Zhi Lin
Zhi Lin
Name Zhi Lin
Chinese 智林
Also Known As
Species Human
Age >80
Gender Male
Hair Color
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Spirit Sky Blue Vine
Spirit Rank Spirit Douluo - Rank 83
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

3 Purple
3 Black

System Control System
Professional Status
Occupation Member of the Board of Education
Affiliation Heaven Dou Imperial Academy
Light Novel Debut Chapter 58
Manhua Debut Chapter 59

Zhi Lin is an elder of the Board of Education of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy.

Appearance Edit

He is a more than eighty year old Spirit Douluo. Among the three elders of the board of education of Heaven Dou Imperial Academy Zhi Lin appears the most normal at a glance, very ordinary, with occasionally a bright light flashing in his eyes that gave people a somewhat unusual feeling.

Personality Edit

He is kind, courteous, conscientious and has a competitive nature.

Plot Edit

Along with the other elders he welcomed the Shrek Academy teachers and students. Having heard about an exceptional Control System Spirit Master from Qin Ming, he tests Tang San using his spirit power.

He is astonished to find Tang San resisting the spirit power far beyond his rank. Wanting to find out how much Tang San could endure, he slowly with caution increases his spirit pressure.

He also protests when Prince Xue Xing dismisses the Shrek Academy teachers. He quickly pulls back Dai Mubai with his spirit when he gets attacked by Dugu Bo with his spirit power and faints. He along with the other two elders stand up to Dugu Bo, willing to battle against him if needed to enroll the Shrek Academy teachers and students.

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