In my mind, there are only students who listen and those who don't! I've made my decision. They need to leave!
— When confronted over throwing students through a second story window.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Zhou Yi is tall and has the appearance of a beautiful young woman, with silky silver hair and light copper eyes. She has fair, flawless skin, and wears soft white clothing.

In order to be taken seriously by her students and teachers, Zhou Yi disguises her true appearance, choosing to appear as a harsh old woman with deep frown lines and tightly pulled back hair.

Personality[edit | edit source]

Zhou Yi very domineering. She has a huge temper and is extremely strict. She values those who are hard working, even if they lack talent and looks down those who lies, cheats and have poor character. Her mood is often on edge, but tends to relax when her students carry out her instructions and successfully completes them.

She cares deeply about being respected, to the point of hiding her gorgeous appearance under an old hag's disguise, so others will take her more seriously.

History[edit | edit source]

Zhou Yi used to be a 3rd grade teacher in the Outer Court of Shrek Academy. However, she tends to be extremely strict, and thus expelled many students, causing her to be demoted to teaching freshmen. She is married to Fan Yu.

In the past, she expelled several of Mu Jin's beloved students, despite Mu Jin bitterly begging her to spare them. This sparked a long lasting hatred and rivalry between the two.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Freshman Class[edit | edit source]

After arriving at the class, she immediately states she only wants to raise monsters and will unhesitatingly expel any who can't meet her standards. Her day one assignment is to run around Shrek Plaza 100 times within one hour, or be expelled. She expels 9 cheaters who pretended to run 100 laps, ignoring their excuses.

After class, she finds out about Huo Yuhao's rare mental attribute spirit and takes him to the Spirit Guidance Test Area. She introduces him to her husband, Fan Yu, who is pleasantly surprised by Yuhao's potential.

In the afternoon class she gathers her students in the plaza and announces Wang Dong as the Class President due to having the best cultivation, and says anyone who defeats him will become the new class president. Then she makes everyone wear 30kg armor and run until the class ends 2 hours later. She also states that the person who arrives last will be expelled. She is surprised by Yuhao's determination to keep running forward even when all others had ceased, which also acts as a motivation for the other students to run alongside him. She is happy with the results and doesn't expel anyone. She takes Wang Dong's position as class president and hands it over to Huo Yuhao, with Wang Dong having to take on any challenges for class president on behalf of Yuhao.

While running an errand at night she encounters Yuhao, who is practicing by himself by running wearing metal armor. She initially thinks that it was done by Yuhao to earn favor but later finds out that Yuhao trains every single day, which pleasantly surprises her. She is also further surprised by the fortitude of the rest of the students in her class, which to a large degree is due to the influence of the hardworking Yuhao.

Freshman Examination[edit | edit source]

After three months passed, she gathered her students to announced the start of Shrek Academy's first examination. She instructs them to write down their chosen battle style, and explains the basics of the upcoming exam. She divides her students into groups based on their compatibility. After that she dismisses class, except for Yuhao, Wang Dong and Xiao Xiao. She confronts them over all choosing the "Control" type, despite not being suited for it. Yuhao claims he'll soon get attack power, making him more suitable for Control than Support. Wang Dong fumbles his explanation, and Zhou Yi correctly guesses he only chose Control to stay with Yuhao, and orders him to switch to Power Attack immediately. Xiao Xiao reveals she has two spirits, and their combination was best suited to Control. Exasperated, Zhou Yi accepts this, and tells them to become the champions no matter what, or they'll train under her for much longer.

When Yuhao says he'd be glad to train under her regardless, because he can still learn so much from her, Zhou Yi visibly softens, and sends them all away with a fond smile.

Later, when Yuhao and Wang Dong show up to class late with rumpled clothes, she teases them by asking who they slept with. The class laughs at the two, and she lets them off the hook without punishment for the time being. She announces everyone in the room passed their examination. They celebrate, but she warns them that the upcoming tournament is the most important thing to worry about.

As class continues, she confronts Yuhao and Wang Dong, and tells them they got lazy because of their good scores. She orders them to run laps with weights until class ends as punishment for their lateness. She sees them from the window holding hands and not running, and yells at them to begin laps and stop flirting immediately.

Shrek Academy Tournament[edit | edit source]

Zhou Yi has a long conversation with Xiao Xiao about their chances in the tournament, and warns her it doesn't look good, as three rival students have above level 30 spirit power.

