Yun Tianheng
Name Yun Tianheng
Also Known As Bloodthirsty Douluo
Species Human
Age 60 years
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Spirit Bloodthirsty Battle Axes
Spirit Rank Title Douluo - Rank 90+
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings
System Assault System
Professional Status
Affiliation Spirit Pagoda
Light Novel Debut Chapter 1606
Manhua Debut

Appearance Edit

He is a stocky man with an average appearance.

Personality Edit

Plot Edit

When Yun Tianheng was young, his family met with misfortune which resulted in his change of temperament. He was an extremely introverted person, so on most days, he barely spoke. He did not have many friends, but he did not appear to be unusual when he was accepted into the academy. From the outside, he seemed to be a young man focusing all of his time and energy on cultivation

He was accepted to study in the outer court of Shrek Academy with remarkable results. He had completed all the courses in the outer court in just four years. Moreover, he had also become a one-word battle armor master and easily got accepted into inner court.

If everything had gone according to plan, he would have certainly become an outstanding disciple and powerhouse of the inner court. He was highly appraised by the teachers that taught him in the past. Everyone had assumed that he would become the mainstay of Shrek’s inner court in the future.

Eventually, he exposed his true nature in a sudden accident and was expelled by the academy.

Yun Tianheng’s cultivation base was already very high when he left Shrek Academy. However, Shrek confiscated his battle armor, so he ended up being just an ordinary soul master. Moreover, he also had to bear the dishonor of being expelled, so he was not welcome anywhere.

He then plunged himself into the Spirit Pagoda. His fame was spread by word of mouth all over the continent.

He fought against Lan Muzi in the Recruitment Tournament.

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