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Military Personnel
Military Personnel
|Affiliation = [[Shrek Academy/Soul Land III|Shrek Academy]]<br />
|Affiliation = [[Shrek Academy/Soul Land III|Shrek Academy]]<br />
Yuanen Family<br>
[[Titan Clan]]<br>
[[Sea God Pavilion]] <br>
[[Sea God Pavilion]] <br>
[[Tang Sect]] <br>
[[Tang Sect]] <br>

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Yuanen Yehui
Name Yuanen Yehui
Chinese 原恩夜辉
Also Known As Heaven Fall Douluo
Species Human
Age 21+
Gender Female
Height 182cm
Hair Color Red
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Xie Xie (Lover)

Er Ming/Tai Tan (Ancestor)
Ye Hui (Mother)
Yuanen Tiandang (Father)
Yuanen Tianshang (Uncle)
Yuanen Zhentian(Grandfather)
Yuanen Fengyu (Descendant)
Yuanen Huihui (Descendant)
Tang Yuge (Descendant)

Spirit Titan Giant Ape
Fallen Angel
Spirit Rank Titled Douluo (封号斗罗) - Rank 93

Limit Douluo (极限斗罗) - Rank 99
(Quasi Demi God/准半神)

God (神) - Rank 100+
(God Officer/神官)

Spiritual Realm Spirit Domain Realm
Spirit Rings Titan Giant Ape

2 Yellow
2 Purple
2 Black

7 Black

Fallen Angel
3 Purple
3 Black

7 Black
2 Orange

System Power Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation Student (Former)

Present Generation Shrek Seven Monsters
Spirit Master
Mecha Maker
Sea God Pavilion Elder
Battle Armour Master
Military Personnel

Affiliation Shrek Academy

Titan Clan
Sea God Pavilion
Tang Sect

Light Novel Debut Chapter 269
Manhua Debut Chapter
Yuanen Yehui is the lover of Xie Xie and one of the Shrek Seven Monsters of Shrek Academy. She is part of the Yuanen Clan, descended from Er Ming.


Yuanen long, fiery red hair, a fair face and a slim build.

She initially disguised herself as a man by wearing male clothes and using illusions to hide her feminine features.


At first glance, Yuanen appears to be a prideful and somewhat cocky individual. However, while this is certainly true, she has also shown to be somewhat shy, initially pretending to be a man due to her first spirit, Giant Ape Titan, generally being associated with males.

After becoming a couple with Xie Xie, she has begun dressing less in male clothes and used her Fallen Angel spirit more often. Her prideful attitude was lowered somewhat and she likes being persuaded by him.

After dealing with the Demon Plane and reuniting with her family, she has become more cheerful.



Shrek Academy Entrance Exam

Yuanen Yehui first appeared during the entrance test for Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, and Gu Yue. Yehui was picked by Xie Xie as his opponent during the test and also beat him in the duel. Yehui met the four again at the dorm after they were accepted into the academy as working students.

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