Later, when Wang Dong and Yuhao are late for their first real match, she calls them bastards and orders them to clean the school, with further punishment later. After they win, she calls them to her office with a murderous light in her eyes. She demands an explanation, with their lives on the line, and mocks Yuhao's feeble apologies as insufficient. When she hears they were late because of Spirit Fusion practice, she is visibly shocked, and demands they show her right away.

They fail to produce Spirit Fusion, and Zhou Yi accuses them of making everything up. She is about to attack them when Yuhao shows her his Spirit Spy abilities have increased due to their training. She leaves to fetch Wang Yan, an expert on fusion, to verify their claims.

Wang Yan confirms their fusion, and gushes about Zhou Yi's skills as a teacher, saying she ought to be a senior instructor. When he leaves, she treats the two students to a lavish dinner, her bad attitude completely gone. She says she'll help them become inner core students, so they can eat like this every day, and their future training is very important to her.

At the next match, she is approached by Mu Jin, a fellow teacher and bitter rival. Mu Jin picks a fight, claiming her students are superior, and challenges Zhou Yi to a bet over the winners. Zhou Yi offers to bet a Spirit Bone, to Mu Jin's shock, and taunts her into accepting the incredibly valuable wager. Mu Jin asks for a Spirit Weapon made by Fan Yu for her prize, who overhears and accepts her terms. Mu Jin accuses them both of teaming up to bully her, but Fan Yu insists she's in the wrong, and that furthermore, he'll never return her romantic feelings. Mu Jin turns away with tears in her eyes, saying she may have lost to Zhou Yi, but her students never would.

When Team Yuhao defeats Mu Jin's students, Zhou Yi leaves without further confrontation. She later collects her Spirit Bone from Mu Jin.

Team Yuhao become the tournament champions, and Zhou Yi celebrates and laughs like a little kid, losing her harsh demeanor.

When Yuhao is not chosen to be a core student, and admits the ruling was fair as his abilities aren't on par with the others, she congratulates him on his mature self evaluation, calling him a true student of hers. She gives the students the Spirit Bone she won from Mu Jin. Afterwards, she brings Yuhao to her husband's department, where he is accepted as a core student of the Battle Spirit Department.

Continued Classes[edit | edit source]

Zhou Yi shows up to the first day of new classes, and scolds the children who don't immediately stand up on her entrance. One student speaks up for himself, saying he was only a tiny bit late, and she throws him through a second story window. She announces the class president for Control is Yuhao, and Power Attack is Wang Dong, and anyone who talks back will be terminated. Dai Huabin points out the students are supposed to choose class president, and she hurls him out a window as well. His fiancee, Zhu Lu, protests this inhumane treatment, and is also hurled through the glass to fall below.

Zhou Yi says she can't expel them as they are core students, but will transfer them to a new class immediately. As she leaves, she thinks to herself that no one is allowed to bully "her" people.

Second Years[edit | edit source]

After Yuhao lies to his teachers and vanishes to obtain his new Spirit Ring, he shows up at the academy late for the new year, breaking school rules. He goes to Teacher Zhou immediately, and finds her in her young form sitting on Fan Yu's lap in a compromising position. She stands up and demands an explanation, and believes Yuhao's lie about why he left. She expresses shock over his new strength and abilities, and reflexively summons her spirit rings upon seeing Yuhao's 100,000 year red ring.

Wang Yan confronts her over Yuhao's expulsion-worthy offense, but she brushes him off, saying he won't be expelled no matter what.

Later, she explains the next trial, which involves a one-on-one battle against Spirit Beasts. Mid-lecture, Mu Jin bursts into the class, accusing Zhou Yi of hypocritically protecting her favorite students from expulsion, despite punishing minor infractions from other students harshly. Two disciplinary teachers join her, telling Zhou Yi to follow school rules. Zhou Yi lies to the teachers, claiming Yuhao was late because of his duties in Fan Yu's Battle Spirit Department. After Fan Yu backs her story up, they believe her, with the exception of Mu Jin, who storms away in disgrace.

Quotes[edit | edit source]

You are not born with power. You must work hard and take it for yourself!
— To Huo Yuhao
This is my way of teaching! Have you got a problem with that?
— To Wang Yan, after hurling his students from a window

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