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Ye Yinzhu


Zither emperor

Chinese 叶音竹
Pinyin Yè yīn zhú
Alias Zither Emperor

King of the Elves

Vital Status Alive
Age Immortal
Species Human
Gender Male
Height 1.80m
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black

Cyan (SL3.5)

Spouse Sura

Li Haiyang
Shannon Berlusconi

Relatives Ye Zhong (Father)

Mei Ying (Mother)
Ye Li (Grandfather)
Lan Ruxue (Grandmother)
Mei Rujian (Grandfather)
Massimo Moratti (Father-in-Law)
Silvio Berlusconi (Father-in-Law)
Dragon King (Father-in-Law)
Ye Ruiqin (Son)
Ye Siqin (Son)
Ye Lianqin (Daugther)
Ye Nianqin (Son)

Master Qin Shang

Phil Jackson

Friend(s) Zi (Contract Partner)
Occupation(s) God King

Divine Council Member
The First Emperor of the Five Emperors of Qincheng

Affiliation(s) Zither Sect

Bamboo Sect
Great God Circle

Planet Zither Emperor World
Realm Continent Longinus Continent
Country Kingdom of Arcadia
First Appearance
Novel Zither Emperor Ch.1

Douluo Dalu 3.5: Legend of the Tang's Hero Ch. 7

Manhua Douluo Dalu 3.5: Legend of the Tang's Hero Ch. 3
Ye Yinzhu is the main protagonist of Zither Emperor a work by Tang Jia San Shao. A member of the Divine Council in the Great Circle of Gods.

Appearance Edit

He is a very handsome man with long black hair and black eyes. He was born with only eight fingers.

Personality Edit

Due to growing up in isolation he has a very pure and kind heart.

History Edit

Ye Yinzhu was born as the Son of Ye Zhong and Mei Ying. Because of his natural eight fingers, Qin Shang thought of him as genius in the zither while still a baby. He grows up in isolation in a bamboo forest learning zither from his teacher and the bamboo qi martial arts from his grandfather Ye Li. His only friend and audience aside from plants and animals is his best friend and later Contract Partner Zi. After cultivating his Pure Zither Heart for 16 Years in the Desolate Jade Sea he finally leaves isolation.

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