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Men, men of character, may bleed but not cry. Spirit Hall owes us a debt. There will be one day when it’s repaid a hundredfold.
— Yu Xiaogang
I promise that, my disciple (Tang San) will never oppose the Martial Soul Hall.[1]
— Yu Xiaogang vows to Bibi Dong


He has an average figure and is somewhat thin looking. He is somewhere around forty years old (fifty in the Manhua), with short black hair (white in Manhua). His body possesses a somewhat lazed manner with both eyes half open.


Yu Xiaogang is a brilliant Spirit Master who is kind-hearted and very calculating. He is not arrogant and values intelligence and knowledge above all else. When the people he loves are endangered, he becomes a harsh and reliable person who will stop at nothing to either save...or avenge them.


Yu Xiaogang was born into the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. Since his brother was too busy learning to become the next head of the clan he often played with Yu Tianheng. Due to his weak spirit, he was cast off from the clan.

Following his departure from the Blue Lightning Dragon Clan, he met Bibi Dong, the disciple of the Supreme Pontiff, and fell in a mutual love with her. However, he was eventually forced to give up on her because of the Supreme Pontiff forcing him to leave.

He then met Flender and Liu Erlong and formed the team Golden Iron Triangle. He falls in love with Liu Erlong and eventually marries her, only to find out that she is his cousin. Dispirited he leaves the team. The shock he experienced caused his black hair to become grey.

He becomes well known as the Grandmaster and is considered the best theoretician and knowledge bank when it comes to Spirit Beasts. While there, he wished to one day make a disciple that would shock the entire continent.


Nuoding Academy[]

Grandmaster initially meets up with Tang San and Jack at the entrance to the Nuoding Academy granting them entrance. Upon seeing Tang San has Innate Full Spirit Power with Blue Silver Grass he deduces he has Twin Spirits, and thus Tang San recognizes him as his master.

Grandmaster gifts Tang San with the Twenty Four Moonlight Bridges and some bedding. They soon set upon to receive Tang San's 1st Spirit Ring. While battling against the Datura Snake he becomes poisoned and is saved by Tang San. Along the year he imparts his knowledge on Spirit Beasts to Tang San, coming to care for him as a father would.

When Tang San visited home, he is visited by a mysterious person who reveals himself as Tang Hao. He is shocked to see the state of his idol, being unable to recognize his change of appearance and receives the token tile of highest authority.

Five years later Grandmaster sends Tang San to enroll in Shrek Academy.

Shrek Academy[]

Soon after Tang's enrollment into the academy, Grandmaster also appears and reunites with his old friend Flender. He then takes over the training process of the Shrek Seven Devils. His 1st Stage of Training is Endurance and he forces the Seven to push their limits to its utmost by making them carry heavy loads on their backs while running.

His 2nd Stage of Training takes place in the Great Spirit Arena, making them fight several battles a day, with the target being obtaining a Silver Rank Spirit Fighter Badge.

After the Shrek Seven Devils fights the Emperor Team it is revealed that Yu Xiaogang was once a member of the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan. After meeting up with Qin Ming, he proposes a student exchange program to Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.

New Shrek Academy[]

On route to the Heaven Dou City, they stop at Silvers City Great Spirit Arena allowing the Shrek Seven Devils to take part in a rank surpassing challenge and kill all the members of the Fiend Team. It is done to temper their soul and be used to killing.

After getting kicked out of the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy he goes along with the others to the Blue Tyrant Academy. He is shocked to meet his former lover and wife and tries to run away but is stopped by Flender.

He then tells the story of his past to Tang San, about the Golden Iron Triangle and how he fell in love with and married Liu Erlong only to find out she was his first cousin. Thus to avoid her being shamed he ran away to seclude himself. Tang San rebuffs him saying he has an inferiority complex and should be together with the woman he loves, as Liu Erlong still clearly loves him after all this time. Yu Xiaogang and Liu Erlong share a moment while Tang San gets kidnapped by Dugu Bo.

The Golden Iron Triangle immediately sets after Dugu Bo and confronts him. They battle him by using Spirit Fusion with the 3, with Luo San Pao becoming a dragon. Their fight is however stopped by Tang San who reassures everyone he is okay and will come back to the Academy shortly.

Following Tang San's return he receives the Yearning Heartbroken Red but is unable to become its master due to his wavering feelings. He then receives the Nine Treasure Purple Zoysia which allows him to breakthrough his 30th bottleneck in Spirit Rank which he was unable to do for 2 decades. He goes with Flender, Liu Erlong and Dai Mubai to collect his 3rd Spirit Ring.

Sunset Forest[]

Yu Xiaogang & Liu Erlong 2.jpg

He visits the Sunset Forest along with the Shrek Seven Devils to collect the 4th Spirit Ring for the ones who attained the 40th Spirit Rank. He is then seduced by Liu Erlong and almost succumbs to his lust, but escapes following the interruption from the Giant Earth King. After they enter Dugu Bo's poisonous formation, he is attacked by the Man Faced Demon Spider, saved by Xiao Wu. After Flender talks to him, he accepts Liu Erlong's love, although confining it strictly to a mental relationship and never a physical one.

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament[]

Following the finishing of the opening ceremony of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, he asks Ning Rongrong to teach Tang San the Heart Separation Control known to the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan.

When an Investigating Team comes from the Organizing Committee, after Blue Sunshine Academy members became idiots with brain damage, he is present alongside Flender and Liu Erlong. As Lord Salas is about to kick the Shrek Academy out of the tournament, he brings out the Supreme Pontiff Writ given to him by Tang Hao and pretends to be an distinguished member of the Spirit Hall, thus ensuring Shrek Academy's continued participation in the tournament.

