Yearning Heartbroken Red
Yearning Heartbroken Red
Name Yearning Heartbroken Red
Also Known As
Type Immortal Herb

Appearance Edit

It is a seemingly common white flower, palm sized, a bit like a tree peony, without leaves, the stalk connecting to a big rock. That stone was completely pitch black with an astonishing weight. On that white flower are a few flecks of red, scarlet red like blood.

Story Edit

Among immortal treasure herbs it’s a divine treasure. It also has a legend.

A very long time ago, a youth, quiet and contented, most liked gardening and planting trees, filling his garden with green and blue lotuses and bulbs, thousands of purples and reds. Ordinarily singing to flowers, toasting to the moon, when a flower fell, he would be boundlessly grieved, sweeping up the flower, burying it in the ground, shedding tears again and again. It’s said his feelings moved Heaven, and his great love for flowers moved the Heavenly Flower Immortal, who personally descended to the world to marry him, happiness like fish in water need not be mentioned. But unexpectedly the good times didn’t last, god learned about their matters, and was furious, saying immortals and the mundane didn’t match, ordering Flower Immortal to return to the divine realm. That youth having lost his lover, moaned and groaned in pain all day, depressed, discarding matters of flowers, consequently the walls fell and fences collapsed, flowers and trees withered, the land growing desolate.

One day a white haired old man arrived, telling him that the white tree peony flower in his garden, was his wife’s reincarnation, as long as he destroyed the flower, the Flower Immortal would lose her immortality, banishing her to the mundane world to be his wife again, but he couldn’t by any means destroy a flower. The words turned into a pure wind and disappeared, and the youth suddenly came to himself, deeply regretting his mean treatment of the blossoms, he again carefully tended to the flowers and plants, even though he deeply loved his wife, he couldn’t bear to burn down the tree peony, it was even more cherished than himself, day and night watering the flowers with his tears, the tears stemmed from deep sorrow, and yearning and heartbroken he died, in his final moments, he dripped some blood on the petals, and you see those dark red stains, that is the heart’s blood of that youth.

Use Edit

The flower is an exceptional treasure that chooses its master. When picking it the persons beloved should be kept in heart, with absolute sincerity, spitting out blood on the petals. After picking the flower, as long as it is by its chosen masters side it will never wither. The rock it grows from is called crow break. If it’s forcefully broken, the Yearning Heartbroken Red will equally lose its medicinal strength.

Plot Edit

Tang San originally meant to gift it to Zhu Zhuqing. However due to her wavering heart, she is unable to become its master. Yu Xiaogang also tries, but is equally unable to become its master. Then Xiao Wu tries with unwavering feelings of love about Tang San and becomes its master. However Xiao Wu refuses to eat, but wishes to keep it with her at all times protecting it.

During the search for Spirit Rings for Shrek Seven Devils, Xiao Wu is attacked by a Man Faced Demon Spider, and thanks to the unbreakable rock of the herb, she manages to survive without much damage.

In the ranking competition of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, when Xiao Wu was facing Balak Academy, the Yearning Heartbroken Red acts to neutralize the poison caused by the tool spirit Sunflower, and effectively give her an upper hand in her second fight. In the final match of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, the Yearning Heartbroken Red slid out from her chest, when she fell during her fight against Spirit Hall Academy and revealed her true form as a 100,000 year old spirit beast to the Titled Douluo's present.

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