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Zhen Hua
Zhen Hua
Name Zhen Hua
Chinese 震华
Also Known As
Species Human
Age 45
Gender Male
Hair Color Black and white
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Mu Chen (Junior Brother)

Yuan Bao'er (Junior Sister)

Master Father of Yuan Bao'er
Disciple Tang Wulin (Unofficial)
Spirit Rank Titled Douluo - Rank 90+
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings
Professional Status
Occupation Divine Blacksmith

President of the Douluo Continent Blacksmith’s Association
Battle Armour Master
Spirit Master
Mecha Master

Affiliation Blacksmith’s Association
Light Novel Debut Chapter 321
Manhua Debut

Appearance[1] Edit

Zhen Hua is a tall man with long legs and lean muscles. His thick black hair accentuated his features, drawing out his chiseled jawline and fierce gaze. It is hard to guess his age from his appearance alone.

He don’t look to be more than thirty years old, but his eyes betray the wisdom of one had had experienced many decades. The hair at his temples is a snowy white, contrasting with the rest of his dark mane.

But most striking of all are his hands. They are much larger than an ordinary person’s. The joints are inconspicuous, fair and slender like a maiden’s, and his palms are as translucent as jade.

Personality Edit

Zhen Hua is pretty crafty. He and Mu Chen have a competitive streak with each other.

History Edit

Zhen Hua studied blacksmithing under the same master as Mu Chen and Yuan Bao'er.

He and Mu Chen had known each other since childhood and became blacksmiths together. Both were geniuses, inspiring the awe of those around them. There were many similarities between them. And while they were best friends, they were also rivals.[2]

In fact, they had even fallen in love with the same girl, Yuan Bao'er.

In the end, the two were faced with a difficult choice: chase the dream or chase love. Zhen Hua chose to further his career. Mu Chen chose to marry the girl.

He secretly confessed to her, but got rejected. Yuan Bao'er and Mu Chen ended up together, while Zhen Hua continued his career as a blacksmith.

He became a Divine Blacksmith at the age of thirty seven.

He was in his prime as a blacksmith, but even in his youth, he hadn’t been arrogant. He was originally the president of a small town’s Blacksmith’s Association. From there, he advanced step by step until he became the President of all of the Blacksmith’s Associations across the continent, and the continent’s only Divine Blacksmith.

He set a new record when he became the youngest sixth-rank blacksmith in the world at eighteen years of age. 

He had wanted to forge a four-word battle armor when he was a Saint Blacksmith, and with the help of some Titled Douluos, and countless hours at the forge, he barely succeeded. However, the product could not be called true four-word battle armor. It was at the pseudo-four-word level at best. He only truly succeeded at the age of thirty seven when he became this generation’s Divine Blacksmith. After that, he began forging four-word battle armors for Titled Douluos. Being the sole Divine Blacksmith, he held an exceptionally influential position.

Plot Edit

Volume 6 - First Semester's Exam Edit

First Appearance Edit

Zhen Hua went to the Eastsea City blacksmith association when he heard about Mu Chen wanting to resign as president of the association. They ended up arguing until Mu Chen compromised with transferring to the blacksmith association branch in Shrek City, otherwise he will leave the association. He asked how Bao'er was and warned Mu Chen not to anger Feng Wuyu. Zhen Hua helped him with the transfer procedures and got Mu Xi into Shrek Academy.

Meeting Tang Wulin Edit

Zhen Hua held a lecture in the blacksmith association in Heaven Dou City during the time Tang Wulin visited the association. He rarely gives lectures because of his busy schedule. He talked about how to lower the difficulty of alloy forging. When he finished, he noticed Wulin in the front row of the quiet hall because of him talking.

Zhen Hua was astonished when Wulin asked to try out the technique he just talked about. He agreed, even though a clerk did try to stop Wulin, because he can see Wulin's love for blacksmithing in his eyes. Tang Wulin asked for heavy silver, star iron, and skymoon powder. Zhen Hua gestured a staff member to get them.

Tang Wulin surprised him. In addition to a deep-rooted passion for blacksmithing, his eyes showed unwavering confidence. Not even the tiniest bit of stage fright could be seen on his face.[3]

Zhen Hua also noticed that the boy’s hands were larger than average, and his fingers moved in a steady patterns. This was a clear identifier of an experienced blacksmith, a sign of Tang Wulin’s deep understanding of blacksmithing.

Very few things could catch Zhen Hua’s attention, but now his interest was piqued. He wanted to see just how high this child could reach.

