Zi Ji
Zi Ji
Name Zi Ji
Chinese 紫姬
Also Known As Demon Empress
Age 280, 000 Years (SL2)

290, 000 Years (SL3)
300, 000 Years (SL4)

Species Abyss Demon Dragon
Vital Status Spirit Soul

Zi Ji is a Hundred Thousand Year Old Spirit Beast and one of the Ten Great Beasts. She became the spirit soul of Bai Xiuxiu.

Appearance Edit

Human Form Edit

Her entire body was covered in purple-black scales. She had a slender figure with perfect, round breasts and long legs. The upper part of her chest was bared to reveal her snowy white skin and a deep cleavage between her breasts. Her long purple-black hair hung down loosely behind her back and away from her body even without the wind blowing. Her exquisite face was exceedingly charming with her deep purple eyes. Her lips, on the other hand, were a bright purple. An ink-black scale on her forehead rippled with layers of purple radiance streaming forth to the top of her head.

She is outstandingly beautiful, has light purple eyes, deep purple lips, purple hair and big round chest.

Beast Form Edit

The Darkness Demon Dragon was entirely black as ink. After reaching a cultivation base of one hundred thousand years, it had grown to a total of one hundred meters from head to tail. Its enormous wings were spread open and its entire body was emitting purple and black smog. The virulent smog was highly corrosive. This was also the reason this entire patch of forest was tainted with that black color.

Soul Land 3 Plot Edit

Volume 1 - Awakening Edit

Zi Ji and several other spirit beasts were present within the center of the Great Star Dou Forest when the Silver Dragon King woke up from her slumber beneath their feet.

Volume Edit

Meeting Tang Wulin Edit

Zi Ji encountered Tang Wulin and an amnesiac Gu Yuena within the Star Dou Forest.

Soul Land 4 Plot Edit

Elf Planet Edit

Zi Ji was present with the spirit beast audience and the various human organizations during Di Tian's tribulation to break through into God rank. When he failed to break through, she and Bi Ji tried to commit suicide with him, but Di Tian repelled them, a trace of shock on their faces.

Later that night, they went to meet with Wang Tianyu. They decided to become spirit souls and will bond with Bai Xiuxiu and Lan Mengqin. They went to the girls' room to discuss it with them. Both were willing to bond with them. Zi Ji went outside with Bai Xiuxiu, while Bi Ji stayed with Lan Mengqin.

Once outside, Zi Ji asked if Bai Xiuxiu was a spirit beast.

Meeting The Lord Again Edit

Zi Ji meet Gu Yuena again, when Tang Xuanyu and Bai Xiuxiu visited her at the

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