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Yue Zhengyu
Name Yue Zhengyu
Chinese 乐正宇
Also Known As Holy Angel Douluo
Species Human
Age 22 years(Current)


Gender Male
Height 185cm
Hair Color Golden
Eye Color Golden
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Unknown (Father)
Yue Zhengen (Grandfather)
Xu Xiaoyan (Lover)
Spirit Holy Angel
Spirit Rank Spirit Emperor - Rank +60


Titled Douluo - Rank 90+

God - Rank 100+
(True God - God Officer)

Spiritual Realm Spirit Domain Realm
Spirit Rings 4 Purple

2 Black (Current)

7 Black
2 Red

System Power Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation Student (Former)

Present Generation Shrek Seven Monsters
Battle Armor Master
Spirit Master
Military Personnel
Sea God Pavilion Elder
Mecha Craftsmen

Affiliation Shrek Academy

Yue Family
Sea God Pavilion
Tang Sect

Light Novel Debut Chapter 291
Manhua Debut Chapter

Description Edit

Yue Zhengyu's hair is reminiscent of spun gold, combed back and held in place with some product, not one hair out of place. A strange air exudes from the depths of his mystical golden eyes, as if his existence itself radiated light.

Personality Edit

He is very prideful, but also selfless because of his soul spirit.

Plot Edit

Shrek Academy Edit

The first time Zhengyu meet Tang Wulin, Xie Xie, Gu Yue, Xu Xiaoyan, and was at a drink shop. He was trying to pick up the waitress, asking for her number. In the end, he ended up buying the shop and attacked

Star Luo Continent Edit

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