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Ye Zhi-Qui
Name Ye Zhi-Qui
Chinese 叶知秋
Also Known As
Species Human
Age >40
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Spirit Black Tortoise
Spirit Rank Spirit King
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings 1 White

2 Yellow
2 Purple

System Defense System
Professional Status
Occupation External Affairs Department Director
Affiliation Blue Sunshine Academy
Light Novel Debut Chapter 27
Manhua Debut Chapter 21

Appearance Edit

He looks like a more than forty years old middle aged man. In appearance he is considered handsome, with combed hair exceedingly bright all over, wearing a moon white Spirit Master gown even more exceptionally exquisite, embroidered with a silver colored design, twinkling radiantly as he moved.

Spirit Transformation Edit

Following spirit transformation his four limbs simultaneously contracted by one third, his back swelling, bearing a huge shell.

Personality Edit

He is arrogant and confident although at the same time cautious.

Plot Edit

He arrives at a restaurant with seven of his students on his way to the Star Dou Forest. He encounters the Shrek Seven Devils and is provoked into a fight after his students are made unable to compete against them, due to Shrek Seven Devil's higher spirit power.

In order to save face for his Academy, he asks the Shrek Academy's teacher to come face him. The challenge is instead taken up by the Shrek Seven Devils who start battling him. Mid way between the battle Zhao Wuji comes and tells the Shrek Seven Devils to go to sleep. When Ye Zhi-Qui confronts him, Zhao Wuji without even using his Spirit Power, beats him, cracking his shell.

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