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Zhu Zhuqing has long, flowing black hair scattered over her shoulders. She has an extremely well developed figure that is somewhat inconsistent with her age. If not seeing her face, very likely one would believe she is an adult young lady, especially the imposing bosom, even more could attract all men’s attention. Her facial expression is very indifferent giving off a kind of chill rising from the heart, pure cold, a pair of black eyes that did not hold even a trace of vitality.

Spirit Transformation[]

After body enhancement, Zhu Zhuqing’s both eyes simultaneously change with the left eye becoming dark green and right eye clear blue. The long hair naturally remained docile on her back. Her fingers changed into sharp claws.


She is a person of few words who likes to keep to herself. She doesn't involve herself in others matters. She has a strong desire to become stronger. She is somewhat humble and kind.

20,000 years after becoming a god, Zhu Zhuqing has become somewhat of a NEET, being addicted to video games and rarely leaving her room. However, she returns to her former serious demeanor when the situation demands it.


She and Dai Mubai have been promised to each other in marriage since a very young age. Following Dai Mubai's departure to Heaven Dou Empire, she follows him and enrolls in Shrek Academy to be by his side.

Plot []

Shrek Academy[]

Zhu Zhuqing enrolls in the Shrek Academy along with Tang San, Xiao Wu and Ning Rongrong and is exempted from the 2nd and 3rd tests for having a Spirit Rank of 27. She forms a team with the other 3 and fights against Zhao Wuji in the 4th test. After enrolling she becomes the youngest of the Shrek Seven Devils.

Great Spirit Arena[]

In the Great Spirit Arena, her first fight is against Tang San, which she loses. She aspires to become stronger and works hard. She acts as a scout during their trip to the Star Dou Forest in collecting Spirit Rings.

Hell White Tiger.jpg

She uses Spirit Fusion Hell White Tiger with Dai Mubai against the Emperor Team which helps in severely weakening the opponent's strength.

New Shrek Academy[]

Following rejection from the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy and entering the new Shrek Academy she strives hard and breakthrough Rank 30 and earns her 3rd Spirit Ring.

She receives the Yearning Heartbroken Red from Tang San following his return. However the herb rejects her as the master due to her wavering heart. She then receives the Daffodil Jade Flesh Bone which was originally meant to be given to Xiao Wu. She initially rejects it saying she is not worthy to receive someone else's herb, however after Tang San explains one person cannot take 2 herbs she reluctantly takes it. After absorbing its essence she has the most effect achieving 7 spirit ranks at once.

Sunset Forest[]

She along with the rest work hard to breakthrough rank 40 becoming the 3rd among the Shrek Seven Devils and the youngest to achieve the 40th Spirit Rank.

She goes along with the rest to find a spirit beast for her 4th Spirit Ring to the Sunset Forest. With the help of the other Shrek Seven Devils she manages to subdue and kill the Phantom Tiger, obtaining the Doppelganger ability.

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament[]


She takes part in the match against Elephant Armored Academy in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament and uses Hell White Tiger to defeat Huyan Li and two other opponents.

She also takes part in the battle against Blue Sunshine Academy.

Ranking Competition[]

In the Ranking Competition Zhu Zhuqing manages to obtain successive victories.

During Dai Mubai's fight against Yu Tianxin her heart is flustered, but she believes in Dai Mubai. Following his victory she immediately comes to his side and supports him to stand up and refuses others help and takes him to rest. After everyone leaves when Dai Mubai asks if she hated him, she responds that she doesn't care of his affairs but his life now entirely belongs to her and she would not allow any infidelities from hereon out. Dai Mubai kisses her to which she responds.


Following the announcement of Shrek Academy's fight against the Star Luo Imperial Academy both Dai Mubai and Zhu Zhuqing became tense and silent. After their change in mood was noticed by their friends, Zhu Zhuqing revealed their history with the Star Luo Empire.

Prior to the start of the match against the Star Luo Imperial Academy, she has a verbal confrontation with Zhu Zhuyun and shocks her following the revelation of her Spirit Power. She immediately goes on the offensive targeting her sister. She then performs a Spirit Fusion with Dai Mubai and completely destroys 6 of the opponents, leaving only her sister behind. Upon Tang San's inquiry upon whether to heavily injure Zhu Zhuyun, Zhu Zhuqing indicates no because of her sisterly feelings, thus having her thrown out of the ring by Xiao Wu.

In the match against Spirit Hall Academy, Zhu Zhuqing along with Dai Mubai confront Yan. The two of them together barely manage to hold up against Yan and trade blows back and forth. Finally they pressure Yan using the Spirit Fusion Hell White Tiger. With all members of the Spirit Hall Academy team subdued except for Yan, Spirit Hall concedes the match.

From the 3 Spirit Bones awarded, she receives the Wind Chasing Left Leg as it suits her best.

When Xiao Wu is revealed to be a Spirit Beast, she stands along with the other Shrek Seven Devils to protect her.

After Tang Hao brings away Tang San and Xiao Wu, Ning Fengzhi offers the Shrek Seven Devils to join with the Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan to which Zhu Zhuqing declines, with Dai Mubai explaining that he and Zhu Zhuqing will be returning to their home in Star Luo Empire.

Shrek Seven Devils, Reunion[]

5 years later, Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai arrives at Shrek Academy where they are met by Ma Hongjun and Ning Rongrong. With the arrival of Tang San with the changed appearance causes her to become vigilant and go on the offensive but is suppressed by Tang San who then proves that it is he. After meeting the teachers and telling them her experiences over the five years, she accepts Flender suggestion to show them their strength.

Zhuqing follows Grandmaster's orders of wearing mask prior to her self introduction to the current students of Shrek Academy. As Zhao Wuji is about to break out from Tang San's Blue Silver Prison, Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai fuse creating the Hell White Tiger. Mubai and Zhuqing slaps away Wuji. When Wuji is about to use his eighth ability they charge forward creating a giant ball of white light and colliding it with Wuji's golden ball of light causing them to be exhausted and their spirit fusion was broken. They then secretly agree to give Flender some face and concede the fight.

Vast Sea City[]

After hearing about the attacks by Spirit Hall on two of the three upper sect clans, Zhu Zhuqing and Dai Mubai goes back to the Star Luo Empire to find out more about the current situation. The two of them return when they receive Grandmaster's letter asking them to come back to travel and train together with the Shrek Seven Devils again.

After returning and undergoing a training with Chen Xin, they set off to Sea God Island. On the way they happen upon a village attacked by Wolftaken. Zhuqing becomes very worried after seeing Mubai covered in blood but is immediately consoled by him.

Differences in the Manhua[]

  • In the Manhua, in order to make Dai Mubai lose the Evil Eyed Spirit Sage power, Dai Tian poisons her, leaving Dai Mubai with no choice but to give up his power to save her life.


  • Zhu Zhuqing is the 3rd of Shrek Seven Devils to attain the 40th rank and is also the youngest of the Shrek Seven Devils to attain it.
  • As a child, Zhuqing's biggest dream was to become a rare female Titled Douluo. Light Novel Chapter 255


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