Zhen Hua was stunned when Tang Wulin asked to borrow his hammers, as was the entire audience. He agreed and gave him a pair of spirit refined hammers made from cloud gold, an alloy composed of cloud copper, and platinum crystal. He even promised to give them to Wulin if he forged an alloy.

Although he didn’t believe Tang Wulin would succeed, he still wanted to encourage him. He himself had set a new record when he became the youngest sixth-rank blacksmith in the world at eighteen years of age. He knew from experience that such miracles were possible, and wasn’t as critical of Tang Wulin as the rest of the crowd. He could also sense that Tang Wulin had a solid foundation in blacksmithing. Yet he couldn’t fathom why Tang Wulin didn’t have his own forging hammers with him. A blacksmith’s hammers were their life. A proper blacksmith would never be without them. This was one of the first things a blacksmith learned.[4]

He watched Wulin start forging with a face on his face. His smile finally cracked when Wulin started tapping on the metal with the hammers. The lower level blacksmiths in the hall might not have understood what Tang Wulin was doing, but as a Divine Blacksmith, it was impossible for him to not.

Tang Wulin was listening to the heavy silver, conversing with the metal and deepening his understanding of it. But, more importantly, he was listening to the voice of the hammer. Forging with hammers they had never touched before was a massive challenge for a blacksmith. Listening to a hammer’s voice was one way for a blacksmith to get familiar with it. Only after understanding the character of a hammer could a blacksmith use it.[5]

Zhen Hua had been testing Tang Wulin from the moment he handed the boy his hammers. The weight was merely the first part of the test. How Tang Wulin would use these hammers was the next, more important part. Zhen Hua wanted to see if Tang Wulin could bring out their full potential.

As he watched Wulin forge away, Zhen Hua’s amicable smile gradually grew concerned. A trace of doubt flickered in his eyes. He straighten his back slightly when he saw Wulin hundred refine a metal in seven strikes. Next came shock when he started duel forging and then alloy forging.

As Zhen Hua watched Tang Wulin assault the metals like a raging tempest, he subconsciously stepped forward to get a better look at the metals on the table. The heavy silver and star iron gradually fused into one, their resplendent auras merging together as well.

Zhen Hua furrowed his brows when Tang Wulin finished forging an alloy. Putting on a stern expression, he questioned Wulin on how old he was and his teacher. Zhen Hua’s chest huffed as he listened to Wulin say he is fourteen and his teacher is Mu Chen, but a blank look crossed his face at the mere utter of Mu Chen’s name. He then asked Wulin where his badge is and his rank.

Even as the President of the whole Blacksmith’s Association, Zhen Hua couldn’t help but harbor some doubts regarding Tang Wulin’s blacksmith rank. With his discerning eyes, he picked out an amazing fact: the harmony rate of the star silver Tang Wulin forged was over ninety-five percent![6]

Zhen Hua smiled as he heard Wulin say he is a fifth-rank blacksmith cursing Mu Chen for hiding Tang Wulin from him. He told Wulin, his hammers are his now, but when Wulin asked to trade them back for money, Zhen Hua couldn’t maintain his poker face anymore. His jaw dropped, utterly dumbstruck. He started thinking Tang Wulin came here to cause trouble because Mu Chen told him to.

Although he was a little pissed, he agreed to Wulin's request and took Wulin with him as he left the hall. While in the elevator, he learned that Wulin is in the middle of an semester exam for shrek academy, realized why Mu Chen asked to be transferred to Shrek City, and got a little upset at learning that Feng Wuyu is also teaching Wulin blacksmithing. He helped Wulin with his semester exam by arranging an opponent for him to battle, giving him travel expenses, and treated him to some food in his personal dining hall.

Calling Mu Chen Edit

He left Wulin in the dining hall and called Mu Chen. He demanded to know why he never told him about Tang Wulin. Mu Chen refused to give Wulin to Zhen Hua, with Zhen Hua trying to convince him, until Yuan Bao'er interrupted their chat and hanged up the phone on Zhen Hua. He went back to the dining hall.

Equipment Edit

Cloud Gold Hammers Edit

The hammers were forged from spirit refined cloud gold, an alloy composed of cloud copper and platinum crystal. The hammers glistened in the light, their shape completely adhering to orthodox methods. However, they were a rarely-seen white. In addition to that, blue clouds danced across the surfaces of both hammers, giving them an aura of mystical beauty. Zhen Hua had used the hammers up until he can soul refine. They possess the tremor effect and weigh over two hundred kilograms.[7]

References Edit

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