Yi Zichen
Yi Zichen
Name Yi Zichen
Chinese 依子尘
Also Known As Old Yi
Species Human
Age 13 (SL3 raw)

10.000+ (SL4 raw)

Gender Male
Height 2 meter (SL4 raw)
Hair Color Black
Eye Color Black
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Unknown Father
Master Luo Guixing

Ling Zichen

Spirit Dust-Earth Elemental
Spirit Rank (True God / 真神 : 2nd Class God /二级神祇 ) - Eleventh Order (115 God-rank)
Spiritual Realm Divine Origin Realm
Spirit Rings 11 Unknown Rings
System Control-Attack type Tool Spirit Master
Professional Status
Occupation Spirit Master

Shrek Academy Student (Former)
Mecha-Manufacture Master
Sea God Pavilion Vice Pavilion Master
Battle Armor Master
Mecha Master

Affiliation Shrek Academy

Sea God Pavilion

Light Novel Debut Chapter 1634 (SL3)


Manhua Debut
Yi Zichen was a young boy with innate full spirit power and enrolled into Shrek Academy. 10,000 year later, he became the Vice-Pavilion Master of Sea God Pavilion.

Appearance Edit

In Soul Land 3, he is a charming little boy, always likes dressing in white shirt.

Soul Land 3 Plot Edit

Beginning Edit

Yi Zichen awakened with innate full spirit power during his awakening ceremony. After his spirit got awakened, all the people in his village collected money for his parents to buy a hundred year old spirit soul for him. He was very talented in the Elementary Spirit Master School near his village. After graduating from the school before 12 years old, his spirit power had reached rank 29. Thus, his father brought him to Shrek City to enroll in Spirit Academy, a school belonging to the Spirit Pagoda because there were benefits for talented students that are enrolled in the school and he was not sure about enrolling Yi Zichen at Shrek Academy.

Enrolling at Shrek Academy Edit

When in line for the registration,

The robbing was acted by Xie Xie, Lan Zhengyu with the help of 7 Old Demons and Eternal Tree. Thus, Yi Zhicen was included.  After entered Outeryard Shrek, Yi Zhicen was selected as Class Leader of first year. He was very diligent and smart, every morning he running in the treck provided by School. Before run he often see Chen Xinjie. After coIlision between Spirit Pagoda and Shrek Academy, he idolized Tang Wulin, and wanted to be as strong as Tang Wulin and Sea God Pavillion Master. After invasion of Abyssal Plane, he was still do his daily run every morning and often see Chen Xinjie flatered Long Yeyue.

In Soul Land 4, he seemed to be the charming young man in white clothes who had been staying with Ling Zichen. He expressed his excitement and joy when he knew Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena are still alive. At the same time, he is very powerful that he could destroy a fleet of space pirate by himself.

He has silver-color Super-God rank Mecha and yellow color Battle Armor.

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