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 Appearance[edit | edit source]

Zhao Wuji's stature is not tall, and very ordinary but looking extremely rugged. He has wide shoulders resembling city walls, jacket basically unable to cover his whole body that was like cast from steel full of powerful muscles. Although the expression on his face was amiable, the sturdy stature virtually gave people a kind of intense pressure.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Zhao Wuji is a quick tempered person. He is however considerate and caring at times.

History[edit | edit source]

In the past Zhao Wuji was a notorious man, having killed and injured many people. After injuring a member of the One Strength Clan, he was searched for by Tai Tan causing him to go into hiding. At some point in the past Zhao Wuji and Spirit Hall had a disagreement, Spirit Hall wanted to punish him, but he simply rushed through from within sixteen bishops’ siege. Afterwards that matter also was left unsettled.

Plot [edit | edit source]

Shrek Academy[edit | edit source]

Zhao Wuji acts as the examiner for the 4th test in Shrek Academy enrollment. Wanting to stretch out a bit, he makes Tang San, Xiao Wu, Ning Rongrong and Zhu Zhuqing attack him together, and outlast one burning stick of incense. However he is forced to use more of his strength than he initially assumed to subdue them causing injuries to Zhu Zhuqing and Xiao Wu. This causes Tang San to challenge him to one on one duel for one burning stick of incense. Tang San using his Hidden Weapons manage to outlast the burning stick of incense, even managing to injure Zhao Wuji. However Tang San is also injured and loses consciousness.

Later at night, he is called out by a mysterious person. Having already suffered embarrassment in the morning, he goes out to deal with him. Upon finding out the one who called him out was a Titled Douluo, he is shocked, and gets beaten up by him for causing injuries to the youngsters.

Star Dou Forest[edit | edit source]

He then goes along with Shrek Seven Devils to the Star Dou Forest to collect a Spirit Ring for Oscar. He easily manages to subdue the Phoenix Tail Crest Serpent allowing Oscar to make the kill and absorb the Spirit Ring.

He is impressed, having found out that Tang San had reached Rank 30 as well and goes along with the rest to find another Spirit Ring. They then encounter a Titan Giant Ape. Wanting to protect the students he tells them to run away, who however disobeys and fights alongside him. He then follows after Tang San who went after the Titan Giant Ape for kidnapping Xiao Wu. They manage to make their way back to the Shrek Academy soon after Tang San absorbs his 3rd Spirit Ring.

Sunset Forest.[edit | edit source]

After 5 of the Shrek Seven Devils reach 40th rank, he goes along with Liu Erlong, Flender, Yu Xiaogang and the Shrek Seven Devils to find their next Spirit Rings. He helps them in order to effectively capture the Spirit Beasts and absorb their Spirit Rings.

Shrek Seven Devils, Reunion[edit | edit source]

Zhao Wuji spends his days in the Academy without much work to do and as he is instructed by patrolling students that some people claiming to be the Shrek Seven Devils have arrived and causing a ruckus at the entrance of the Academy causes him to get his blood boiling and immediately goes to stamp out the nuisance. However he is pleasantly surprised to see the returned Shrek Devils and then immediately takes them to see Flender.

He and Flender is pitted against the Shrek Five Devils in an exhibition match. At the very start of the match, he is restrained by Tang San's Blue Silver Prison and after he managed to break through it, he was confronted by the Hell White Tiger. He manages to even with the Hell White Tiger, but then the Parasite ability is launched making him stunned for a few seconds giving Ma Hongjun the time to unleash Phoenix Cry Strike causing him to be burned heavily and thus unable to further battle. Following the battle he vows to himself, never to fight against them.

Spirit Hall Attacks[edit | edit source]

After Spirit Hall attacks the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan and Blue Lightning Tyrant Dragon Clan, Zhao Wuji along with Grandmaster and Liu Erlong oversee the training of the Spirit Masters recruited to strengthen the Heaven Dou Empire. Zhao Wuji exerts his Gravity Control ability under the guidance of Grandmaster to make the Spirit Masters undergo a rigorous training session.

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