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Yu Tianxin
Yu Tianxin 2
Name Yu Tianxin
Chinese 玉天心
Also Known As
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Yu Tianheng (Cousin)

Yu Xiaogang (Uncle)
Liu Erlong (Aunt)
Yu Luomian (Grandfather)

Spirit Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon
Spirit Rank Spirit Ancestor - Rank 48
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

2 Purple

System Power Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan

Thunderclap Academy

Light Novel Debut Chapter 115
Manhua Debut Chapter 116

Yu Tianxin is a member of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan and the leader of the Thunderclap Academy.

Personality Edit

Yu Tianxin is proud and an extremely hardworking person. He is very confident in his abilities. He is also fair.

Spirit Transformation Edit

Following the unleashing of his spirit a dazzling blue light light up in the space between his eyebrows, immediately followed by the blue light spreading over his whole body, ribbon after ribbon of blue purple violent electricity erupting like little snakes, revolving with him in the center. A blue lightning bolt symbol appear on his forehead.

The sleeves of both arms completely burst into ashes because of his arms swelling, the length of his arms growing by half a chi, both arms extremely bulky, covered with blue purple scales, his hands changing into claws covered by the same scales, each joint of his hand becoming extremely thick. Serpents of blue purple electricity revolving around his body is constantly coagulating on or fleeing from his arms. The two yellow and two purple spirit rings spiral around his arms, the two sides each having two spirit rings.

Plot Edit

He is the captain of the Thunderclap Academy and appears lastly in the fight against Shrek Academy. His opponent is Dai Mubai and from their 1st collision they make the match entirely a Spirit Power match with mutual understanding, unleashing their respective Spirit Ring abilities against each other and enduring the attacks.

Finally they unleash the 4th Spirit Ring ability, and Yu Tianxin is unable to withstand it thus causing him to concede the match. Dai Mubai however states that Yu Tianxin hasn't lost the match in his heart and thus he look forward to battling him again. The fight causes Yu Tianxin major injuries which renders him unable to fight in the subsequent matches.

He arrives at Shrek Academy along with the other members from the Four Elemental Academies to incite trouble.

Differences in the Manhua Edit

  • In the Manhua Yu Tianxin's Spirit Rank is 48 and he is portrayed as a battle crazy person who strives to fight stronger opponents.
  • He cultivates in the middle of the battle while fighting inferior opponents.

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