Following the end of the Ranking Competition, he goes to the Spirit City to meet the Supreme Pontiff and his first love Bibi Dong in order to acquire the knowledge on how to put rings in both Spirits without the danger of backlash. Upon seeing her, his feelings of love are rekindled but he forces it down and upon revelation that Bibi Dong had sent people to kill Tang San he becomes livid, vowing to destroy the Spirit Hall if anything has happened to his disciple who was like a son to him. When it is revealed that they had failed in accomplishing the mission, Yu Xiaogang is relieved and then leaves stating that the mutual relationship between them has ended.

During the semi-final match of the Finals competition, realizing Spirit Hall and the newly formed Godwind Academy conspired against them in order to weaken and defeat them, Yu Xiaogang makes the Shrek Academy give up, thus allowing them to preserve their strength on the one vs one fights and directly fight the team fight in the evening.

Angry and disgusted about the opponents conspiracy, Yu Xiaogang makes the Shrek Seven Devils use an extremely powerful Seven Fusion ability born from his knowledge against the Godwind Academy which utterly crushes them.

After the match against Godwind Academy, Yu Xiaogang retreats with Tang San to discover strategies in order to defeat the Spirit Hall Academy.

After Shrek Academy wins the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament when Bibi Dong orders to capture Xiao Wu, Yu Xiaogang stands in between, demanding answers for the atrocity. When it is revealed that Xiao Wu is in fact a Spirit Beast, he along with Liu Erlong and Flender forms the Golden Iron Triangle Spirit Fusion to protect her even in the face of death against the might of Title Douluos of the Spirit Hall.

After Yu Xiaogang returns to Shrek Academy he was awarded the title of Count and Imperial Spirit Master Minister personally by Emperor Xue Ye for his outstanding teaching capabilities and in order to keep him in the Heaven Dou Empire and cultivate genius talents.

Shrek Seven Devils, Reunion[]

Yu Xiaogang spends his time in the Academy using his theoretical knowledge to advance the cultivation of all the students and members of the Academy. He is happy to see the return of Tang San, having only met him briefly once before in the past five years. He listens to Tang San's journey and gives his comments. He approves of Flender's proposal to showcase the strength of the returned Shrek Devils.

Spirit Hall Attacks[]

After learning about the attack and destruction of the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan at the hands of Spirit Hall from Ning Fengzhi. He visits the Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan with Liu Erlong only to find it has already been destroyed. His whole family was killed and everything was looted. Seeing the misery of the sect, he was almost driven insane. After spending three days burying the corpses, he vows in front of his father's grave that he will destroy Spirit Hall.

Later he meets with Emperor Xue Ye and advises him that the Heaven Dou Empire is far too weak to wage war against Spirit Hall right now. He tells him that he will train Spirit Masters belonging to the empire, and have them ready for battle as soon as possible.

Xiaogang without much rest and sleep makes the Spirit Masters undergo a rigorous training session which causes much dissatisfaction for the Spirit Masters, who complains it is too hard and that no one able to train in such a way. Xiaogang as he is about to show that the training can be endured by partaking it is stopped by Tang San's return who participates instead of him. Tang San undertakes a much heavier Gravity Control and shows to all who are present that it can be endured causing the Spirit Masters to apologize to Grandmaster. Afterwards Tang San briefs him about what occurred in Star Dou Forest. Xiaogang soon after collapses due to exhaustion and is put to rest under the watchful eyes of Tang San and Liu Erlong.

Heaven Dou Palace Rebellion[]

Grandmaster becomes extremely happy seen the resurrected form of Xiao Wu's body but baffled regarding its happening. After Tang San establishes Tang Sect, he gives several pointers and promises to send carefully selected students from Shrek Academy after they graduate.

When the Heaven Dou Palace Rebellion Takes place, he immediately answers Tang San's signal for assistance, arriving at the imperial palace with Flender and Liu Erlong. The three of them unleash the Spirit Fusion ability causing She Long and Ci Xue to retreat with the unconscious Qian Renxue. On the way back to the Shrek Academy, when they encounter Spirit Hall members fighting Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan members, they immediately unleash the Spirit Fusion destroying the remaining members of the Spirit Hall.

Grandmaster is astounded that Qian Renxue had disguised herself as the Crown Prince for many years and deduces that it was probably done with the help of the Divine Angelic Armament. He proposes Tang San to go to the Sea God Island in order to cultivate and increase his strength. He also makes the Shrek Seven Devils reunite and undergo a training by confronting Chen Xin. After giving meticulous advices to each of them, he allows them to leave to the Sea God Island.


There are no good-for-nothing spirits, only good-for-nothing spirit masters.
— Grandmaster
No arrogance in victory, no despair in defeat, keep a level heart.
— Grandmaster
I accepted a disciple, he has followed me to cultivate for seven or eight years. By luck, he possesses twin spirits like you. This child is prodigiously talented, and I hope to foster him into a power.
— Yu Xiaogang
If anything happens to Tang San, then I will spare no cost to destroy Spirit Hall. In my life I have had no children, but he is like my son.
— Yu Xiaogang
Men, men of character, may bleed but not cry. Spirit Hall owes us a debt. There will be one day when it’s repaid a hundredfold.
— Yu Xiaogang
I promise that, my disciple (Tang San) will never oppose the Martial Soul Hall.[2]
— Yu Xiaogang vows to Bibi Dong

Differences in the Manhua[]

  • In the Manhua, his hair is shown to be white, as it was caused due to the shock of Liu Erlong being his cousin.
  • The Supreme Pontiff Writ was given to Yu Xiaogang by Bibi Dong in the Manhua and not Tang Hao.
  • In the Manhua the Shrek Seven Fusion ability was given to him by Tang Hao and not born from his own superior knowledge.


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