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Zhou Weiqing



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Name Zhou Weiqing
Chinese 周维清
Pinyin Zhōuwéiqīng
Alias Zhou Little Fatty

God of Ruination
God of Damage
Strength God
God of Devastation

Vital Status Alive
Age Immortal
Species Human

Dragon-Dark Demon God Tiger Bloodline

Gender Male
Height 1.90m
Hair Color Black

Dark Green (Manhua)
Blond (God of Damage)

Eye Color Black

Dark Green (Manhua)
Red (God of Damage)

Spouse Shangguan Bing'er

Shangguan Fei'er
Wu Yuehan
Shangguan Xue'er
Dongfang Hanyue

Relatives Zhou Shuiniu (Father)

Ling Zihan (Mother)
Di Fengling (Godfather)
Unnamed Son
Saint Child (Son)

Master Long Shiya (Cultivation)

Huyan Aobo (Consolidated Equipment)
Mu En (Archery)

Friend(s) Lin Tianao

Ma Qun
Yun Li
Hua Feng
Mu En

Occupation(s) God Tier Consolidated Equipment Master

Sect Master of Peerless Sect
Highest Commander of Peerless Regiment
God King
Divine Council Member

Affiliation(s) Heavenly Bow City

Peerless Battalion
Peerless Sect
Legacy of Strength
Douluo Divine Realm
Great God Circle

Planet Heavenly Jewel Change World
Realm Continent Boundless Mainland
Country Heavenly Bow Empire
First Appearance
Novel Heavenly Jewel Change: Ch. 1

Douluo Dalu 2.5: Legend of the Divine Realm Ch.
Douluo Dalu 3.5: Legend of the Tang's Hero Ch. 1

Manhua Heavenly Jewel Change: Ch. 1

Douluo Dalu 2.5: Legend of the Divine Realm Ch.
Douluo Dalu 3.5: Legend of the Tang's Hero Ch. 1

Zhou Weiqing is the main protagonist of Heavenly Jewel Change a work by Tang Jia San Shao. He inherited the God position of the God of Damage. A member of the Divine Council in the Great Circle of Gods.

Appearance Edit

He is 1.90 tall with wide shoulders and a muscular body. He has long black hair and black eyes.

Personality Edit

He has a cunning and shameless personality influenced by his lack of capability to cultivate. He is perverted and loves to flirt. His history made him able to withstand hardships and stay calm and concentrated.

History Edit

Zhou Weiqing is born as the son of Zhou Shuiniu and Ling Zihan. He was unable to cultivate which formed his shameless character. After being caught peeking at his fiance bathing, he was hit by her fireball spell. At the verge of dying the inner core of the Dark Demon God Tiger, which Tang San killed in Douluo Dalu appeared through space and fused with him. After being healed, he finds out that the inner core changed his body and he can now cultivate.

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