuanyu saved her from a Three Eyed Ape, Lingtong seemed to have become more honest with her feelings.

Lington has repeatedly shown herself to be competitive, with a strong will to rise in the world. In battle, she normally remains calm and analytical, displaying great confidence in her abilities. Also, despite her crush on Xuanyu, she still went all-out during each of their battles. When cornered, Lington is even willing to resort to underhanded tactics, like stealing others' kills.

As an adult, Lingtong has fully grown out of her tsundere personality. She even showed the willingness to admit her previous mistakes and own up to them. It also seems that she has found peace with her place in her job at the seventh fleet.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Meeting Xuanyu[edit | edit source]

Lingtong debuted during Xuanyu's elementary school admission and developed a one-sided rivalry with him due to him being only one in their year with a higher Spirit Rank. This would lead her to challenge him to several mock battles, only to lose each time due to the power of the Dragon God within him suppressing her own Dragon-type Spirit.

Despite her antagonism, however, Lingtong actually just seemed to have a crush on Xuanyu, but was unaware of her own feelings. Unfortunately, Xuanyu had developed a dislike for Lingtong, being annoyed by her constantly challenging him.

Elite Youth Class[edit | edit source]

All students in Lingtong's grade undertook a special exam, with those with the best results being selected for an Elite Youth Class in Tian Luo Elementary Soul Academy. In it, students were send into a virtual world so see how they fare against the virtual Soul Beasts. During the exam, Lingtong foolishly attacked a young Three Eyed Ape, causing it's parent to attack her. She was saved by Xuanyu in the end, though the boy was badly injured. This incident seemed to have finally caused Lingtong to realize her feelings for him.

Lingtong and Xuanyu ended up being selected for the special course, as they had the best results in their grade. The first time she saw him following the incident with the One Eyed Ape, Lingtong expressed happiness he had made a full recovery. However, he mostly shrugged her off due to her previous antagonism.

During the course, Lingtong and Xuanyu were assigned to different teams and faced each other several times, though her team always lost to his. Her team leader, Lu Qianxun, also kept her away from Xuanyu, as he had a crush on her himself.

Seperate Ways[edit | edit source]

Lingtong and Xuanyu went their separate ways after she failed the Shrek Academy entrance exam. In it, she and her team had to earn points by defeating Spirit Beasts and other teams. However, all her teammates were defeated, forcing her to flee. Xuanyu's team found her and decided to protect her. However, desperate to pass, Lingtong stole a kill from them, prompting Xuanyu to eliminate her.

Following her elimination, Lingtong reported to professor Ji Hongbin that Xuanyu had "stolen" her points. After Xuanyu was eliminated from the test, she angrily confronted him with her teammates and the professor, who demanded an explanation. After Xuanyu explained the situation, however, both professor Ji and her teammates voiced their disappointment in Lingtong. Realizing it was over, Lingtong ran away crying.

Years Later[edit | edit source]

After learning Xyuanyu was successfully admitted to Shrek Academy, Lingtong was jealous and mad. However, her father took her under his wing, and under his guidance, she eventually grew out of her jealousy and tsundere personality. Through his connections, she was admitted to a military academy and graduated on top of her class. Afterward, she joined the Sun-Moon Federation's Seventh Fleet and was given the rank of Major.

Six years later, she and Xuanyu met again. Upon seeing him Lingtong found that she did, in fact, not hate him, though she did harbor some complicated feelings towards him. In the end, she confronted him and finally openly admitted that she was jealous of him being stronger than herself. However, she also thanked him for setting her on the path to be where she is currently at before parting ways.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • The reason the author effectively wrote Lingtong out of the series seems to have been due to fan dislike.
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