Zhou Yi
Zhou Yi 6
Name Zhou Yi
Chinese 周漪
Also Known As Monster Teacher

Perverted Grandma

Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color White
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Fan Yu (Husband)
Spirit Rank Spirit Emperor
Spiritual Realm
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

2 Purple
2 Black

Professional Status
Occupation Teacher
Affiliation Shrek Academy,
Battle Spirit Department
Light Novel Debut Chapter 8
Manhua Debut Chapter 9

Appearance Edit

Zhou Yi is tall and has the appearance of a beautiful young woman, but hides this by disguising herself as an old woman, to give a domineering presence in the classroom.

Personality Edit

Zhou Yi very domineering. She has a huge temper and is extremely strict. She values those who are hard working even if they lack talent and looks down those who lies, cheats and takes everything easily. Her moods are often on edge, but tends to relax when her students carry out her instructions and successfully completes them.

History Edit

Zhou Yi used to be a 3rd Grade teacher in the Outer Court of the Shrek Academy. However she tends to be extremely strict and thus expelled many students causing her to be demoted to teach Freshmen. She is married to Fan Yu.

Plot Edit

Freshman Class Edit

After arriving at the class, she immediately states, she only wants to raise monsters and will unhesitatingly expel any who doesn't meet the standards. She, on the very first day, hands out an assignment to run around the Shrek Plaza a 100 times within one hour with any person failing to do so being expelled. Following the end of the time limit, she expels 9 students who had cheated and pretended to have run 100 laps.

After class she finds about Huo Yuhao's Spirit and takes him to the Spirit Guidance Test Area. He then introduces him to Fan Yu who is pleasantly surprised by Yuhao's potential.

In the afternoon class she gathers her students in plaza and announce Wang Dong as the Class President due to him having the best cultivation, and that anyone who defeats him will become the new class president. Then she makes everyone wear 30kg armor and run until the class ends 2 hours later. She also states that the person who arrives last will be expelled. She is surprised by Yuhao's determination to keep running forward even when all others had ceased which also acts as a motivation for the other students to run along side him. She is happy with the results and thus doesn't expell anyone. She strips down Wang Dong's position as class president and hands it over to Huo Yuhao, with Wang Dong having to take on any challenges on behalf of Yuhao if anybody else wants to be the class president.

While running an errand at night she encounters Yuhao who is practicing by himself by running wearing metal armor. She initially thinks that it was done by Yuhao to earn favor but later finds out that Yuhao trains every single day which pleasantly surprises her. She is also further surprised by the fortitude of the rest of the students in her class which to a large degree is due to the influence of Yuhao.

Freshman Examination Edit

After three months passed, she gathered her students to announced the start of Shrek Academy's first examination.She give the paper which the students are going to fill up on which path of cultivation they wanted.Then she explains the important points of that examination.She divides her students into 22 groups the one extra.After that she dismissed them except for Yuhao, Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao.She asked their reason's why that their group choose the control system,after the long discussion she was able to convinced by them with the condition that the three should became champions and if not, Wang Dong and Huo Yuhao will end train with her.

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