Family Edit

Zhu Zhuyun Edit

Zhu Zhuyun is her sister. They have a strained relationship as due to the custom of their Royal Family, one must die by the others hand.

Shrek Seven DevilsEdit

Dai Mubai Edit

Dai Mubai is her fiance. However since Dai Mubai departed and came to the Shrek Academy, she has become cold and withdrawn towards him. However she still cares about him as it because of him that she came to study at the Shrek Academy and become stronger. She is mostly indifferent to what he does and sometimes rarely teases him. She later reveals that she never hated him. She has absolute faith in him, and if he were to go to battle, she would follow and if he were to die, she would join him.

Tang San Edit

Zhu Zhuqing has immense respect for Tang San. She considers him as a brother and is astounded by his mind and battle abilities. She has complete trust in him.

Xiao Wu Edit

Zhu Zhuqing is a very close friend of Xiao Wu and is greatly impressed by her single minded devotion and love towards Tang San, and greatly admires her for it.

Ning Rongrong Edit

Zhu Zhuqing and Ning Rongrong becomes very close friends over time despite the fact that Zhu Zhuqing is not very talkative. She and Xiao Wu envies Ning Rongrong's fair skin.

Ma Hongjun Edit

Zhu Zhuqing usually steers clear of Ma Hongjun due to him being a pervert. However since he is a teammate, she considers him as a good friend and trusts him.

Oscar Edit

She initially like the others is put off with Oscar due to the vulgar incantations. Later on she comes to trust him ad rely on his strength.