Yuan Bao'er
Name Yuan Bao'er
Chinese 元宝儿
Also Known As
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Unknown Father

Mu Chen (Husband)
Mu Xi (Daughter)
Zhen Hua (Senior Brother)

Master Her Father
Spirit Rank
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings
Professional Status
Occupation Blacksmith (Former)
Affiliation Blacksmith's Association
Light Novel Debut Chapter 426
Manhua Debut

Personality Edit

Yuan Bao'er is pretty laid-back. She likes a simple life and is mild-tempered, but acted violently when talking to Zhen Hua over the phone. She had a mischievous personality when she was younger.

History Edit

Years ago, Zhen Hua, Yuan Bao’er, and Mu Chen had been apprenticed to the same master together. Zhen Hua was the eldest disciple, followed by Mu Chen and Yuan Bao’er in that order. Out of the trio, Yuan Bao’er was the only girl. Compared to the others, she was a bit of a slacker in learning blacksmithing. Even so, she was the target of affection for her two senior brothers. As the three grew up together, so did their emotions for each other. But in the end, Zhen Hua chose to dedicate his life to blacksmithing, and Yuan Bao’er ended up with Mu Chen.

Secretly, Yuan Bao'er was confessed to by Zhen Hua, but rejected him since he would prioritize blacksmithing above her.

Plot Edit

When Zhen Hua called Mu Chen about keeping Tang Wulin a secret from him and tried to convince him to give Wulin to him, Yuan Bao'er intervened in the call, warning him about threatening Mu Chen, before abruptly hanging up on him.

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